Experience Is The Best Teacher Vs Experience Is The Worst Teacher

By Annabel Anita Adanna

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“Experience is the best teacher”

Sure had this inside my head since kindergarten and I’m pretty sure everyone else does.

What does it mean to be the best? To excel positively beyond other human and other factors. To be loved exceedingly because of your great nature.

Experience is definitely not the best teacher especially when it teaches us with so much pain.

Let’s take a look at this five easy questions before proceeding.

  • Would you rather be sexually abused or learn from your parents to avoid indecent dresses and tight corners?
  • Would you rather be fired by your boss or learn from your colleague that he loves his tea cold?
  • Would you rather learn from uncle that fire hurts or loose a perfect skin to fire?
  • Would you rather quit drugs from dads advice or learn the hard way?
  • Which experience would you like to learn from?

Experience is definitely the worst teacher because we learn the hard way, we discover the truth with a lot of pain and cry from lot of agony.

Experience isn’t the best teacher, learning from experience would only leave scars. Are you taking the risks?

Be careful, make wise decisions and don’t let anyone push you around. Don’t make experience your good teacher. That kills.

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