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An Interview With Anna

Its finally 3rd April and I want to thank everyone who left a question for this interview and has contributed to the success of my blog. I am really happy to have you all as a great family.

On this note, I would love to call off all questions and appreciate every entry. I would begin with the first question from a very sweet friend.

The First Question From Carla Milho ~ “How Old Are You?”

Answer: I’m really sorry Carla but I think giving off my age would really be a great deal to me now but I can definitely assure you that i’m pretty young. I don’t know how young you think I am but you better figure out I’m way younger than that. Don’t be disappointed. Got any more questions? Thats a benefit because your question wasn’t fully answered.

A Question From Nicole ~ Tell Me Your Perfect Sandwich Recipe. Anything You Want Can Go In It!

Answer: My perfect sandwich recipe Is very disgusting but tastes very different from what it looks like. I love to use sardines,butter or mayonnaise,cabbage,spinach and sometimes nutella. I love to mix up everything in any proportion and gubble it down. Don’t be disgusted. I warned you!! Do you mind sharing your recipe?

A Question From Reindeershermaine ~ What Are Your Biggest Insecurities And Have You Over came them? What Is Your Favorite Food Or Where Is One Interesting Place You’ve Travelled To?

Answer: I would say this question is kinda personal but I would give you an answer. My greatest insecurity is with my relationships. I really tend to always have this bad end with relationships and that kinda makes me isolate myself sometimes. I’m also really insecure about peoples about me . I don’t really care about what they really say about me but I tend to really feel affected when people don’t like me so I decided to hate them or dislike them first. I don’t think I have overcome my insecurities. I still pretty have much problems with friends and to be honest, I don’t really value friendship…..its a long story by the way. My favorite food is beans!! I’m proud to say it. I love beans! You can’t help but love it if you prepare it the way i do over here with all the extra varieties. An interesting place I traveled to was port Harcourt for a competition in Nigeria. Don’t blame me, I don’t really go out that much but it was fun. Do you usually have fun places to go to?

A Question From Greg Nosan~ If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be And Why?

Answer: This is really an interesting question. If I could live anywhere in the world. Where would it be? I would live in the moon!!
Coz its far away from violence or the creeping anger and hatred of the world. Far away from the hurtful betrayal from friends and buddies. Far away from chores and probably my mum’s daily nagging about what I haven’t done or what I did very wrong. So I guess that’s it, I would love to live in the moon. Its so terrible down Here!! Where would you live?

A Question From Potter wand ~ What’s One Food That You Could Eat For The Rest Of Your Life?

Answer: This question is really difficult especially because I am a foodie. I love food, I basically eat every thing out there and love whatever looks like food. I  think its really painful to ever let go of any type of food except those that I’ve allergies for but I have to give you an answer.
I could eat sausage rolls for the rest of my life. Not just any sausage roll but my country’s made sausage roll….what’s the name again? “Gala” Dude!! That thing got me addicted. So I guess you were pretty disappointed with my response but I guess its all about my taste buds. What’s your favorite food?

A Question From Jo ~ What’s Your Fave Movie? Who’s Your Favorite Actor?

Answer: Let’s see Jo, my fave movie…my fave movie….
My fave movie can’t really be a particular movie. Let me start from saying I hate movies and I dislike watching movies. I prefer to read a book than watch a movie. Why?
Because you can always predict the end of these movies or the story line. They all suck and I think watching movies is so lame. But….my answer is….
“Sex Education”….its a series by the way and I find it really amusing and interesting. You shouldn’t watch if you’re below 18 by the way…
My fave actor…….my fave actor….
I think its that guy from Jumanji, that guy made me pee on my pants when I watched that movie. He’s so real and funny and I love his voice. What’s His name again? Kevin Hart…… Do you love to watch movies?

A Question From Eddy..~ Who Or What Motivated You To Start Blogging?

Answer: Well, Eddy. My motivation to become a blogger started years ago. Cheers to the woman I owe this all to……”Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi”.
I read her novel tittles “Americanah”. That book changed my life from that very day. I loved the way ifemelu(the protagonist) expressed her thoughts and made people view the world through her eyes as a blogger. I really wanted to be like her, I wanted to tell everyone about how cruel the world is or the pain of the poor and voiceless. And after I came back home from school, I started my first blog in May, 2020 with the name”Ixplore”. So thats pretty much it, I was motivated by Chimamanda and the plight of the voiceless motivated me.

A Question From Jeff ~ What Inspires And Moved You? What Is Your Personal Vision? How Does Blogging Help You Achieve Your Vision? What Are You Most Excited About This Year? What Do You Look Forward To Each Day? What Is The Thing You Love Most About Life?

