You Might Be The Reason For Our Apocalyse.

By Annabel Anita Adanna

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I’m not really a great fan of movies as I really prefer burying my nose in a book rather than staring at a screen for hours because I believe that “more knowledge,more power”.

But this movie really got me hooked up, I watched with my whole family (that’s a rare event.)

It was Titled “Z Nation”.

The name has this boring effect but trust me, it isn’t a political film. The Z stands for Zombies. So its more like a horror movie filled with gross scenes.

It was all about the outbreak of a zombie virus which was actually created by a psychotic scientist(I will get back to this). The whole world was affected within hours, it spread like a wildfire in winter and had the most gruesome effect on humans. The zombies craved nothing but brains and the few humans left had to become inhumane to survive. Some turned to cannibals, thieves, scumbags and good individuals. Among these good individuals were a group of friends or rather survivers who were transporting the only man known to have survived a zombie bite to a lab to California so the antibodies in his blood could be used as a vaccine for the zombie virus.

Let’s quit the whole summarization and get the point pinned down.

My younger sister (9 years) asked me a very peculiar question after we completed the movie of 5 seasons.

Her Question:

“Anna, Do You Think The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Our Apocalyse?”

According To Google Chrome, the word apocalypse is defined as the complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation.

Vanessa’s question sent chillies to my spine. She got it all figured out with a simple movie but that’s not the big picture.

The biggest picture is the question “Are you gonna be the reason for our apocalypse?”

Don’t you think we deserve all the shit we’ve been getting? Don’t you think we ought to take in so much pain? Don’t you think we should suffer more than we already are suffering?

I don’t know what any of you think but I sure know that we deserve all of this.

We live in a world choked up with hatred, envy, jealousy, pain and anger. We lack love ,care, understanding, trust, patience, kindness and happiness.

Do the caring still live enough to care for another? What happens when we try to love? Death,torture,pain and agony. What does the world learn from that? To push love off the cliff and never look back. To murder peace and strangle up friendship. We all deserve what we have gotten.

Every one has had a moment of the apocalypse, a glimpse of the apocalypse and probably a taste of it.

The Corona Virus was rumored created just like the zombie virus. The clear misunderstanding of humans can be vividly traced to our actions. Our knowledge is exceeding our wisdom.

The negativity and our survival instinct is going to get all humanity killed. I don’t want an apocalypse without the presumed glory from the heavens. Our apocalypse begins the day we all die and I want to die a human rather than a beast.

Before our actions, we should consider if we’re going to be the reason for the apocalypse. The world could use more of our love, more kindness,more wisdom and more peace.

Would you be the reason for the apocalypse?

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