Make Awesome Shopping Posts With These 5 Tips

#1 Personalize Your Posts. Know Your Target Audience.

Personalize your posts with your Target Audience in mind

#2 Link products to your website and make sure to tag your products accurately.

On mobile phones and tablets, followers may tap each item in that ensemble which would show the price.

Another good thing about tagging more than one product is that your followers can easily click on inviting links like “Also Featured in This Post,” leading to even more opportunities browse and buy, plus boosts the visibility of the items you tagged.

#3 Don`t make your posts look like an ad

In this picture of a woman putting on makeup, your product could be anywhere from the makeup brush or the makeup palette itself.

#4 Be absolutely sure you maintain an attractive aesthetic through product photography

This picture of a woman in a yoga position is an example of an in-context or lifestyle action shot. The product featured is the yoga top and pants.

Product Photography also uses studio setups like the famous “lay-downs” where apparel are literally laid down where the shot is taken from an angle where the camera is looking down on the featured items. 3-D perspectives are also capitalized here. Sometimes there is also a need for non-traditional product images which appear more staged, set up and lit up beautifully. Non-Traditional product images sell an idea rather than the product.

A sample of a flat lay or lay-down shot.

No matter what type of product photography you use, remember that product images substantiate the quality of the products you have in your site. It, more importantly, creates transparency and trust. So be especially particular.

#5 Host a contest or giveaway campaign

Image for post


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