My Opinion On Friendship: It Sucks!

Who Is A Friend?
A Friend is that faithful, soul cheering individual you love and who loves you just as much as you love him/her and would do anything for you…..Is that what you think or is that what the world tells you? well, thats the world’s perspective.

My definition of a friend.
A friend is that little cute puppy who is faithful to you as long as you throw bones at him and would be a real beast if you run out of bones…..its quite simple. You’re free to oppose.

Okay, let’s get this straight….I don’t hate friendship and I definitely love to see true friends but this post is dedicated to all the fake, mean friends out there spilling hate around.

The World’s Opinion On Friendship/Friends

Friends Are Helpful. Friends always have your back. If you’re tired, they take your load. They neither tally or begrudge.

Friends Are Honest. Friends are always straightforward when it comes to discussions. They are never cruel, deceitful or manipulative.

Friends Are Loyal. Friends always stick by your side no matter what and their commitment to you is not fickle.

Friends Are Trustworthy. Friends are trustworthy, they keep your confidence and respect your decisions.

Friends Are Supporters. Friends support, promote, advocate and cheer your movement or life.

Friends Are Caring. Friends are caring, they listen to all your problems, appreciate and compliment you.

Friends Are Patient. Friends are never to quick for you. They encourage you gradually and are very understanding. They don’t rush you into quick decisions.

Friends Are Angels. Friends are people who complete one wing of our lives. They are like our guardian angels.

Friends Are Motivators. Friends are the one’s who believe in us. They are our real motivators.

Friends Are Family. Friends are the family you choose. They are the closest to your heart.

My Perspective:

Friends Are Secretly Unobliging. Trust me that in every friendship or group of friends, there is always a lazy lamb. How is she helpful? People have friends to do their chores. Simple!!

Friends Are Dishonest. The most dishonest people are friends. Why?
You don’t even get to know when they’re lying. You trust them with all your heart and you’re going down!

Friends Are Disloyal. Friends sure stick by your side but what happens behind you? Do they also stick behind you? You hand them the keys to your heart and they stab you with that very key.

Friends Are Untrustworthy. Having a friend is like a pet snake, it would someday display its carnivorous nature.  And it hurts to realize, you can barely find a trustworthy friend.

Friends Are Jealous Supporters. Its either they support you for their personal interest or they leave dumb excuses for not supporting. I’m pissed off.

Friends Are Uncaring. A Friend who wouldn’t cancel a date or party to take care of my needs or visit me when I need her doesn’t Care.

Friends Are Impatient. Let’s talk about patience. Friends are very impatient. Ever being with a friend who wants to go shopping and you need to poo?
You’re gonna poo in ten seconds or you’ll be left behind. What about real life issues requiring patience?

Friends Are Angelic Demons. I would rather call them “angelic demons”. Individuals who hurt you and you don’t even realize they are hurting you? I would call some friends “penny wise!”

Friends Demoralize. Friends motivate each other but sometimes, they motivate you towards the wrong idea or thing. And when you get a glimpse of a nice plan, they demoralize you to stupor.

Friends Are Not Family. The only family you should have is your real family and in the absence of that, get a puppy. Friends would never understand what its like to be family because they are way too selfish.

Do not misunderstand my point of view, don’t get me wrong. I value friendship, I respect true friends but I despise fake/bad friends.
Bad friends create the word “negative peer pressure.”
If you’re a friend to someone out there and you’re reading this, you should know if you got a clean sheet or not. If you have spots on your sheet, you should try to fix things. Be kind to people, they mustn’t be your friends. Just sprinkle alot of love all over the whole place and maybe you could change my perspective about friendship or others out there who might have given up on friendship.

But for now……friendship totally sucks!!!


  1. I hear you. I have also gone through what you had experienced in my own life. There are fair weather friends unfortunately. There is a saying–A friend in need is a friend indeed. Count not the number of friends you have but the quality of friends. Better to have a good few than a whole group of superficial ones. it really takes a while to know someone. Keep the faith!

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      • Sad facts. However there are also good sides to friendship. There are things that a good friend can do for you that family may not be able to do.

        That’s why people want to connect.

        Everything in life has its own downsides. Let’s overlook the downside of friendship and look at what we can gain, and what we can give!

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      • Everything in life has its bad and good sides, we may be privileged to experience either the good or bad or sometimes both sides.
        Its an individual choice to leave an experience and often times, we should aim at sharing that experience with honesty coz it may help others out there. So, I’m sharing my experience with friendship and as much as I think friendship sometimes hurt, it may be totally cool for you and I love that you have shared that with me and everyone because as i said, you may be doing a great job in convincing someone out there to keep up with friendship.