Answer: Hey Jeff, I’m inspired by what I read and see everyday. Oh Jeff, this is such a beautiful question. The withering flower inspires me to strive harder, a crying child inspires me to ignore the pain of the world. To be honest,literally everything in life moves me.
My personal vision is to become someone really great. I don’t know how much of that person I have become for now but I know I have dreams to become someone greater in life.
Blogging has literally been the gateway for my personal vision. I’ve always wanted my voice and my thoughts to get out to the world.  Blogging has been a great privilege to become who I want to be in life. My daily interaction with different people has built my confidence in such a way that I myself can’t explain. Should I talk about how my creative thinking and my writing skills has been developed?

Did I mention that I want to be a journalist,a writer and a pharmacist all at the same time? Trust me, blogging has moved me beyond my ordinary dreams.
This year has been a year of mixed feelings but I think I’m excited about ending a phase of my life and beginning another phase of my life. You can guess…..its all about my education. I don’t know what to expect and that’s why I’m so excited and anxious about this year. I’m also pretty scared too about this year.
Each day, I look forward to growing my blog in a bigger way. Each day, I look forward to expecting a phone call from my fairy god mother telling me she would pay up for my blog.

Each day, I look forward to upgrading my blogs’ plan from free to personal or business. Each day, I look forward to having my very own domain name. Each day, I look forward to receiving a huge donation from a friend or a concerned soul. To be honest, each day, I look forward to receiving money to promote my blog. I really love my blog and would literally do anything to save up some money for it.
What I love most about life is the inability to predict life itself. I love the way life throws curves at us and expects us to give up. I love the way everyday is so different and how yesterday can never be today and most of all, I love that life gave me my family.

A Question From Asma Isse ~ May I Know When You Joined WordPress And How Did You Reach Up To This Level, Your Struggles and How You Overcome Them?

Answer: Well, I can’t recall the exact date I joined WordPress but I know its may, 2020. I was blogging with blogspot earlier before using WordPress and I can say I don’t regret that at all.
I owe my success today to all my viewers, followers and friends because they have in one way or the other helped me to grow my blog. I’ve so far reached this level by trying to make my post very detailed and comprehensive. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without my interaction and support to other bloggers. Show more support to others and watch your blog grow.
One of my greatest struggle was trying to balance my posts with my viewers needs and desires. Some months back, my statistics showed I was doing badly, I kept loosing views and likes and I couldn’t make out what I was doing wrong. I overcame my struggle by interacting. Its simple, that’s the key to a happy successful blog. Some of them left key suggestions to me, I realized it wasn’t about how many posts I made everyday but how detailed my contents were. I also realized that isolating myself would get me isolated. So to be frank, everything you love about my blog is genuinely the work of cooperation and interaction.

A Question From Eljin~ Would You Also Write Articles For A Blog That Doesn’t Belong To You?

Answer: Like I said earlier in the comments, this question is pretty tough. Well, I would love to write articles for a blog that isn’t mine but on some certain conditions which are:
1. You must have a developed blogging community
2. You must have more followers than I do.
3. You must have established a friendly environment with your viewers.
4. Your blog must be similar to mine (in terms of niche)
5. You must be ready to promote your blog.
Sometimes, writing for another blog might be disadvantageous but in my opinion, I would definitely write for other blogs because i would really love to get my name out there. What better way to develop myself.

A Question From Kindness Wisdom ~ My Brother Would Love To Know Which Tex You Use?

Answer: If I understand your question, you’re asking if I could tell you what technique I use to be happy?
I just try to do what makes me smile. I play games and spend time blogging or with my family.

A Question From Darellphilip~ A year On From National Lockdown and The Pandemic Which Is Corona Virus- Looking Back On The Past Year, What Lessons Have You Learnt And What Are You Most Grateful For?

Answer: Looking back to the previous year, I guess I’ve learnt lots of lessons. One of them is to always utilize your free time, never give room for laziness and learn to groom your talent. Another lesson is to trust God with all your heart and to be a righteous Christian. Another lesson is to never mess with my hygiene and lastly, to always value and appreciate every opportunity out there because you don’t know when you might be cut out from the world.
I’m most grateful for the opportunity given to me by 2020 to startup this blog. I wouldn’t have done that if there wasn’t such a long break because of the pandemic. I’m most grateful for Anna’s Styles and what I’ve grown to become. I’m also grateful for living a free corona virus life despite my carelessness with the precautions. I guess that’s all to say.

I would really say this interview was interesting and some questions unexpectedly suffocated me back to the past. I’m really grateful for everyone who contributed to the success of this interview. Lots of hugs and kisses.
In conclusion, I would leave you all with these questions, hopefully the comment section would be buzzing. Good luck with the questions:
1. What category of my blog do you love best?
2. What do you think my blog is missing out?
3. On a scale of 1-10, rate my blog posts.
4. Would you love to write for me?
5. Finally, what inspires and motivates you as a blogger?

Have a nice Sunday and Happy Easter!



