Do Bloggers Actually Support Themselves? Self Evaluation Time!!

Supporting other bloggers? Surely they’re your competition… Why would you want to help them? Sadly, I think there are people who do actually think this way. For me, this attitude is the complete opposite to the attitude you should have about your fellow bloggers.

Most of this comes down to good karma. If you put in the work to help others. You know what? They’ll be more inclined to help you in return. This is called the Law of Reciprocity.

Do you remember the person who you tweet and who never responds? Nope, you will be too busy with the people who do respond. The person you retweet and support, yet they never retweet for you? The person that never responds to the comments you leave on their blog; will you keep visiting and commenting? Probably not.. You see this blogging thing is reciprocal, you get out what you put in.

Bloggers need other bloggers. The blogging community wouldn’t be nearly as successful as it is if it weren’t for bloggers supporting other bloggers. Collaborations are hugely important in the blogging community for many reasons. Sometimes, you have to ask yourself this question, “how successful is your blogging career?

When I started blogging, since it was the most frequently given advice, I took it seriously and started working like a machine. Posting every day became my ultimate goal and I stopped paying heed to the content quality. After a month long writing spree, when I sat down to have a look at my stats, I couldn’t help noticing one thing. No matter how much I blog, Monday used to be the only day of the week observing a huge spike in traffic (80-100 visitors), the rest of the week falling flat with anything from 10 to 20 visitors a day. And the reason was pretty clear – Mondays were spared out for interacting with the fellow bloggers. So I slowed down writing for a week and started spending more time networking in the blogging community. The results were exactly as I expected and I understood where I was going wrong. Networking is inevitable when it comes to blogging because it’s not you but other people who would form the reason for your success. If you have read my blog post “Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic” ,You will understand the importance of supporting other bloggersReason why you should support your fellow bloggers are:

1. You need to discover in order to be discovered – Why Are You A Blogger? There’s no point of writing blogs if people aren’t reading them. You might be working really hard but let me tell you the fact that would help you stand out in your blogging journey. You need to discover others in order to be discovered. Blogging is not a one-way traffic that can bring you instant success just because you have been putting up content on a regular basis. There are millions of blogs out there and yours is not an easy one to be found. People won’t come finding your blog to read them. You have to get them to your website and you have to give them a good reason to keep coming back. This requires effective promotion of your blog by posting comments on other people’s blogs. And don’t just drop comments for the sake of it. Comments like ‘Nice post’ and ‘Amazing blog’ would hardly bring any traffic. Your thoughts need to be insightful and should represent your blog in general.

2. They can be your support system and can be your source of learning – I remember writing something short and precise on my blog in September,2020. I wasn’t personally satisfied with what I wrote but I posted it anyway because I hadn’t posted something for weeks and I thought it would be better to post something than leaving the site look unattended. Shortly after the blog came up, a fellow blogger was kind enough to drop in a mail that the post looks incomplete and that she was left wanting for more. I thanked her for her valuable insights and realized how important it is to get people’s feedback to improve your work. I removed that post immediately as it looked more like a liability to me than to be of any use to my readers. Also, as a blogger, you should never post something that doesn’t satisfy you in the first place. Networking with bloggers can help solve the biggest of your problems but you should be open to comments and criticisms and use them to add value to your work.

3. Learning from their successes and getting inspiration – Your blogging network is your biggest resource when it comes to bringing up new content for your blog. Every time I feel short of the ideas, I go through some of the best blogs in the industry to see what’s working for them. Their blogs can be a great source of ideas for your own blogs and their posts can help you learn a lot as a reader. Heading over to other blogs for ideas isn’t a bad thing unless you copy their work and serve nothing from your own perspective. There are hundreds of bloggers to be inspired from and networking with them can help you learn a lot from their successes.

4. Collaborative projects with fellow bloggers – When I started interacting actively in the blogging community, I learned that it’s your only way to gain exposure while you are trying to establish yourself. There are bloggers who need guest posts for their blogs and there are others who have amazing content to offer to the former. Interaction alone can help you gain a lot of opportunities in an otherwise saturated blogging industry. And opportunities are not limited to writing guest posts, but also sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and access to interactive communities having thousands of followers. So if you plan to ditch the isolation, interaction with bloggers can land you some amazing collaborative projects with some of the best in the industry which is a win-win situation for both the parties.

5. Blogging can sometimes be lonely – Okey, so here comes the sad part. Blogging sometimes can get lonely which is what separates it from the corporate work environment where you are surrounded by people all the time. So there’s no harm in making friends who can make this otherwise lonely journey interesting for you. Even if you are a self-sufficient human being who is happy with herself, you will definitely want to seek a varied set of opinions on your work. That’s when your blogging network comes handy.

