Nothing Comes For Free

Nothing Is Free. YouTube Video

Many people want the good things in life for free.

We want a loving, connected, sexed-up relationship, but without hassles, arguments, and heartache.

We want a high-paid, exciting and fulfilling career, but without tax problems, gossipy colleagues, and fluctuating finances.

We want to be honest and courageous, but without being confronted, rejected or hated.

We love the benefits that come from certain pursuits, goals, values and talents, but we hate to pay for them.

I believe this inability to accept that we must pay for the good things in life – and keep paying – is killing us.

Everywhere I look, people are frustrated and disappointed by unmet expectations. We cry and bitch about life being unfair, we fall apart when there are too many hardships in a row, and we drown in confusion over the delay in gratification for our good deeds.

We’re sitting around waiting for our hand-out and assume that at some point we won’t have to endure pain any more. We feel like we’ve paid enough and it’s time for return on investment.

Nothing Is Free. YouTube Video

I definitely think the best things in life are not free. There are so many examples I can name. For one, every thing you want in life you have to work hard to earn it. Nothing is given to you for free. Everything in life costs you or someone else money, time, or effort.

This includes all the important things in life like air, freedom, life, living, love, children, marriage, jobs, and friendships. However, if we consider the meaning of free;without cost of any kind to anyone at any time–past, present or future, it would be hard to find anything that is free. Every aspect of life carries some sort of commitment.

Freedom is not free. In order for this great country of ours to possess freedom that it offers, countless numbers of commitment to its citizens.

Furthermore, death is not free. Just ask those who pay for the memorials of that dear departed loved one. Pain and grief that caused by separation from those we love causes the emotional cost that is great and sometimes overwhelming for long periods.

Air, even the air we breathe is not free. Just one aspect of it not being free is the many companies and agencies that fight to keep clean air at the forefront of the world’s attention. Much of the cost of living is due to various programs that operate (at least under this appearance) to clean up the air and keep certain harmful elements at acceptable levels.

Love is not free. Free love became a catch phrase during the so-called hippie era of our society, but that was not, and never will be love, it was just plain ole’ lust. Love lasts beyond the space of a few moments of passion because love and includes a commitment. The pleasure of passion was a reward of commitment to love, but in today’s world, we want the pleasure without the commitment. Dangerous foolishness of lust will hurt emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially, for whoever is involved in such actions. Not anyone who thinks love is free has ever counted the cost of commitment.

It seems that every transaction, relational, physical, emotional, spiritual; all of these things comes with some kind of price in the trade off. Even when we are given something we feel a debt of some kind to the giver. Unless we are a sociopath or someone who feels a great sense of entitlement. That person does not feel the debt or the gratitude because they believe everything should come to them without merit.

Everything we do, every interaction we have with each other, everything that we read, see or hear. Everything we feel or taste has a consequence. We make thousands of decisions a day, and each has a consequence. Now please don’t misunderstand. When I say consequence, I’m not necessarily saying that the result is bad, but just that there is always a reaction. In the physical world, I believe that would be Newton’s First Law: Every action has a reaction.

What we say to each other, to our children, or to strangers we interact with may have a profound effect on their lives. Perhaps a kind word at a bad time will help someone make a change in their life. We read something which may open our eyes to other possibilities, or conversely, may remove the wonder of what is around us. We listen to music we like, and we smile. Could that be a consequence of the composer’s action of putting something down on paper? We take our first breath, and as a result, we begin the process of death. We choose our partners, our careers, where we live, what we do for leisure. Each of those has a specific outcome.

Nothing Is Free. YouTube Video


Life lessons are dead expensive. Nothing comes free. While we value time and drop cliches like “Time is money” over and over, it becomes increasingly alarming that indeed yes, nothing is free in life.

However, good for us that we all have great personalities we come across, willing to share their part of life lessons. These could really shape up our/your future when you are better able to relate to it. I would say here that they come free but from a person who paid the price.

We need such people who share their wisdom and help us shape our lives better, everyday.

I’m glad to have a few. What about you?

Nothing Is Free. YouTube Video

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  1. I think part of the problem is people who are now in their 20’s-ish. I could see so many things that set expectations differently in life than in my generation. it was crazy.

    These things seemed so simple, but they turned out to be extremely important. For instance, my kids never had to show their work in math. In school we ALWAYS had to show our work. I think they still need art in school even one day a week. Art teaches so much that you cannot even begin to explain. I am all for saving trees, but my kids never had homework I remember being up many a late night trying to finish my homework. I also remember barely being able to carry all of my books. My kids had no take home books. It is impossible to help them study when I had nothing that I could refresh my memory with.

    If they are going to have electronic material at the beginning of each school year the parents should be given the link to those electronic materials.

    I tried to implement them as a parent however I found even as the main part of a child’s life if the criteria and expectations are not followed in all aspects of life it is difficult to accomplish.

    As a parent I could not believe the difference in my kid’s schooling and mine one generation previous.

    I think as much as the above items don’t seem to have anything to do with thinking things should be handed to you so to speak I think they really matter more than it seems like. I also have only listed a few items.

    Basically I agree, nothing is ever “free”, not even if it seems like it is.

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  2. beautiful post Anna, and full of truth. we need to understand that when we truly commit ourselves to something, the gratification afterwards will be greater. kissing you

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      1. Anita Annabel, I have no problem with the idea of a good or service being provided free of charge on a voluntary basis. However, no person has a right to a taxpayer-funded education beyond K-12.

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      2. Anita Annabel, what is it with people who believe that they are entitled to free stuff on-demand? I have no problem with a good or service being provided for free if done voluntarily, however, no person has any right to free stuff just because the item(s) the person may want is not within their budget.

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      3. I wish I could enlighten you more on the selfishness of people but I myself is very uncertain about the whole issue. What can be done? Its like everyone wants what they didn’t work for and look at what a messed up society we live in because of that….


      4. Anita Annabel, outside of something being given to someone by another person voluntarily, something I have no objection to, what give anybody the right to free stuff on-demand?

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