        Thank you for your wonderful contribution and I hope to receive more from you.
        Good day❤


      • Continue to be helpful and understanding. There is no other way. Saji is right: What goes around comes around. Let me give you an example of how you can improve yourself. The other day you asked us to interview you. My question was about movies. And your answer was: movies are stupid. Ouch! That hurt, considering that the subject of my blog is cinema. Sure, we’re not friends and you had no reason to protect my feelings. And in fact I appreciate your honesty. But, still… Do you get my point?!

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      • I really get your point Jo and I feel very awful at the moment for being so rude to you (even though It wasn’t on purpose). I will try to improve myself and to be honest, I would want you to be my friend.
        I’m sincerely sorry for my response to your question❤🥺


      • No worries. I’m a big girl. 🙂 The harshness of your answer surprised me, but I could also see the honesty behind it. And reading vs. watching movies is always a good idea.

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      • You got the wrong message here and that upsets me. Honesty is ALWAYS good. I’m upset now, but I wasn’t upset back then. Deep in my heart I knew you didn’t intend to offend me. You simply need to be more careful. There are ways and ways to say something. Instead of “movies are stupid” you could have said “I’m not really interested in movies.” You see the difference, right? So always be honest, always be good, and pay attention to those around you. I think you treat your friends with superiority. Maybe you are superior to them, you are a smart girl. But your friends feel you’re distant and they treat you accordingly. It’s only a supposition, you yourself have to analyze your behavior and find out if you are the problem or they are the problem.

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      • I didnt mean to upset you and I really have learnt a lot from you today. You are right about self examination and I’m working on that. Thanks for being honest and cool with me❤

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  2. Anna I only have one 100% true friend that I have known for 20 years now. We’ve also quarreled over the years but we’ve always said everything very sincerely, that’s why our friendship is indestructible. However I understand your thoughts 🙂

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  3. It looks like you’ve just had a bad experience relating to one of your friends 😅. If yes, then I’m glad you vented out here.
    I feel you. True friendship is hard to find, and everything has its flaws, in the end, if you survive thru it, that’s what matters.
    Nice post🖤

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  4. I want to tell you that I am following you for your work and ideas. I encourage the bloggers who are working hard on their ideas. I think you are one of those people whom I am searching for here. Will you be my friend?

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      • Most people don’t understand that. Because no one has ever explained to them that all life arises through love and that love is life itself. No life without love. But we carry love within us and constantly live outside. Therefore we no longer recognize love. Until we manage to focus inward. Eljin

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      • Life arises through love but life often loses its value through love.
        There is enough love to go around for everyone but some are too selfish to share.
        Its an awful world Eljin and I don’t think love can help out anymore🙍🏿‍♀

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      • Anna, it gives me pain in the soul when I read your words. Love changes everything. Love is man’s only hope. The only way to overcome all human differences. Love is not what you experience outside. Love lives within you alone and if you shut it out then your life is a problem or a suffering. Love heals. Love inspires. It is the love for yourself that changes the outside world. That changes everything. Never look for them outside. Always seek it in yourself. Only when you are love will your world become love. Eljin

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      • “Only when you find love within you, that you change the outside world”….
        This means a lot to me, I always seek the love from outside, to feel the love from within hasn’t been my quest.
        I’ve been searching in the wrong place but I know I have found the right place through your words.
        You’re an Angel Eljin❤

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      • I’m not an Angel, Anna. I am a friend of all people in my heart. You won’t find the love in you through my words. Your desire to find them alone will show you the way. Always try to listen to your heart and not to your roaring mind. Your mind is the possibility, your heart is the knowledge. Never confuse them. Eljin

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      • Thank you Eljin for your lovely words. You’ve given me answers to lots of questions I have about life…..hopefully, I would find love within me because I now know I am yet to find that❤

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  5. Heyy…..the first thing is u should not depend on others…be independent in everything…. because life treats u as u treat urself….so just forget about people …and start …..loving the time more u spend with urself…this is my opinion..I hope …I didn’t hurt ur feelings towards ur friend …

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  6. Dearie, I totally relate to whatever you have said in this post. I read the piece to its entirety, which is admittedly unlike me, meaning that your work commands attention and is a job well done. I have many friends. But when I think about it, there’s not one friend I have that will have my back when I’m in a soup. NO ONE. People silently dislike that I’m a bit distant and rather boring. Nobody tells me this, but I’m aware. Because just like you, I trust no one. Your soul won’t connect with everybody’s. When you find someone like that, you’re sorted for life. People like us, who haven’t experienced “real friendship” should stick to each other. I wish I get it meet you some day. Sending you lots of love and best wishes! :))

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    • Its encouraging to converse with someone who understands you dearly. I am really happy that my post drew in your attention 😱🤗🤗
      Friendship is really complicated so I completely understand your point of view. Thank you for sharing your experience with me❤❤


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