Why Are You A Sinner?

That Junkie Promised you deep treasures.
If you weren’t promised some sort of deep hidden treasure, you wouldn’t be a confused Christian. If you didn’t have eyes for some secret place, you wouldn’t be heading towards the path of destruction. Oh come of it, get your eyes out and walk towards the Lord. Sure, the devil might promise you deep treasures, he isn’t lying….. You’re definitely going to find your treasure in the deep bottomless burning lake of fire. And trust me, you can keep the treasure all to yourself coz I’m not interested. Don’t be pathetic!

You Don’t Read Your Bible. Did mama get you the holy book and asked you to lock it up in your closet? Or did you get the bible to lighten up your living room? You can confide in me, maybe I could find out what’s really wrong with you upstairs. And do you know what really heats me up the most? You can spend the entire day reading a boring article on the newspaper or porno on wattpad but you act like reading the bible for 5 minutes would wash out your eyeballs. What the heck is wrong with you? It sure is a spiritual problem!!!

I Forced You To Read Your Bible. Dude! Don’t open your Bible because you just read my blog post and you’re feeling so damn guilty. What’s the big difference if you don’t Read your Bible and when you flip through the pages like a novel. Oh, you pay more attention to a novel than the bible. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re going to miss out all the good stuffs if you don’t concentrate and bury your attention in the bible when you read it. Try this and thank me later.

Your Eyes Of Understanding Is Jammed And For Some People, Their Eyes Are Missing Their Sockets.
Ever read a book written in French our Spanish? Some Christians actually read the bible but all they can visualize is a bunch of Abrakatabra words. They can’t understand!!!
Why? Their eyes of understanding had been jammed by the devil and he had replaced them with wooden balls of Brakatarish words and no matter how many times or hours they read the bible, they are only learning Brakatarish which doesn’t exist. You need to pray to God because your hanging on a cord from hell.

Michael Jackson’s Singing In Your Eardrums. You’re always in church before the minister arrives, you’re singing in the choir, you’re a strong Evangelist and worse, you’re a prayer warrior but you’re earlier at the club, sing better at parties, dirty talk like no other and even better, you’re a really tough addict. I can’t help but laugh till my sides hurt. Can I tell you what’s up with you? Michael Jackson is blaring his songs in your eardrums. Jeez! You’re a hypocrite. You listen to every sort of Gods word and you still haven’t changed at all? You spend half your day in church and you’re damn guiltier than a pagan. Jesus Christ save us!!

You’re Yoked With Unbelievers. I think praying is great and the best we can do as Christians but you think praying doesn’t have much effect. I believe Jesus Christ is the Lord but you think he’s Just a random guy. What do I do with you? I kick your arse out of my life and shut the doors behind me. Get lost!!!
A word is enough for the wise.

You Don’t Care. Mr A is so wealthy and he’s got everything he wants. Mr B doesn’t have any of these things and lives a miserable life but he hopes for a better tomorrow, he looks up to God for the end of days, for a better after life and a glorious rapture. Mr A doesn’t Care because he has everything and thinks he’s going to live forever with his riches or die with his Gold And Silver. Should we burst his bubble? Let me grab my needle!!!

You’re Possessed. I don’t really blame this category of people. I mean, he can’t even stop himself from flying over his fence or turning into a black bird. If you’re reading this and you’ve been really cranky and weird at nights, probably having meetings with mysterious people and drinking some sort of strange things, let me give you a piece of advice. Get up, get dressed, run as fast as you can, don’t stop, don’t even breathe till you get to the nearest church or Christian center and ask them to help you out before you eat someone’s heart.

You’ve Lost Your Flame. Are you one of those virgins who didn’t have enough oil for their lamps? You’re tired of waiting for the Lord And You’ve decided to taste a little bit of fun? Just a drink, just a night, just this first time, let me get the lights off, just a few minute without the flame and boom!!
You’re locked out!!
Don’t ask me for the keys, the weddings so loud I can’t hear you from inside!!!

You’re Lonely. I don’t mean you’ve got no friends or family. You’re lonely because you’ve got no Christ in your life and neither his spirit. Why don’t you pick up your Bible and feel his presence. There would be a great change, trust me.

There’s probably a thousand reason why we all sin and I could make a long list but it isn’t about the list but the change we can make when we realize our faults and mistakes as Christians. He died for our sins, suffered a shameful death and I bet no one would be willing to do that for anyone. Its going to be a tough choice for our families too but he did do it for our sins. This Sunday, we should acknowledge his death and try to repay him by doing the right thing, let’s take our burden to him at Calvary and give our lives to him. This Easter got to be different because we’re going to be new creatures in the Lord Jesus. So its not all about Christianity but how well we are living our lives as Christ followers. So as we celebrate his resurrection today, I wish everyone a happy Christian life with full hope to see you all on the very last day.



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