Types Of Spas

Day Spa
What Is A Day Spa?

Day spas are a place you go for the day to get massages, facials, and body treatments, like sea salt scrubs and mud wraps. They’re called day spas because, unlike destination spas, resort spas, you don’t spend the night

Day spas come in a huge range of styles and personalities, from small village day spas with two treatment rooms to 35,000-square-foot extravaganzas with hydrotherapy tubs, Vichy showers, and an elaborate spa menu.

The cost of going to a Day spa can vary wildly, depending on the location, quality of the environment, and the various treatments provided by the staff. Finding a spa that fits your budget is simply a matter of calling to confirm the cost before making a reservation.

Spa/Salon Combinations

Many day spas combine both a hair salon and spa. It usually started out as a successful salon and added spa services. This can be a wonderful combination because you can get spa services that leave you relaxed, then get your hair washed and blow dried.

But it’s important the two operations are completely separate. Salons are inherently noisy and bustling. Spas have to be very quiet so you can completely relax. So it might be worth a visit to the spa to make sure it’s the real thing. Some hair salons call themselves day spas when all they have is one massage room off the salon.

Spend a Day at a Resort Spa

Another possibility is going to a resort spa for the day. They welcome locals on a day spa basis. The prices for treatments at a resort are usually higher, but you can use all the lavish amenities like a steam room or sauna, or hang out by the pool for the day after your treatment. A few hours at a fancy resort spa is a great thing to do with girlfriends.

Day Spa Requirements

Here is what a day spa should offer:

  • A quiet, peaceful atmosphere
  • Robes and slippers (some small spas have no locker rooms and have you change in the room)
  • A full menu of massage, facials, and body treatments
  • Professional massage therapists and estheticians.
  • Private treatment rooms with fresh linens
  • Professional spa products
  • A relaxation room with tea
  • A scrupulously clean facility
  • In large spas: Secure lockers, steam room, and sauna

What You Should Know

  • Not all day spas give manicures and pedicures.
  • Medical Spas perform treatments like laser resurfacing, photo facials, and Botox alongside traditional spa services.
  • Very small day spas won’t have steam, sauna, and Jacuzzis. Think about whether that’s important for your spa experience.

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