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Nigerian Ladies Storm China To Become Virgins Again

By Annabel Anita Adanna

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In an interesting twist of event, women can now buy back their virginity they lost at any age to save their face in relationships.

Doctors in Wuhan and Beijing undertake the virgin restoration process called the hymen restoration or the ultimate plastic surgery which takes effect in two days. The average cost of the surgery ranges between 2000 dollars to 3 thousand dollars with assurance that the vajayjay would return to it’s normal state before the first intercourse.

In a report in popular Magazine City People by Abiola Orisile, he cited how the pressure in the Nigerian society has forced a lot of women to opt for the surgery to face their faces in their marriages.

A 25-year-old Nigerian celeb from the North, who spoke to the magazine on anonymity said that virginity is still a status symbol in the Northern part of Nigeria and most girls troop to China to have their virginity back. In her own words “i don’t want my name mentioned in my husband’s family as not being a virgin bride”

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