A Shot To The Sky

Today didn’t start off on a good note. The rain apparently ruined the morning and I was hoping for a good ride by noon, well, the rain couldn’t let me do that.

Staring through my blur window, I noticed something extra weird happening up in the sky. That was definitely so weird.

The sky was so beautiful, but that wasn’t the only observation I made, it was like the colors were draining from the sky and then at another minute, it became so dark and filled up.

I didn’t want to blog about this without sharing my Beautiful experience and trust me, you’re going to love this. Being a photography blogger is all about taking quick shots about anything so unusual or special.

I eventually grouped my discovery into these phases:

Phase 1

The sky was usually normal and quite beautiful. You can notice the green trees and beautiful nature.

Phase 2

The colour was gradually draining and the environment was getting so dark. Isn’t this beautiful? I love my environment.

Phase 3

This definitely isn’t the best thing i have seen but definitely the most amazing sight ever.

Phase 4

The sky was painted again. I was practically choking out of amazement.

Phase 5

This phase is similar to the previous phase but a closer look reveals the lower clouds to the trees is pretty blue.

Phase 6

This phase is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my entire life. The purple shade of the blue sky is so pretty. How beautiful is nature?

Phase 7

This was the final phase. So much color, beauty, power and spirit. I love the view of this. Do you think we should have the clouds this way?

Nature is pretty and beautiful. The sight definitely leaves a deep meaning to your life and more views could change your personality.

Nature should be cherished,preserved and protected ~Annabel Anita

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