4 Things You Should Never Do After a Spa Treatment

Is there truly anything more pleasing than to receive a little pampering during a luxurious spa day? On the other hand, after receiving a facial or massage, there are quite a few things that you should keep in mind because it can potentially alter your state of pure bliss.

It’s all about the H2O!: Spa services are a way to cleanse and fully detox the body. Therefore, it is always best to drink water and natural juices to hydrate your cells. It can cause a strain to your kidneys if you have even one glass of wine.

Skip the workout: Unfortunately going to the gym after a spa treatment can cause more harm than good. After investing much time and spending your hard earned funds to exfoliate your facial glands, the accumulated sweat built up from your workout can create clogged pores. Not to mention, you don’t want to kick your muscles back into overdrive after a much-needed, relaxing massage.

Don’t touch your face: For at least 72 hours, try to avoid your typical at-home remedies including your regular beauty products such as cleansers or moisturizers. For the time being, stay far away from at-home chemical peels filled with Alpha-hydroxy acid and Vitamin A because they can cause severe redness.

Stay out of the Sun: Facials often involve a scrub, some type of peel, or possibly both. Because of this, a new, fresh layer of skin cells is exposed which can easily lead to sunburn and irritation from being in the sun.

And there you have it! We hope these tips will help you towards your road to relaxation!


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