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What I Think Of Lil Nas X And His Unusual Song “Montero.”

He’s Disgusting. I don’t mean to be discriminating but that is the most disgusting gay/homosexual/LGBTQ appearance in the history of appearances. Tinted face and red hair? Seriously? He makes me wanna puke each time I think about him.

Its Creepy. Is it just me or he was chased out of the garden of Eden? Well, humans differ in thoughts and understanding but whatever I saw in that music video sends shivers to my spine every time someone plays that song.

He’s So Dramatic. A dramatic video isn’t needed to pass the message on. Literally everyone knows what exactly he needs us to know but my big question is, “Who Exactly Was He Lap Dancing?” Coz my friend said its the devil and I don’t wanna believe that.

Its Unusually Catchy/Addicting. I’ve been praying to Jesus to keep my fingers off the download button.
🎶”Call me when you want
Call me when you need
Call me in the morning
I’ll be on the way
Call me when you want
Call me when you need
Call me out by your name
I’ll be on the way, like”🎶
To be honest, He’s a genius for the lyrics and whatever he did but I’m totally not interested.

Its Suffocating. I’ve been trying to make out what I saw in that video but I keep running out of breath when I do that…….
Was he pole dancing to hell? Did he murder the master of hell or whatever?
Talk about being creepy!!!

He’s Possessed. And that’s my big conclusion. Yeah! Its a personal opinion and I’m quite sure I’m right about what I think. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t make such a freaky, creepy, demonic, stupid, disgusting video…..

What’s most outrageous is the timing of this. It was intentionally dropped on the eve of Holy Week. Try this with any other religious group than Christians during their Holy Week and Nas might find himself sliding down that pole for real.

I’m completely perplexed and believe me, I’m freaking out and going to bed with my bible is really a great option( I don’t need anyone dragging me to hell coz I dislike his artistic display of insanity. You know where to leave the comments.

4 thoughts on “What I Think Of Lil Nas X And His Unusual Song “Montero.””

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