The 5 Foods You Need To Eat And The Supplements You Need To Take If You Have Fibroids.

By Annabel Anita Adanna

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If you have been diagnosed with fibroids, I know that you’re already aware of what you should be avoiding (dairy, red meat, all the white stuff). You probably know that the birth control pill can only manage your symptoms and might make them worse when you come off. You want to get a handle on the pain, discomfort and heavy bleeding long term and you want to see some positive change soon. Maybe you also want to try for a baby or maybe you’re just looking to get your old self back again.

If you already know what to avoid as a fibroid sufferer, then you’re already tapped into the idea of food as potential medicine. Some foods make hormonally-sourced conditions worse, and some make them better. Food can alleviate symptoms and even shrink those fibroids back to manageable size. If you think of dairy, red meat, all the white stuff as stimulating and inflaming the fibroids, then these foods and supplements I’ll list here do the opposite – they will calm your internal eco-system and create the right environment for your body to balance itself.

My choices of foods and supplements for you are based on my knowledge and understanding of the root cause of fibroids. According to Western medicine, no one knows for sure what causes fibroids, and you may have heard this from your doctor. However we do know this one very important fact – they are affected by excess estrogen in the body which makes them grow and they will often decrease in size after menopause (when overall body estrogen is lower). So you need an approach to your diet and health that supports your body to process and eliminate this excess estrogen as efficiently and rapidly as possible. You need to create a low estrogen environment in your body. This is why you may have heard that women with fibroids should specifically avoid meat and dairy products from animals treated with synthetic hormones – these are unnecessary and powerful estrogens that can create estrogen dominance and make fibroids grow.  

The 5 foods you should eat if you have fibroids

  1. Flax seeds –  These are part of a food group called “selective estrogen receptor modulators.” This means they affect the effect estrogen has on different parts of the body. Flax seeds inhibit estrogen sensitivity in the uterus, which is beneficial when you have fibroids. They are also a fantastic source of fiber which you need to move excess estrogen out of your bowel as quickly as possible to eliminate it from your body. Finally, flax seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids (which reduce the insulin resistance that can suppress liver function) and lignans.
  2. Soy – For those of you who know my work, I’m not a big fan of soy for women in their reproductive years.  But in the case of fibroids, certain forms of soy can be beneficial. Specifically seek non processed organic soy in the form of tempeh and miso to add to your diet.  This kind of soy has an anti-estrogenic affect on the uterus. Avoid all processed soy like soy cheese, soy meat and other meat and dairy replacements. Moderation is key here and I wouldn’t recommend having soy every day, but unprocessed and organic soy is a useful dietary tool for managing fibroids.
  3. Beans – Legumes are an excellent source of fiber and protein, plus they have a low glycemic impact which reduces the kind inflammation that can increase fibroid growth. You should focus on kidney beans, lentils, and mung beans. As many fibroid sufferers know to reduce their intake of meat, beans and legumes can be a healthy protein replacement.
  4. Whole grains – If you know to stay away from the white processed stuff like bread, pasta, and noodles then you’ll sure be looking for a way to replace these in your diet. Whole grains help with insulin stabilization.  High insulin levels from white starchy stuff (which acts like sugar in the body) is a factor in making fibroids grow. Whole grains are also a great source of fiber and will help to speed up the process and elimination of excess estrogen.
  5. Pears and apples – These are liver-supporting foods. A well-functioning liver is key to preventing estrogen dominance developing in your body, and its symptoms like fibroids. Pears and apples contain a flavonoid named phloretin which impairs tumour growth, along with lots of fiber. This flavonoid actual blocks the production of estrogen.

The 3 supplements you should take if you have fibroids

  1. Milk thistle – for detoxification and protection of your liver, allowing for more efficient processing and elimination of excess estrogen
  2. Maitaki and shiitake mushroom extract – to boost your immune system and slow fibroid growth
  3. Chlorophyll – fibroids cause heavy periods and this, coupled with a low meat intake, can leave some women anemic. Chlorophyll is almost molecularly identical to hemoglobin, the difference being magnesium versus iron, but it does help replace what is lost with bleeding and so help with your fatigue and immunity.

Always remember, that once you have the right information about how your body really works, you can start making health choices that finally start to work for you! You can do this – the science of your body is on your side!

I want to hear from you!

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Second, do you already avoid meat, dairy and the white stuff?

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