A Collaboration With DiosRaw On The Sirens Of Material Desires

I would love to introduce someone new to my blog today. A special someone. Often times, we call him DiosRaw because his blog is named that but I love to call him Amber. He is genuinely a very nice person and I encourage you all to visit his blog and follow him up for interesting contents. Trust me when I say he has a lot to offer.

We decided to share ideas and we came up with a poem. I am really proud of us right now. This poem is titled “Sirens Of Material Desires.”

We decided to write a poem on this topic because the world needs to be enlightened that material things or items have no benefit to our soul and often mislead us to do horrible things. The world today is pretty much suffering from the consequences of greed and intense desires for material things which only destroys humanity. I don’t want to spoil the poem so enjoy:

Monetary desire and material assets, the God of this age, blinding the collective dream.

With insatiable desires, they hurt for wealth, hunger beyond mere needs and wants.

Our backwards world, realization will strike home in due course that being so poor all some disoriented souls have is money in the extreme.

As time goes by, we forget to laugh and love,
We only invest in materialistic burdens.

Obsessed with assets and money, the beauty of nature they could never enjoy.

Money is only evil through the lense of your perception, the mechanical machines that filter and print these named things through governmental means link you to the source of the root cause of obsession.

Materialistic and needy, for items to collect and wear.
The price you pay is never worth the way they look, feel or glow.

Soon you will feel hollow, with nobody by your side.
Recognising that you have been filling your life and heart with things as opposed to the soul nutritious divinity.

Attempting to quench spiritual thirst with materialism is like drinking water from a sea. It turns immediate gratification to a life threatening condition.

Your soul is more precious than dismantled diamonds, sirens leering you away, pulling you by the conditioned mind to no man’s land.

Only love prevails forevermore, the ultimate treasure, permeating your existence with resounding Truth.

The End!!

Tell me what you think about our poem. Also do tell me If you would love to collaborate with me on a post too.

Always Remember:

The life that you are living now, is also a dream of millions. So always be satisfied with your life. Be happy in every moment of life.


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53 thoughts on “A Collaboration With DiosRaw On The Sirens Of Material Desires

    1. I say our collaboration was superb 🥳😎…you were a very nice partner and you’re indeed full of ideas(real creative ideas). I would love to create another with you anytime you wish to🤞🏼🤗…thank you🤗❤❤

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  1. Money is the median by which seeds are planted yelding a $high-end$ harvest by which we live
    compising money is medium by which human beings measure love and happiness by;
    Money has million of roads to make Money-
    Money is the Debut;
    Money is the Encore;
    And without Money life loses 98% of its meaning-

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    1. Money is indeed the medium of exchange and the current means to survive in this man made world. But money has nothing but physical values, money can buy some things but not many things. Take for instance, money can buy a bed but not sleep, money can buy a wedding ring but not love. Money has its value but it can’t be compared to other necessary life values such as love, kindness, patients and many more.
      In our generation, the thirst and hunger for money is so much that individuals can kill to acquire wealth. The purpose of this post is to educate and try to teach the world that money and other material things that can be acquired with money shouldn’t be the reason to hurt or kill anyone. In fact, I aim to ensure that everyone who reads this poem understands that being materialistic is a terrible disorder.

      I’m glad you shared your understanding with me. Thank you for commenting❤🤗

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  2. SMiLes Dear Annabel

    Beautiful Poem Sitting

    Here With No Pockets

    At All Viewing All the Colors

    of Green Spring Forever Into Nature

    Through A 24-Inch Window So Much Larger

    Forever Than This 27.1 Inch iMac Phone to

    Deliver These Words Dancing Singing

    Piano Keyboard

    As Such

    To Bring

    The Keys

    to Words

    i Surely



    Is A ‘Bane’

    of Existence When

    Nature is Green With Colors
    of Heaven in Abundance Yet

    True in Desert Life Oil Will Seem
    Worthy As Gold For A Drop of Water to Drink

    Location, Location, Location, You LiVE iN Nigeria

    Your BLeSSinG GReaTesT Perhaps is Not Being Born

    Into A Tower of Gold For the Greatest Garden of

    Eden is When One Looks Within Coming Filled

    With Love The Feeling Pure and Agape

    Never Running Out for the More

    Love We Give The More

    Love We Become

    The More Love

    We Share With Care

    The Wealthiest Capital Comes

    to Pass Temple of God Yes Love Humanity

    Breathing This Air Best We All May Share Now…

    Indeed i Feel Blessed to Have Discarded the God

    Of Money




    Of the Bank

    Where Only the

    Accountant of my

    Wife Must Deal With

    That Devil Now Unless

    She Needs a Bit of Financial

    Expertise from my Life of Before in HeLL ON EartH

    When Giving is So Much Fun It’s Hard to Understand

    Why Some Only Seek to Take And Get So Upset When




    For Love

    Giving the

    God of Money
    Up to BREaTHE AGAiN..:)

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    1. Did I ever mention that I love to read your comment on my post? If I didn’t, I really do love reading your comments❤🤗
      You have penned down an excellent contribution. Thank you❤🤗🌹

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      1. SMiLes Dear Annabel Poetry Beauty

        iN Flow Best Creating New Wisdom Truth

        Kindness in Courage Connecting God As




        This Way

        Now Through

        Poetry Ongoing

        Collaboration Wherever They

        Go MaKinG Every Word Sacred

        Holy Poetry Singing Doing

        Same Now With





        God Free

        With Others

        Caring Connecting

        By Soul This Way Now

        Indeed Beyond All Categories

        Soul How We Paint SPiRiT Wind mY FRiEnD

        For What Never Comes Before Only Birthing






        All ToGeTHeR Best…

        Thank You For MaKinG

        God A Bit Bigger In Connecting

        God Energy Creation Soul Activity Today Now

        Vibrations, Frequencies, Energy RiSinG Synergy LiGHT..:)

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  3. Beautiful collaboration here you both ❤❤❤👏👏👏
    Loved it 🥰🥰🥰
    Also it would be easy for us to check out Diosraw blog, if you can link it here only 😅😅😅😅

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  4. The combination of two powerful writers itself is beyond n priceless. I already know the knowledge of Amber n you dear Anita little power bomb nothing much to say just loves 🤗💖, money is of course an essential thing in todays life for all our basic needs but it’s an eye opener for those who are greedy, many money minded n hungers of money if they take it as positive possibility of change.

    Those who are strongly made up in minds that money is many things n everything, ofcourse no one or no writings can change such mentalities except n until their life teaches some lessons. Thanks.

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