A Blogger’s Nightmare

Tell me one thing that is easy in life. Everything takes up our efforts and require perfection. Blogging is more than just pouring out your thoughts on the internet for a bunch of people to read, like and contribute. I see blogging as an entirely different thing. Blogging is like writing a book, if you don’t come up with fresh ideas, no one would read your book. It’s not the bulk of a book but the content of a book. I could read several pages of a mystery book but not more than five lines of a PDF document on the history of Nigeria. Don’t get me wrong, I’m driving you somewhere.

There are lots of things that attract people to a blog and until you begin to note these things, your blog would be stagnant for a while. And that’s when the blogger’s nightmare comes in…When bloggers write, they expect viewers to view their post but its like the Newtons’s law of gravitation. Two like or similar charges repel each other but opposite or dissimilar charges attract each other. Are you lost? Don’t be. You’re yet to be lost…

What do I mean by Similar Charges Repel Each Other?… Bloggers and other experts are continuously deceiving fresh and new bloggers to dive into a niche that people love. I was once deceived and from making posts out of creativity, I made posts out of desperation. Who would want to read about the sky when he knows the sky is blue and beautiful? Who would love to continuously read blog posts on Wardrobe accessories and a standard make up kit? The truth is that you don’t have to always write about what your viewers want…you need to give them what they need and most importantly, what they do not expect. A predictable blog or blog post is entirely boring and trust me, I wouldn’t bother showing up the next day. Do you know why we all love Banter Republic? He is unpredictable!! A simple blog post could be so dynamic and diverse. His sense of humour with a blend of good skills is a perfect cocktail. His last post on “How to pick a perfect partner” is a good example. Regular bloggers would bore you out with tips and good qualities a person or your partner should possess but Gottfried got the whole post twisted. From the title, you must have predicted something but his post wasn’t the expected post. That’s the kind of blog that moves the mind.

Dissimilar Charges Attract Each Other…Here’s what I mean. If you’re scrolling through the Internet and you’re confronted with several popups. For example, one would be on the “function of the human lips” and another “crazy myths about the epiglottis”….Which are you likely to visit? It’s the Epiglottis for me. Who in the world isn’t aware the lips protects the mouth and serves other boring functions? Indeed, your viewers want more knowledge but don’t feed them with boring knowledge. Give them a chunk full of interesting things they need to know. They are about a thousand blogs that blog on the same niche and probably ten out of each 100 posted that very topic you just drafted. What then makes you unique? Your content! You need to be different, it doesn’t matter if you sound crazy or insane because even out of the greatest disorder comes order. Surprise your viewers each day and give them a new hope for a wonderful post everytime you post. It’s not a good niche that matters but the perfect words. I know two bloggers that write on the same niche and one is pretty miserable and the other isn’t. You wouldn’t tell me it’s the niche, is it? You may post several posts each day but your daily statistics isn’t a match for a blogger who posts once a week. Humans are constantly in search of new ideas so be ready to deliver fresh posts each time.

Have you been through a blog with several followers but little views? Or a blog with several views but little followers? I have studied several blogs and this is my observation:

Content Or Consistency?

Most of these bloggers have failed to produce the quality content. They have selected the niche and media files of the content. But have no idea how to drive audience to their content. Many of them spent several months in writing contents with consistency. Yes! consistency work but quality of content also matters. You should come up with fresh ideas. Provide some authentic contents which conveys your post with clarity. These kind of things will rank your content on the first page of the google.

Be it in a conversational way, or a technical way, you have to write well enough to be understood and hopefully liked by someone other than your best friend, your mother and your great aunt who has always supported you in everything you do because Aunt Bea is a boss ass bitch.

*Note: If you tend to use profanity, be assured that someone is going to complain about it at some point, but all of the other foul mouth heathens of the world will find you refreshing.

