I Caught My Girlfriend In Bed With Another Guy…PLS What Do I Do Next???

Happy New Week Everyone.

An Anonymous just sent this to me and as usual i did not edit anything

Kindly read and advice this young man

Ann help post this like you do for others. Pls.

I have been dating my girlfriend for the past 2 years now and we have never had sex. I provide everything for her and make her happy.

I swear to anything, the highest we have done is to cuddle and kiss.

Her reason for no sex is she wants to keep her body for the man that will marry her.

My girl is very good looking. Tall, fair and busty. It hasn’t been easy for us not doing sex but I have been patient cause I have plans to marry her.

But what happened recently shocked me that I don’t know what to do next.

I went to the house I rented for her in Ketu. I purposely got a spare key from the landlord without her notice.

Guess what?? I caught her having sex with a guy. Like he was digging her seriously from behind.

I was shocked and confused. I didnt even know when i angrily pulled off my clothes and wanted to join them in bed. The next thing the stupid boy ran away while my girlfriend started crying that I want to rape her and she will report me to the police.

I just left the house. I have been unable to eat for the past few days. It has been on my mind all week.

I honestly don’t know what to do next.

Do I beg her or what? Pls help me

Kindly Drop An Advice For This Person

3 thoughts on “I Caught My Girlfriend In Bed With Another Guy…PLS What Do I Do Next???”

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