Are You Aware Eternity Is Near?

Have you ever thought about the eternity? Have you ever tried to meditate about it? Eternity holds everything in this world but yet people tries to ignore it. What is eternity? It is existence without end, it is infinite meaning out of time. We know that in this world we operate within time but eternity is life existing without time and without the end. We have heard many scriptures that says eternal life and eternal God and those proofs that eternal life is real. ” And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. ” John 17:3. Jesus Christ is eternal life and He is ever existing one because He is God. He is everlasting God meaning enduring forever without an end. He have no beginning like the world and He doest have the end like the world. This world has the beginning when it was created and it has the end when it will end but God is everlasting one. Think about it, in this world everything we see has the beginning, the manufacture date and has the expired date which is the end. Our body has the end, our money, our cars, our positions, and all things here we see have the end. They can’t live beyond time for they are not eternal or everlasting. They live for days, months and years and their glory, their beauty and power fades away. Those are things which many people spend their time seeking instead of seeking the eternal things which does not end. Life after death will be eternal and everlasting life without the end and without existence of time. It will be a life of eternal joy and to some a life of eternal suffering.

Whenever you are buying something at market you buy something that will last , something that will live many years and thats why you check first the date of manufacture and the date of expired. We all want things existing and we seek the durability. This durability is found in Christ Jesus who gives us eternal life without the end. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16. We have a promise in Jesus Christ that when you believe Him and follow Him you will have eternal life which is everlasting life. Life without the end, happiness without the end and beyond times. Have you ever experienced when you are happy and that earthly happiness don’t last, your good feeling last only for hours and then you are sad , we can’t experience eternal happiness in this body but in we shall that be happy forever for there will be no pain and tears. Heaven is eternity joy. Eternity is uncountable years for it breaks all years. Eternity is beyond billions years and one thousands years the eternity has not started. Millennial year’s the eternity has not started. Eternity is what we need to think of where we shall spent our eternity after death! Jesus Christ is the source of eternity and in Him we have everlasting life through His Word. Every word spoken by Jesus Christ is eternal word and Holy scriptures is the breath of eternal life. When some disciples were leaving Jesus Christ because of His deep teachings, Jesus asked to the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?” But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. Jesus Christ has the words of eternal life and His message is the entrance to the eternal life , what the Apostles and Prophets taught are words of eternal life and we cannot ignore the scriptures and enter Heaven.

Think about the eternity for it is very near. We are told to always think about the everlasting things, things without the end and that is eternal life. You need to focus on the eternal blessings more than worldly blessings. We have just a short time to think and to prepare for our eternity after death. For it is appointed for every man to die once then after that the Judgement. The final judgement is eternal Fire or eternal Heaven. After death we close to the eternity matters. Where we don’t have the use of time or calender once we die, we have everything being everlasting, everlasting joy, everlasting peace, everlasting pain, everlasting suffering etc. Think about it. The wicked in eternal fire all their days and the righteous in eternal Heaven.

“The Wicked shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power,” 2 Thes 1:9. The Lake of the fire is eternal without break and without rest and everything shall be eternal. It shall be eternal suffering in the fire, eternal pain, and eternal sorrow. Think about it, burning without the end and feeling pain without the end, day after day and years after years. In earth we can cry but we can’t cry more than a day without stopping, you can feel pain but it can’t continue without dieing but in eternity there will be no death and death will not end your pain of fire. In earth you can suffer but there is an end , you can be punished but there is an end, you can be prisoned but there is a hope for you can be release in earth but in eternity there will be no end of punishment and there will be no hope of coming out of lake of fire. It is eternal fire and everlasting punishment. Just because of your one day sin you will suffer eternally, just few years of sinning and you suffer all your years without rest in fire. “And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night,” Rev 14:11. Eternity is real and Heaven and Fire is real. Do not play jokes with eternity , little sin can cause your eternity, anger,unforgiveness, ignorance, lieing, pride, hatred, bitternes, unfaithful, disobedience, make-ups etc. One little mistake cannot be collected once you die and when you close to the eternity its over for repentance. Just very little but it will cost all your years without rest in the lake of fire. Examine your self and purify your self from all sins no matter how little they are they can take you to that eternal prison.

People care about perishable things but wise people thinks about eternal life. It is time to care more of the eternal life than this ending world. Stop seeking the ending riches of this world but rather seek the unfading riches of the glorious kingdom of God. Seek that everlasting peace that never fade , seek the everlasting happiness that comes from the word of God. Do not waste your self on worldly pleasures that will end very soon but seek your self the eternal Joy that comes from following Jesus Christ. It is better you suffer in this world for following Jesus Christ because in Heaven you shall rejoice than to be happy with sinners and end up in eternal fire. There is no cost we can pay once we close to the eternity matters and the only cost we can pay is in this world to forsake the worldly pleasures and to follow Jesus Christ who is the eternal life. We have little time and we can’t ignore the reality of life after death because no one knows the day or the hour. Get ready and be prepared for within a fraction of second you can close from perishable to imperishable life. It is not too late to repent right now and it is not to quick to be born again by water and spirit for this is the only chance you may have before closing to eternity life. Where will you spend your eternity? Heaven is real and Hell is real and eternity is so near for our days are running out of time.

Be blessed!!!

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