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I Want To Be An Easter Bunny

I Want To Be An Easter Bunny.


I Love Eggs. An average human eats 1 egg in two days but abnormal me consumes 7 eggs in two days. I really hope I don’t start to lay eggs. So, if I could be the easter bunny, I would definitely cook up half the eggs and fry a quarter of them and probably give out a few. Imagine a life where I could eat eggs the whole day…..I definitely wouldn’t miss that opportunity. Don’t think I’m selfish with the eggs, its called an Addiction.

I Need Protein. One basic thing we all know is that eggs donate lots and lots of proteins. A country like mine with all the stress and illnesses hopping around, I definitely need to repair my worn out tissues. I need the eggs more than you do because I am lactose intolerant and I would never ever take milk. I think thats the fastest way to kill me….(I think my enemies just found my weak point….haha😂). So if I can’t take milk, I need more eggs, more and more eggs. Dont think I’m weird coz I don’t take milk, its called an Allergy.

I Need To Save Up Some Money. I know! You think I’m crazy but I love to tell you that I’m perfectly fine. I think its dumb that the easter bunny just drops off eggs at the doorsteps of random people. Most of them don’t even deserve any presents or good gifts, they have been bad, mean people and for me, I would leave an open jar of scorpions on their windows for easter. Don’t judge me, I’m being honest here. Vote for me to be the easter bunny and I would make some money for school and shopping. Think About It! I could sell one egg for $5 and with a thousand eggs sold,I would be on the next flight to Las Vegas. Don’t think I’m greedy, its called Wisdom.

I’ve Got Revenge Plans. How could anyone ever revenge with eggs?….that’s what you’re probably thinking but let me teach you. Try to imagine this cute girl who stole my pencil back in 4th grade, I could either leave a total empty egg or give her a pencil now (who needs a pencil when everyone else gets a huge gift). I dont really think I know the size of the eggs these bunnies share but it should be large enough to have a bucket….someone needs a large bowl of anna’s homemade lemonade😂😂😂. Don’t think I’m wicked, I’m definitely Exaggerating.

I Want To Be A Celebrity. Imagine if the fate of the easter eggs are in my hands and I decide to be selfish with them. I bet half the entire planet would march up to my doorstep(or rather my tunnel….I keep forgetting I would be a bunny) demanding for their easter eggs and probably taking pictures for the papers and social media. If that happens, I could trade one selfie or autograph for an egg…the entire planet would have a pic of me on their phones….thats an accomplishment😂. I would also be everywhere on the Internet, some interesting bloggers like Gottfried would leave a crazy post like “the weird easter bunny who chunked down all our eggs”. Don’t think I’m pathetic, its called a Fantasy.

I guess being an easter bunny could be a awesome experience but Its totally not possible to be one. Maybe if I could grab a genie, I would have my wish come true. So tell me, what would you do if you were to be the easter bunny or if you were privileged to handle all the easter eggs? Leave your comments as usual and I would be delighted to read them. If you haven’t filled in your questions for the interview tomorrow, you can always do that before its too late. Thank you for always reading my blog posts. Click on the link below to leave your questions for the interview. Thank you!

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27 thoughts on “I Want To Be An Easter Bunny

      1. that’s fine Anna .. you don’t have to write out of obligation but you just have to follow the trail of sensations and pleasure 🙂
        my life is still very complex, but I always follow with pleasure the people I care about, like you.😚

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