The interface between ethnicity and violence in Nigeria

The interface between ethnicity and violence in Nigeria

Ethnicity, a substantial symbol of the uniqueness of our nation, sadly enough has become the harbinger of violence and hatred in our society. Should this remain the status quo in our society?

Sadly, the concept of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” has become an acceptable belief in recent times, and it is the root cause of the various ethnic clashes being witnessed recently. Employment opportunities are offered to those who share the same tribal inclination as the employer. Is this a qualification to a better life?

The inability of our leaders in their rich flowing attires and luxurious lifestyle to interfere and bring this issue to a halt. They remain unperturbed and they turn deaf ears to the pleas of the citizenry and only consider such situations critical if it involves or affects their relations. How can we continue in such dealings?

Our individual differences should be something to be valued, appreciated as a privilege to interact with people of different background and gain insight from their experience and culture .  

Ethnicity should be treated as a national treasure; appreciated and valued. The coexistence between different individuals within the country to be admired and respected by all. This way, we can foster true communal living and peaceful coexistence.

The “one eyed” monster; violence, should be slain and trampled upon by the society. Nothing good ever comes out of violence, it leads to bloodshed and loss of livelihoods. We neither stand to benefit or gain from it rather we lose at both ends and suffer unimaginable consequences.

Notwithstanding the fact that our leaders are not doing enough to buck this trend, we can also individually grow ourselves to respect and love one another and understand cultural differences that make us unique as human beings. We can be one and we should learn to be united. Together, we can move Nigeria forward.

God bless Nigeria

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