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A Birthday

You give the sun a reason to shine, Jessica. Birthdays are for special people and you are special. Friends? You can send your best wishes to her here. Just leave a comment!!!

Annabel Anita

What Is A Birthday?(Big Question!!)

For Nigerians, it’s a day you get beaten for been in existence and for your mothers painful delivery. What I don’t seem to understand is the real reason behind the pain…I’m just thinking its a day my secret enemies decide its payback time. My key advice is to never wear white on your special day and if you must, you should have a bucket of bleach at home.

Who Are We Celebrating?

Its this special friend. I wouldn’t call her special but I can’t seem to find more words to describe her….my dictionary is outdated! Heaven knows I desire to beat her to stupor today but I need to get all the way to the other side of Abuja. Why does it hurt to be so broke and wretched? I should consider getting a job!!

What Do You Need To Know About Jessica?

She’s literally the best person in the world. Remember the post I made about friends? Leave her out of that. Like I said, she is special and if I would like to be much more of a Tokosi, I would say she is Salacious!

Her Smile

What’s with men and the smile on her face? She doesn’t even have a dimple…only half by the way and its almost invisible. I’ve got a cheek packed with dimples and no one notices me. Life is really unbalanced! She’s got the best smile ever and she sure knows how to smile. Wanna know what makes me smile? Face Muscles!

Her Eyes

For a human and a real human, she’s got great eyes. The last time I saw eyes that perfect was in a movie and they were mermaids. Shouldn’t that explain why she loves water? I can’t even figure out if its her Iphone that messes with her eyes or they are just naturally perfect. Hey, what do you call it when an apple user looks you in the eye? IContact!!

Her Skin

One thing I’m ridiculously jealous about is her skin. She literally glows in the dark and sparkles in the day. If you doubt me, check out her pictures. I think she has a secret she isn’t telling me. The last time I tried to find out, she mentioned diet. How on earth would I give up groundnut for my skin? I just want a clear skin, full eyebrows and five million dollars, is that too much to ask?

Her Hair

This could be the one thing I’ve got better than her but mine is as hard as a sponge. Everytime, I use different shampoo’s thinking it would fix my problems but it would just made my hair less greasy and my life would still be a mess. Jessica would use clay water and some detergent to wash her hair and it still looks better than yours…haha, don’t think I was going to say mine, I have confidence my hair would experience a last minute miracle. What about yours?

Her Legs

I guess you might be asking why her legs would be up in the list of great things about her but for a girl like me who has legs like a swollen yam,I am allowed to envy her. I wish my purse was as thick as my legs. I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking, Jessica took my legs and gave me hers. Its payback time!!!

She’s A Model Material

I know I shouldn’t be jealous but the oppression is really too much to bear. Cute eyes, pink lips, straight legs, beautiful smile, charming face, bright color, amazing contours and not to mention full eyebrows( I officially declare myself bald)….no wonder I didn’t get any of those, she took all!!! You shouldn’t waste your time in school, you could be a model for Bright.

She’s Caring

I remember you for always been very caring and sweet. You were always the first person I could go to whenever I needed help with something especially in sad times. If you could be so caring to me and we barely knew each other for so long, then that lucky guy is really lucky. Its no surprise you’ve got lots of friends.

She’s Determined

If Jessica wants a burger, she gets a burger and not a sandwich. I don’t know how you get so lucky with things but I know you never settle for less (you won’t mind if I borrow your words, fred, do you?) Keep up with that and the sky would be your starting point.

She’s Encouraging

You were one of the first people I told about my blog and you totally encouraged me with it. Back in school, if I needed morale to commit a crime, I knew where to go to. Don’t feel bad, you’re really a great person.

She’s Engaged

I know…you’re disappointed! Don’t worry, my brother will take better care of her than you will. At least, she gets to stay close to me in a way and I know how much she loves that. So keep your eyes off her, your hands in the air and turn around and keep your feelings to yourself because anything you say will be used against you in Court Of Love.

I could go on and on but for Christ sake, its 2 in the morning. I don’t need an eyebag to join the list of things that are horrifying about me right now. You’re an angel despite you don’t have wings but your good deeds qualifies you for that tittle.

If anyone’s got a different opinion about you, remember my words:”

“Love Yourself For Who You Are. You Wanna Be Yourself? Be it!!! Because If You Do, You’re Going To Be The Most Beautiful Person And Your Smile Will Be Your Asset”

One more thing, you should thank God for his miracle in your life. I’ve been asking him for the same thing but it seems I’m not loud enough or I could be doing it the wrong way. Could you teach me how you got this charm after a horrible look from childhood?😂

In Nigerian terms, its called glow-up. Pardon me but cut soap for me abeg. If you decide to let down any secrets, you know where to find me.

Jessica, What ever you do, remember today has just 24 hours and whatever you do or eat today affects tomorrow especially a running stomach.

Happy Birthday Cinderella❤


60 thoughts on “A Birthday

  1. Happy birthday princess 👑🌹♥️ you really are the real deal wen it comes to perfection 🗝️🖤 I luv u sooo muchhh♥️♥️♥️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m annoyed and very jealous😂😪
      I must also be reminded I am a queen on my birthday 🤝🏼😂
      BTW, she is really perfect 🥺😙
      Thanks for letting her know that💗💗


  2. Happy 🎂Birthday Jessica

    I haven’t read the whole post but I’ll be back. Your presentation and wise thoughts always grab my attention.