After doing a great research, you have to put the effort to give a life to your content. Otherwise quality content can not be written. But before putting those effort you should do some things to get results. You have to read more. You should have to examine other trending blogs and their posts. Check out the sentence making structure of other bloggers. Use of simple language matters a lot. Consider the audience type and then start writing. Don’t write complex sentence for newbies. Otherwise bounce rate will increase. One other thing, go and meet the readers. Check out their level of reading. You can judge their level of reading just by knowing their interests. Don’t go for hard work, try to do smart work. Write with consistency. Because if you do write with consistency, you will definitely learn how you should write. Being consistent is important. You want readers to know that there will be a new post often enough to not be annoying (daily isn’t necessary), but often enough that they don’t think “Why is this person showing up in my inbox?”

Bloggers fail because they’re not producing engaging, outstanding quality content. With so much content being produced, great content is the minimum bet for getting in the game. … As a result, you can provide your audience with information that they wouldn’t be able to access on any other blog. No, blogging isn’t dead in 2021… … and it won’t die for the next decade either. However, the way blog posts are consumed today is wildly different compared to how they were consumed ten years ago. Bloggers have to adapt and create new business models if they want to keep achieving consistent results with their blogs.

Traffic / Audience

One of the most common problem faced by every new bloggers is traffic. I’m addressing this issue because I was severely affected when I started blogging as well. Firstly keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to drive traffic to your content or blog. But their are some stretgies which help you to drive a good traffic to your blog. At the initial stage, you just have to post with consistency. After completing the minimum of 30 quality content, than it’s time to care about traffic. Than you should think that how to boost traffic on your blog? How your content will reach the targeted audience? So don’t worry about that. There is a solution to every problem.

You should write the guest posts on other blogs. Give the links of your blog into those posts. Which can take your user to your own blog. Other free way is to promote on the social media. You can promote in related Facebook groups. You can share your post on Quora. Give the links of your blog in your posts. Don’t forget to share your published content on social media. Social media drives more traffic than direct search. I also have a habit to share my blog post on social media. Social media drives a lot of traffic, even more than direct search.

Engage Or Read Your Posts Alone..

Pride and blogging are completely two opposites. Don’t sit back and expect everyone to rush into your posts immediately you post them. There are some blogs that I constantly show support to and when I say support, I mean a lot of support. Why? Because they are always there to support me as well. Do you know what happens when I notice someone doesn’t appreciate my support, I cut it off. You can’t come and take up space when they are tons of blogs to read. Do you know why Squidward was always so lonely in spongebob? He never cared to appreciate or engage with anyone. Treat other bloggers like they are irrelevant and you would soon see how irrelevant your blog would become. Ignore my comment once, shame on you. Ignore it twice, and you’ll end up being unfollowed. Take time to engage with other bloggers and your viewers because the success of your blog depends on them. There is no blog without viewers… How do I know? I learnt my lessons in a hard way.

Read Often, Write Often…

Yes, as a newbie or regular blogger, you need to read more blog posts and analyze the content structure. Build your vocabulary and develop your thinking capacity. Don’t write often with your undeveloped skills because that would only reduce your viewers. Research always and follow up on new trends in the blogosphere.

I want to show you how my days goes as a blogger and if you’re missing out something, you should grab it now.

  • Task 1: Depending on the time I wake up. The following are on the stack as first things to do.
    1. Wake up and check mails. Note down what’s important and needs attention in the following hours.
    2. Review yesterday’s work and check how that work has performed since the time it was published.
    3. Get ready with the tasks for the day. Prepare whatever needed for the day. Be it quotes and collections of poems.
  • Task 2: Once routine is done, I’m fresh to take up the challenge of doing better than yesterday.
    1. I begin with writing something. Be it a 2 liner. It keeps my mind’s ready to think harder. A day begun with thinking something creative is a day spent appropriately.
    2. I pre-plan my day and prioritise tasks. Based on the priority I begin to complete them.
    3. These tasks include researching for next article, social media interaction, blog post promotions, writing posts on already researched topic, update published posts to latest version, check what other bloggers are doing/posting/serving.
    4. Most of the time is taken by research, next is the promotion/social media interaction and then comes acquisition of new skills. These 3 occupy the whole 12–13 hours of my day.
  • Task 3: After a long day it’s time to wrap things up. Review what’s done today
    1. Verify if all tasks planned for the day are done. If not done, prepare a schedule to finish it the next day.
    2. Plan tasks for the next day.
    3. Prepare follow up list for the next day (if any)
    4. If left with some time, socialize with my friends on social media (mostly I’m not given a chance to to do this) so I post quote for the day on social media. With this I end my day with thinking which began with thinking too.