43 thoughts on “An Interview With Anna

  1. A very interesting idea to live in the moon! If I had to pick anywhere I would probably live somewhere tropical, right on the beach. I love the ocean and hope to one day learn to surf and go scuba diving so living there would make it easier to accomplish!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The idea of living on the beach isn’t quite bad😁😁….
      I have phobia for a large body of water….what’s that phobia called again?😂
      I really appreciate your support to my blog. Lots of hugs and kisses
      See you in the moon someday😂

      Liked by 5 people

  2. Hi Anna
    You write, how could I develop better? Already clear that this is not a question. I think developing yourself means taking risks. I think writing for another blog offers many opportunities to attract new readers from different audiences. When you link your own topic with that of the blog you are currently writing for. This promotes your own creativity immensely. Also expands the scope of your own blog. A little example.

    Let’s say I have a blog that deals with PCs and you have one that deals with healthy eating. In your opinion, would it be possible to write an article for my blog that would be beneficial for both of our blogs? No? Yes? That appeals to both of our followers? Wouldn’t that be a challenge? Something that helps you personally? Many question marks behind my words. Many questions that one could ask but don’t have to. Sorry, I like to question everything and everyone because I am a very curious person. Nothing in life is what it seems to me. So I like to ask. Sometimes I get answers too. Eljin

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Just like I said, writing for some blogs may be advantageous or disadvantageous, it all depends on who and why you are writing. The fact is, Humans aren’t perfect and perfection is simply impossible with man. There may al ways be problems encountered when writing for another blog and the solution to these problems may either be delivered properly or the problems get out of hand. I wouldn’t want to create an atmosphere so uncomfortable for anyone as collaboration needs a great deal of cooperation and understanding.
      I love your curiosity, ignorance can’t be related to a curious individual as they always dig deep into theories and fact. I love your question and if you’re not satisfied with my answer, I could work more for a definite answer you may love. Thanks for your contribution to my blog and your friendly approach. Happy Easter!

      Liked by 5 people

      1. There are no problems for me. There are challenges to be faced. Nor is it important to me that other people should please me. Writing is a difficult thing at times. I write a sentence that 100 people read. How many of them will read from this sentence what I actually wanted to say? Not all 100 guaranteed. People are far too individual in their thoughts and views. That’s exactly why I’m looking for an exchange with them. To find the core of the matter or the common ground in thinking. It’s exciting and very inspiring. Many thanks for your response. She was very insightful to me. Happy Easter. Eljin.

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  3. A beautiful interview, Anna. No, I didn’t know about your aspirations to become a journalist, writer, and pharmacist all at the same time. Awesome! You are already a writer, I’d say, and you are such a strong and wonderful human being, I am positive you will achieve all you set out to. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the interview. ❤❤❤

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Thank you Jeff for being part of this Interview. It wouldn’t be interesting if you didn’t leave a question for me. My personal visions are really so hard to achieve but I hope I can always successful with my decisions.
      You are really a nice person and I’m grateful to have you around❤❤. Happy Easter✝

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That is so kind, Anna. ❤❤ I am likewise grateful for you, my dear friend. Visions are like that, hard. That’s very normal. It’s the actions we take each day to move toward those visions that matter. You will achieve all that you desire. Thank you, Anna. A very Happy Easter to you too. 🌞🌹🙏😊❤

        Liked by 3 people

  4. Hello. I’ve been painting a lot this past week so hadn’t caught up with your post on time. I happen to love sardines on crackers especially with white wine.

    So I think your sandwich recipe works because it mixes a main course, vegetables and dessert.

    I think what’s really important is your drink with all of that. Something light and tangy – cider perhaps? Otherwise you’ll upset your stomach.

    I make this yummy vegetarian burger with a mixture of beans and porcini mushrooms. Rosemary, thyme, turmeric are added. Fresh tomatoes and broccoli sprouts on top, with gluten-free bread which I also make. Rock salt to taste.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I would usually blend my sandwich with chivita( I don’t think you might know this drink) but its tasty.
      Your sandwich recipe is super lovely. I bet I could eat up the whole thing in just two bites😂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. i’d say it everywhere if I have to…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? I love your blogs and your thought of living on the moon is crazy and insane and that makes it spectacular. I also got inspiration from Americanah and I wish to use Chimamanda’s dialect of writing to write my blogs. I’d love to talk to you outside the blogosphere one day🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is a very interesting interview.

    Although writing has been a natural talent for me since I was about seven years old, Chimamanda has also been a very BIG inspiration to me in my teen years.

    I love especially your answers to the questions about your blog, how you started and how you’ve been able to grow it.

    I also love the things that motivate you to keep going. Life makes sure that we can never be certain about anything, and sometimes, that’s frustrating and saddening. Motivation – self-motivation, particularly – is very important in my view.

    Kudos, Adanna! 👍🏾


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