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      1. I’m in doubt to choose a niche. Writing poems, articles and a few stories does not make a sense if they are not connected together…not moving in a specific direction.

        It’s good to give yourself space and time to work when you feel the need. You start exploring a completely new and unknown world in the real world. You realise your values and roles. They give you direction to move forward with double energy.

        It matters a lot how we interact with the people around us, giving our best everytime. You are ready for comeback. 😁

        { I found some significant bloggers in India who are passionate about blogging. Blogging is Bussiness (commercial or non-commercial). In the long journey, your passion, love and dedication for your work will be checked continuously.}

        Liked by 1 person

      2. About picking a niche, it takes a lot to do that wisely because the wrong one could kill your creative spirit slowly.

        Blogging is beautiful and takes up alot of time and attention but once you begin and devote yourself to the lovely encouragement of your readers, you will realize how special what you do always is and how much you have done to improve the society.

        I hope to meet bloggers in Nigeria someday but I guess they’re way older than I am but if I fortunately meet them, I would have alot of questions to ask.
        You’re a great blogger, just flow with the inspiration and I would be there to support you💗🌹😏

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No one has ever asked me this question😳🥺..
        When I started blogging, my main purpose was to contribute to the positivity of the world through my words..

        I thought of lifestyle but I was also concerned with my readers who wouldn’t be enjoying or gaining from reading my posts. What about readers interested in sports, music or even makeup?

        My passion was to generally carry anyone along and share my understanding and belief with my readers so I blended everything in.
        So basically, my blog is all about the different niches anyone can think of…it’s my own style and that’s why my blog is called “Anna’s Style” coz its my own style of writing. I’m learning from everyone and trying out everything but my main niche is definitely lifestyle.
        I hope I didn’t bore you out with my blog history😂😂

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      4. Anna’s style – that’s a brilliant and lovely concept. Your foundation is flexible and strong, having a growth approach. 👏🏻👏🏻

        What should be my niche?

        Regarding all important things (basics of blogging), I come to the point that I am much more interested in “solving problems and creation”. It can be a blog post, a poem, a story, a blog series, competitions etc.

        I’m interested to absorb ( learn and understand) the logic and science behind a topic, creating a beautiful art form this knowledge is my passion.

        Yes, I’m interested in publishing articles, designing soulful music, producing videos and movies. Oh common, it’s a big task. Not possible now. I will wait.

        For now, I’m interested in writing
        1. some amazing – entertaining stories and
        2. Some brilliant/meaningful/useful/worthy articles.

        The Gondwanaland is also such an imaginary creation. I always wanted to create my own world. We have studied the geography of the Pangea, Laurentia and the Gondwanaland supercontinent. It’s related to plate tectonic theory.

        You know, Africa, Madagascar, India, Australia, South America and Antarctica we’re parts of the Gondwanaland.

        I’m searching for like-minded people, who have similar dreams like me, to form a team. We can help each other better. My life has a bigger purpose, I want to solve the local problems through International platforms.

        I welcome such emails, programs, people, groups and every true & wise effort.

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      5. Your words are so genuine, filled with hope and faith for a better, brighter tomorrow. Its hard to come across people who are really motivated and inspired by their immediate environment.

        I can’t decide a niche for you but I can guide you to select one. Your desire is to solve problems? This problems must be directed to a particular source, could it be financial or emotional problems? Could it be social or religious problems? All these can be categorized under the daily affairs of a normal life which leads us back to lifestyle.
        Lifestyle blogging is wonderful because it exposes you to the intense cultures of different people and it’s only the writer’s ability to bend the ideas be derives from this cultures that makes his blog unique.
        Unlike every other basic niche, lifestyle has several components which are yet to be discovered or explored by many bloggers.

        I respect the Gondwanaland alot. I am inspired by your imaginations and plan for better days ahead. You’ve created a comfortable atmosphere for people and that’s really a lot. I love the inclusion of Africa because I am a proud African and I would love to share alot about that continent with you.

        I’m still a very young girl, younger than most of my readers expect but I have never been young with the right words and ideas. I would love to share more ideas with you and discuss challenges with the Gondwanaland but often times, I may be distracted by school works.
        There are a lot of people who share the same interest and goals with you, my only prayer is that you find them soon.

        I’m always here if you need a partner❤❤

        The Gondwanaland 🤝🏼👍🏻💪🏼

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  3. Thanks for sharing!!.. a belated Happy Birthday!… hope all your presents, the day and every day were filled with love and happiness!!… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)

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  4. I hope Jessica had a nice birthday.
    What a great friend you are! Your beautiful accolades on Jessica tops any I’ve heard or read. You demonstrate how friends ought to be. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My my, she’s gorgeous! SHE’S YOUR FUTURE SISTER-IN-LAW? 😱 Too late to wish her “Happy birthday”, but I guess I could say, Advanced happy birthday for the many many many more years to come 😁 “I don’t want eyebags to join the list of things that are scary about me.” You’re a mood lol 😄 This was a wholesome post and I’m sure you made Her day!

    Liked by 1 person

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