365 Days With You! How Was My 2020?

Wow. Its the end of another beautiful year and to be honest, 2020 was really a year of mixed feelings.

This year wasn’t my best year neither the worst too but I really acknowledge and glorify God for his mercy on my life.

All About My 2020

So, I decided to piece together some awesome things, events and surprises that totally made 2020 very special and unique.

1. Best Post Of The Year
Do Bloggers Actually Support Themselves? Self Evaluation Time!!

This was my best Post of the year with 170 views, 94 likes and 50 comments. In this post, I made bloggers understand that necessity is laid upon them to support each other. It received a lot of positive contributions from everyone.

Click Here To Read Blog Post!

My 2020 Christmas Wish List

Wish lists aren’t only for kids, you know😂. So I made up my very own wish list. Here it is:

  • More Traffic To My Blog
  • A Peaceful 2021
  • More Love From Family
  • Deeper Communication With God
  • Happiness And Joy

Lessons Learned

This year, I cried, laughed, smiled,rejoiced but most of all, I learned. The pandemic had a lot to fix into me and I definitely made good use of all I have learnt. One of the major lessons I learnt was to appreciate God at all times and obey instructions. What did you learn?

Worst Time Of the Year

My worst time of the year and definitely same for everyone else was the time of the pandemic. It basically shook up the whole world with a lot of trauma and I was really frightened about the whole virus and how it kills. Well, I made good use of my time as I completely put my effort on my blog and I enjoyed every bit of my activities.

Best Time Of The Year

My best time of the year was 27th December. That was the day my savior spoke to me. I felt Jesus in my heart and i completely gave him all of my being.

Most Influential People Of The Year

This goes to my mum and my pastor. They really me influenced positively. I also want to nominate a couple of bloggers who inspired me by their blog posts. They are: Carol Anne, KOH, Domenica And many more.

The Year In Summary

This Year is really a nice year and was anticipated to be really awesome. I want to thank everyone who made my year nice, sweet and awesome. I want to thank those who made me smile and made me happy amidst all the troubles. I thank all my friends and bloggers who assisted me in my course as a blogger. I thank everyone for the support, comments and advice given to promote my blog. And most importantly, I thank the Almighty God For keeping me alive. I wish you all a nice new year and a prosperous 2021. May Gods blessings be with you always. Hope to see you all in 2021. Love you All.


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