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My goals for 2021! Guest blogger Carol anne

I am a new contributor to this blog, thanks anna for having me!
A little bit about me…My name is Carol anne. I am 40 years young. I am blind, and have been blind since birth. I suffer with some mental health difficulties, I have complex ptsd and dissociative identity disorder. I blog over at
Do come over and check me out!
Today I will write about my goals for 2021!
I have 3 goals I’d like to achieve in 2021. I hope I can achieve them, I am going to work really hard at it.
The first one is to exercise daily. Starting on january 3rd, I am planning to walk daily on my treadmill. The plan is to do it six days a week, with a break on Saturdays as I am normally at my parents on saturdays.
I need to get fitter. I’ve noticed my fitness levels have gone way down. Plus, I’d like to lose my flab, I have a very fat tummy, I’d like to get it to go down a little.
The second goal is to Eat healthier again, and try to lose some weight. I was doing well, but during our second lockdown I kinda gave up on my weight loss, but now I am going to get back to it again. I stopped going to slimming world, and I think I am not going to go back. I know what to do and can do it on my own! So I will just watch what I eat, and make healthier food choices. Maybe I can lose 1 or 2 pounds a week. If I did, that’d be so awesome.
And lastly, I’d like to save some money each week, even if it was just 10 euro. You never know what you’ll need money for, what will come up, or what might happen, so its good to have a stach for a rainy day as they say. I’ve never really been good at saving, but I’ve made it a goal to start. Starting on Jan. 1st, I am going to save some money!
So those are my goals for 2021!
What are yours?
Talk soon! xoxo ❤ ❤


16 thoughts on “My goals for 2021! Guest blogger Carol anne

  1. Hi Carol anne,
    Nice to meet you from Annibet’a post! I love your authentic honesty.
    Why start on Jan 3rd? Why not now.. That;s what I tell clients.
    You’ve picked the right person cuz that’s my business. Check out my blog.. I also upload Youtube videos.
    The walking is great but don’t forget the weights. See you there. ❤️ Cindy

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