My Letter To Life



P.m.b 20

11th April, 2021

Dear Life,

How have you been pulling up with the weight of the earth? How often have you smiled lately or made anyone smile. Don’t bother to inquire, I’m not doing great, I’m terribly unfine. And thats why I have written to you today. Is it just me or I think the world is a terrible place and should be a better place if you paid more attention to our welfare. Sometimes, I feel so dejected and helpless, many times, I grumble and complain about certain things and as crazy as it seems, I’m often times disappointed with you. Why are you so careless with such a huge responsibility?

Why have you ruined everything? This wasn’t the initial plan, was it? It wasn’t your plan to keep the poor unhappy and the wealthy too happy. What happened? Why have you neglected the plight of the innocent and recognized the laughter of the guilty. Why do some work hard but earn no return or profit? Why are many fruitless? Have you made it a hobby to make and watch individuals cry? Why are you so unbalanced? You’re heavy on one side and light on the other, sharp at one edge and blunt at the other, hard at one side and soft at the other, sane at one time, insane at another.

You quote justice is the last hope for a common man but you can’t facilitate that for them. Why has the just been tagged unjust despite their good deeds? Why has the unjust become the judge of the just? Aren’t you a crazy unjust thing? The Democratic system begs for your attention but you trample upon their request. The voiceless are finally making speeches but the unfair world has made you hear only echo’s of silence. Why have you given up on us?

Each day you lead the faithful defenders of our countries to war and you return unaccompanied. What have you done with them? Terrorism has it owns mind now and its rapidly growing in Africa and I’m freaking out? Gunshots were barely heard in the 80’s but in my generation, its as frequent as a drumbeat. You must be familiar with the band of terrorists called “Boko Haram” and other groups of terrorists all over the world. As hilarious as they may look, they’re spitefully wicked. You should be impressed and proud of their activities and bloodshed because if you aren’t, you should have done something to stop them? How many more of our cities would be nuked? I’m literally frightened by everything and everyone around me. You were supposed to save us! Why didn’t you?

I should be moving on greatly with my education and academic process but a severe pandemic ruined it all. How on earth would anyone see that coming? The complications at child birth has become more severe and the world is rapidly growing irregularly. Literally everything is cancerous and weirder cases of cancer and other diseases and infections are diagnosed daily. I’m certain those weren’t in existence until recently. Shouldn’t you be responsible for that?

Here in Nigeria, the population is doubling up by each year. The planet is over populated, twice the usual quantity of food supplies are consumed and thrice electricity demand. Hunger, starvation and more death cases are recorded daily and if anyone isn’t concerned about that, I am. Suggestions to let scientists handle our food supplies have been made and that has been the most ridiculous suggestion in the history of suggestions.

Should I tell you about morality? Morality holds no value to anyone anymore. Our mainlands and islands are filled up with offensive people who wouldn’t care if they murdered anyone. More cases of sexual immorality and assaults are being reported, children and babies aren’t left out in these cruel act too. Shouldn’t you provide a remedy to all this? Tolerance and patience has been ignored by majorly everyone. Trust your neighbor to some extent and you would be betrayed like Judas betrayed Jesus. Why are you ruining the world?

I’m completely bewildered and I continuously debate on certain issues like the occurrence of such heartless, violent and strange activities. I wonder if we should be blamed for all this or should you be responsible? I have lots of questions concerning the present time that I would love to ask you but that would mean I have to write for days and weeks.

I really hope you have answers to my questions because I need them. The world needs these answers before our time elapses. To be honest, I’m unaware of your plans to solve this problems and I intend to know. What are you going to do about it? Do we have a role to play in all this? I would love to know because I am desperate for a better world and life. I will be patiently waiting for your reply because I am really disappointed in you. Do something quick, come up with solutions and save the world. Goodbye.

Yours Sincerely,

Annabel Anita



34 thoughts on “My Letter To Life

  1. Life has taught us so many learnings and values which we will understand throughout our life.
    1. Let’s be patient.
    2. Let’s understand the issues, their cause and try to find roots of their existence.
    3. You are talking about your country and your people which means you are a strong woman.
    4. The answers of these questions lies in the way we deal with them. Try to understand them.

    Try to gain as much qualities and abilities as you can… increase your worth and value.

    I appreciate your post and this is post fulfills me and my readers need. Keep up doing good work.👍👍

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    1. These are really good advices for everyone. The entire planet should be upright in their doings and learn to love one another.
      God is the way and I am grateful I am Godly.
      I am glad you have written such a beautiful comment and I hope your readers would learn from these post.
      Good night❤

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  2. Christ said that not many of us will want him in the flesh. We prefer the shadow. ‘Adam and his wife hid themselves.’

    ‘I am the light of the world.. you are the light of the world.. if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you.’

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    1. The spirit and flesh are two opposites. If you please the flesh, you would displease the spirit but we live in the world of flesh. I pray the Holy spirit guides us towards the path of righteousness and peace.

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      1. God stooped to the world of flesh, and redeemed the flesh. Now we can take him in. ‘You must be born again,’ to have relationship with him. Then goodness happens from the inside out.

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      2. Good morning🌞
        Are you born of God? is your heart a home to his Spirit?
        That’s when I began a personal relationship with him.


  3. Nature is
    The Master
    Humans Forget
    The Law Of This


    Is Balance

    Price We Pay
    So Clear To
    See Out of

    Balance All
    Of Us Are Nature
    Yes God In This


    Sin Of



    To “Weigh”

    More Than
    The Rest Of
    Nature Respect
    Balance As FRiEnDS
    With Gravity



    Fall Real
    Law Of

    Of Gravity

    Or Humanity
    Falls Our Descent
    Measured in Weeping

    Teeth As


    Letter To

    Yes Nature
    Now Of Humanity
    Relates Out Of


    You See the
    Biggest Mistake
    Is Making Ignorance God

    As This Is Precisely
    The Veils Human


    On Balance
    Of Nature Inside
    Out Yet You See i



    Singing or

    Do You

    my SmART
    Young FRiEnD
    In Deeper Freer Vision🌊

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  4. Annabel, you are part of the plan! Self awareness, making others aware and then helping those who you believe can make a difference are great strengths that you have. You are insightful and tackle the injustices where you live with what you post (and I am assuming in other forums). Choose the three most important things to you and tackle those initially, it will help create a sense of purpose. I know my situation is very different to yours, but I knew very early on I could make a difference by working and becoming a leader in the public sector ( and eventually in local government). I know I have made a difference, influenced key decisions and even helped communities tackle the pandemic where I am, and I am comfortable with that. You are awesome – stay safe 😊

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    1. “I am part of the plan”….this is really a huge encouragement for me. Life is really getting messier each day and I really hope we can make the world a better place. I hope I get to talk to people like you everyday. Thank you for the lovely comment❤

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