You Dont Deserve To Be Successful

“Be a shooting star, brighten every path you travel through and everyone would wish on you”

Annabel Anita.

You Won’t/Shouldn’t Be Successful!

You may be perplexed or confused to why I say this but I’ve got pretty good reasons……
This is a post aimed for self reflection, as you read through to the end, you will understand my perspective.

You Won’t Be Successful If You’re:

Dreamless. At age 18 and you have no idea of what you wanna be in 10 years. Are you serious? I could help you out. You should be a storekeeper!!

Lazy. You’re sulking on that bed and waiting for a Messiah to hop down from the heavens with chips, a bottle of champagne and a thousand dollars for you? You’re gonna be a miserable pauper!

Awfully Mannerless/Attitudeless. The world is moving on a very fast pace and with a terrible attitude, you’ll be left behind. Everyone’s in a hurry and no one’s got the time for a spoilt brat displaying the most horrible attitude. Try that attitude with me and I would whoop your arse with a baseball bat. A job interview with that attitude and you will unemployed for the rest of your life.

Mean. You ignore a couple of kids seeking help with their ball stuck in a tree. Nice!!
Those kids would ignore you if you’re apartment is crumbling to ash. Show concern sometimes, the world isn’t made up of your silly nature.

Always Late. You ought to be at a meeting by 10:00 and you arrive at 10:05. Surprised that everyone upset?
Dude! You just wasted 5 minutes of their time in a choked up, stuffed up world. I could make a simple blog post in 5 minutes so I would be pissed off too if I had to wait for your slow legs.

A Glutton. Who needs an accountant that smears up her whole desk and papers with ketchup? Jeez! No one likes a glutton! Its disgusting if you’re unaware. Last time I checked, only pigs chunk down their food that way and for Gods sake, you’re working in an office and not a sty.

Ordinary. A couple of days ago, I was overwhelmed by the little details I grabbed about sexuality and other related facts and I wouldn’t know if I didn’t care to know.
So here’s my point….
You’re dense as hell and you dont even wanna care you’re dense. Don’t miss out all the good stuffs coz you’re leaving out the experiments for the scientist or the facts for the authors. Do it yourself and you would be a genius. By the way, I didn’t ask you to blow up your apartment with AN( Ammonium Nitrate).

A Parrot. You’re privileged to grab a little detail about something or someone and you can’t let everyone have peace about it. A Talkative doesn’t always end well. They talk with the help of ignorance and make the worst speeches they always regret.
You dont know when you’re spilling it all out?
Unaware you’re talking beyond your limits?
If you can’t learn to talk less, grab your stapler, you should know what to do with it.

Dirty. Like seriously!! I really dislike this neighbor of mine because he has a horrible stench. What does his boss think of him? How has his colleagues at work been copping? Walk into an office smelling that way, forcing everyone to grab a hanky and you would be on the next ride to the zoo.

Proud. What exactly are you proud of? A Lamborghini that can’t fly? A duplex that doesn’t float in the sky or an account balance that hasn’t suffocated the world bank? Shush!!!
Get your little ass and slant shoulders down. We’re all gonna die someday, you should take pride in your destination after life.

You Shouldn’t Be Successful If You’re:

A Criminal. You rob banks, break into happy homes and abuse innocent individuals for your selfish goals. Yet, you sip away your guilt and drown your conscience away with liquor….
I hope you don’t choke on your saliva.

An Evildoer. Repentance is free for all but if you can’t quit your habits, you’re sure going down with all your plans. Wash your hands in blood and Karma would wipe them for ya!

A Bully. You infringe and encroach into people’s rights, you frustrate their efforts and direct their resources to your personal benefit? Its only for a little while though, justice would be served soon.

The entire planet is ironic. What happens when successful people can’t help others to succeed? They don’t become unsuccessful, they become gods worshipped by everyone.
Why should we ever best thoughts that everyone can be successful? I hate to break it to you but there would definitely be a shoemaker or a seamstress who isn’t successful in the midst of doctors and degree holders. We all can’t be successful and that’s the big headline but your attitude towards people and life can determine how far you make it with your dreams and vision.
An athlete who runs in a race cannot win the prize unless he obeys the rules.
The farmer who has done the hard work should have the first share of the harvest so be wise and fair in all your doings. Have a nice day❤🤝🏼


  1. to be successful I believe it is important to set goals, divide them and face them step by step until the final goal is reached, regardless of “where” we are. 🙂

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