Strangled:90 Days In Pain

By Annabel Anita Adanna

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Gaping at the skies. What can I behold with my eyes? Country with no more frights Abounding with exciting sights. Canada Indicates the lights.

Hands cold and frigid as Ice. I am definitely wise. For reysing to this paradise. A country with lots of surprise. And stylish stells for exercise.

Here for unimpeded opportunities. To work and earn with ease. Wealth, In great profusion to lease. Relishing as I please. My destiny, I have seized.

Did I flee from my hometown? With Vivid scars and earth so brown. Agitated citizens with health so down. Leaders dressed in adorned gowns. While we bawl and thole like clowns.

Yes,Yes, I did flee from my home. To Canada,never to roam. But live and dine in bloom. With days set to never gloom. Definitely not a mome.


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