She Needs Urgent Attention!

I was roaming the Internet when i noticed this pitiful picture and I couldn’t help but read through the details.

The child above needs urgent help and attention, and needs medical attention immediately.

Its so annoying and sad to realize her parents couldn’t do anything about her situation because of their inability to pay the medical bills.

Her life depends on the good innocent individuals who decide to assist her parents before she loses her life. I made some donations but one individual isn’t enough to help this helpless baby.

I believe we are kind hearted enough to help her with little assistance. I feel so much sorrow that I decided to post about this, her condition is really pitiful and I couldn’t help it.

That picture was taken before she was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed of kidney failure. Please assist her. $1 dollar can save her life. Some Naira will do her alot of good.

Account details

Account Name:Samuel Mary. Account No:0574031506. Bank:GT bank

Your little assistance can save her life.

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