Do Bloggers Actually Support Themselves? Self Evaluation Time!!

Its quite hilarious, absurd and sad to realize that 89% of total bloggers in the world actually ignore blog posts and rarely send off a few likes to these posts without actual content reviews and absorption.

While drafting this post,I realized that I’m also guilty of this silly act but a greater hope for a better performance lies within my heart. Is there for you?

Are you guilty? Have you regarded it a norm to like without absorption and proper reading? Why do we remain stagnant while we have bloggers who follow us and view our posts?

I’m not begging or pleading for followers or likes on my post neither do I want to boost my traffic but rather, I feel this deep need to figure out why such happens.

Bloggers ought to be the nicest species on earth and I feel we owe ourselves much more love than we show. Try these few simple steps and realize it helps us too:

  • Share posts and ideas from your favourite bloggers and friends
  • Reblog interesting posts from bloggers.
  • Comment on blog posts by upcoming bloggers.
  • Read and understand what a blog post is all about.
  • Like and leave encouraging remarks on blog posts.
  • Encourage others to do what you’ve done.
  • Celebrate your success with others and share success stories with them.
  • Draft blog posts on the secrets of your success.
  • Leave advices to bloggers when necessary.

Let’s try this out:

If you did read through this blog post, comment below on how we can encourage our fellow bloggers to perform better and if you didn’t read through, I definitely expect your likes without your comment (isn’t that a good start to know ghost bloggers?)

Thanks for reading this blog posts and for being with me this far. Thanks for all the support and earnest advice. Anna appreciates them. God bless us!

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54 thoughts on “Do Bloggers Actually Support Themselves? Self Evaluation Time!!

  1. Great post. And agree with a lot. Its a taking game as opposed to giving. Which i don’t understand because we can learn so much from each other and I’ve noticed that bloggers are the most appreciative people in the world haha.

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  2. Anna, when I started blogging, my meaningful comments usually got spammed. There is a lot of effort that goes down the drain. I know that is not nice or fair, but it was frustrating and I just left likes. It took a long time for me to get out of that funk and soldier on.


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    1. Wow. Quite painful to realize that. I wouldn’t say I would move on if I happened to suffer the same issues but I am grateful you did. Today marks more progress than yesterday 🙏🏼🙏🏼…and I believe more is yet to be achieved. Keep your hopes high and aim for the stars. Thanks for sharing your experience with me and for your contribution❤❤. Hope to receive more from you❤🏴🙏🏼

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  4. You are absolutely right. In blogging world everyone should be supportive. And I think if you are liking a post then you should also leave a comment to appreciate the efforts taken by the blogger, as we all know how much effort one has to put in each and every post.

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  5. I think a lot of people come in ready to be kind and help others, then later pull back. Perhaps they’ve changed after running into scams, spammers, trolls, etc. Maybe they’re struggling, and feel they don’t have time to spare for that sort of interaction.

    I didn’t leave comments for a long time because I left hundreds (seriously) of comments, while on my computer, that were erased because I’d “needed to log in first”.

    I’ve since resolved the issue by only commenting from within the WordPress app. Although I’m sure there are more typos, it’s far less frustrating!

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    1. Everyone’s got enough reasons to stop supporting anyone but we can’t let those minor reasons get into our heads. I really feel deeply sorry for what happened to your account and comments. Thanks for commenting❤

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  6. This is so true! I think we can encourage each other by remembering we ARE a community and we are here to support each other, much like a small business! You never know what you can achieve and learn by reading others posts, and how we may encourage or motivate others with our comments and experiences! It’s a beautiful thing!

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  7. It’s true, but not wholly. One thing is for people who blog along with their office routine and daily life don’t get much free time. And when you open the blog, you have a lot of notifications. So, it’s very hard to go through every one in detail. Sometimes you read it all, and at times just in overall. But giving it a read once is worth the time for the efforts they carry.

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  8. Agreed. We can read like yes but I love it when people comment. The likes are good but when you comment under a post-it meant you read the post. You dont necessarily have to agree but the fact you took time to comment and engage hits differently for me. Thanks for sharing and God bless you too.

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  9. I can’t help myself! I read every word, but this is my first comment. I wonder if it’s a generational thing (I’m in my early 40’s). I’d rather read less articles in depth than skim over the surface of a lot. You’re a great writer, handling a broad range of topics well!

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    1. Really?…I very well think its better to read deeply than to brush over a few lines. It gives understanding to the mind and equally leaves us less confused. About the comment, it won’t hurt to leave just a little encouragement for the writer, you might actually make his/her day if you do so. I believe little comments matters to the writer especially when he or she spends average time in making such post. Well, its quite optional to comment and though, you may have personal reasons for commenting or not, I really appreciate you stopping by to comment. I hope to receive more from you. I appreciate 🥰❤


  10. When I see five likes in a row on my cooking blog I usually suspect the person hasn’t even read the posts, or tried any of my recipes. I have made it a rule to only like after reading.
    Thank you!

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  11. Thanks for the something totally new you have unveiled in your blog post. One thing I would really like to reply to is that FSBO human relationships are built as time passes. By launching yourself to owners the first end of the week their FSBO can be announced, before the masses start off calling on Friday, you make a good relationship. By sending them resources, educational resources, free records, and forms, you become the ally. Through a personal desire for them in addition to their circumstances, you produce a solid network that, most of the time, pays off when the owners opt with an adviser they know and also trust – preferably you.

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