When I initially started interacting with fellow bloggers, I used to find it time-consuming and contrary to my personality as I’m not so much into online interactions. But I realized that it’s impractical to survive in the blogging world without interacting with the ones in the blogging industry. If you want to be read, you have to interact regularly. Yes, it’s not an easy task to keep doing that but it gets easier if you manage your time properly. If an hour of your day goes in to writing, be ready to spare another one hour to market that content. To write once a day and being able to market it to 500 people is any day better than writing 5 days a week hoping that someone will come finding you. All you need to remember is that quality matters over quantity, and it’s completely alright to serve just one quality article every week that is at least worth your readers’ time.

So when I decided I would put up the topic, I wasn’t worried at all. Its all about the truth. Unfollow them if you can’t support them. It wouldn’t hurt if you showed them a little support. This isn’t my first blog post directed towards the importance of supporting bloggers because I have realized there is no blogging without bloggers. The blogging community is really large and we should learn to interact and appreciate ourselves. It makes no sense if you follow them and don’t acknowledge their efforts. We should do better than that. No likes,no comments,no support,no encouragement?! Unfollow them!!!


  1. I believe that not supporting others is not a winning choice; interacting with other people, is the first way to get to know and be known also, to create a good friendly atmosphere, which helps the blog to “have a long life” over time. people want to feel welcomed and create circular relationships is a great way 🙂
    great post 🙂

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  2. Great postt with tried and true tips.
    I always LOVE your content. I’m glad you aren’t posting as much cuz i don’t want to miss anyting and I can’t keep up with that many in a day. As our sites grow, it’s not possible! ❤️❤️❤️

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    • I really took your advice and its really helping me. I got to realize that content matters more than the number of posts you make. Wouldn’t have known that if I wasn’t networking with you. I really appreciate your contributions to my blog. Much love🧡❤

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      • Oh I’m sooo glad that it’s helped!!!! Thanks for sharing that with me. I’m blown away at how much content and information you deliver but I agree with you about how much we can process at once. Even my 3 times a week posts feel like too much. We’ll see. You are so welcome and you to mine. We will do that interview when you get a hit of how you might want to engage with me. Have a great day! ❤️

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    • Quite like me. I’ve had 7 blogs since last two years. Each one just seems to have issues when I start it up but I learnt from my mistakes and settled for this one. I’m glad I’m moving along. I really support your opinion, it isn’t much about following a blog or blogger but how much support you can offer. I hope your business turns out well. What’s it about anyway? Definitely going to support you. Much love🧡

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      • Oh you’re so sweet and thank you! I sell hand-poured candles but you know it’s not only about selling but also about giving others, so I love to blog. But managing a business and blogging can take up your time lol.

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      • It really does take up valuable time but…..its a hobby for me so it isn’t so hard. I really love writing. Before I started blogging, I was always busy on wattpad or other websites I could write or read stories. I’m glad blogging helps me to achieve both aims. Have a great day🧡

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  3. I’m a new blogger and trying to get the hang of WordPress more, so this post is what I needed. Your emphasize on blogger interaction encourages to me to share my thoughts to the writer, after reading their blog. It is also inspiring to know how much bloggers depend on one another. Your words demonstrate the blogging community as unifying, rather than competitive. It makes me very excited to share my content, while ensuring my interaction with other writers. I’m learning so much so far, and now I trust I will gain more knowledge to be a better blogger. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • First, I would say “welcome to the community or rather family”. I trust you will excel with your blog. I’m glad my post could contribute positively to your blog and blogging experience and that’s really rare. The blogging community is quite unifying for me despite many people have a twisted belief about that. I really appreciate your contribution to my blog. Better days ahead Tiffany🧡. Much love❤

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  4. Hi Anita! Nice post. I enjoyed this, and feel the same. Collaboration, is a good idea. At the moment, I’m not sure how we could collaborate together, as I have not thought about it enough….and I am a bit reserved and cautious when thinking about collaborating….Having bad experiences in the past tends to leave bad notes in my mind. But, I would be willing to hear ideas. I think it is difficult, I’ll speak for myself, to consider collaborating with other bloggers, when perhaps, my subject matter is very different from others who are open to the idea of collaboration. So, if one blogger, for example, specializes in ‘Oil’, and the other blogger specializes in ‘Water’, then, in the physical world, those two things don’t mix well together. So, how do bloggers with very different topics collaborate? What are the connections? How can bloggers like these two in my example, do something to get the other blogger’s subscribers interested in your content?
    I guess, your post has me thinking about the topic again.
    I have collaborated in the past, but it wasn’t all that fulfilling, that’s another issue, I guess …. If nothing else, I did enjoy reading your post.
    Take care!

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    • I really love your point and your questions are really important. I will dedicate my time to write a post that would enlighten you more on what you asked. Collaboration is quite hard and currently, i’m collaborating with 2 of my good blogger friends and I think it’s quite nice. There is always a way to connect two opposites together and I believe I can make out enough points to convince you in my next blog post. Thank you for your contribution. Good morning🧡🧡

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