This is a very long post but I tried to make it as short and comprehensive as possible. Blogging is amazing and only if you learn your ways around the blogosphere, then you would enjoy what you do. If you have more advice to share and if you have more questions, you can leave them in the comment box. If you enjoyed this post, please share or tag me in any of your posts, I will definitely share that post. You will eventually be defined someday by not just what you post but how you survived. What separates good content from great content is the willingness to take risks and push the envelope. If you want to become a good blogger, you must do two things above all; read a lot and write alot. Don’t focus on having a great blog, focus on a blog that is great for your readers. You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say. Does your blog feel small? If you have just one reader and your blog changes their life, your blog is big enough. You don’t have to be big, you have to be remarkable. Content is what people say when you are not in the room. Blogging is not about publishing as much as you can but publishing as smart as you can. If you’re writing a book or managing a blog, keep going, don’t give up. Competition is always irrelevant

When You Brand Yourself Excellently..



126 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Nightmare

      1. You may compile all my quotes in a blog post and I will incorporated your post in one of my manuscripts for a book!

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      2. “Business and taking care of business writer bring readers and fans literary pleasure and bring the author $literary$ treasure.” _-Van Prince


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      1. “A master mind is one who sees order in disorder..
        A master soul grasps understanding from Little words..”

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        Too Dear FRiEnD🎼🙌🌊

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  2. Woah Anna 😳 you nailed it….. every new blogger must must must read this one.,,, these are some practical point instead of generic ones…. kudos to you 👏 I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post
    Also I have same views about people ignoring my comment like yours… I don’t unfollow them but just stop commenting…..
    And also every month end I revisit my following list and unfollow all the person who do not want to engage with my content at all, like if they are in hiatus or something that’s a different thing 🙃 but some people post everyday, comment on others post but doesn’t even view mine.., so call me childish or anything but I will unfollow the person right away 😁😁😁😁

    Liked by 6 people

    1. You’re not childish, it’s the law support😅😅
      Every unsupporter must be unsupported…and you did just that😅😅
      Thanks for the lovely comment on my post❤❤🤗

      Finally written the exam🥳🥳

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  3. Not a single point with which I disagree.
    I feel that the beginning of your blog post decides whether someone will read it or not(most of it).
    If you describe your content similarly to a dictionary then it’s obvious that no one takes an interest.
    I’m lucky enough not to experience that ignorance you’re talking about.
    I don’t mind if someone is engaging or not If their blog is informative.😁
    However, I unfollow those blogs which are inactive for more than 3 months.
    Great post! @Anna.

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  4. My post, “ the 7 positive affirmations to be strong ” is ranking 1st on Google. If you search it on Google.

    In general, it’s showing between 30 to 50 rank. It was my first attempt to rank. I’m enjoying it.

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  5. Anna gosh, everything you have written is absolutely true. Our content needs to be unique! I hate it when people tell me that blogging is dead, oh no it isn’t. Wonderful post, everything’s summarized beautifully!💕

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  6. I love how insightful this blog was; I mean for the longest time for me I would post when I feel like it and months will pass between my posts. The other thing is I rarely found other bloggers on this platform and it’s because I didn’t make effort to either. Just note this blog has made an impact on my blogging interest and I anticipate a change of sort.

    Thank you Anna 😊

    Liked by 8 people

  7. At such young age, you have an amazing insight to blogging. Obviously, it says alot about your blogging experience…much love to you ..
    Wonderfully written and some great piece of advice and information to some upcoming & new bloggers🦋

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I couldn’t have achieved any success without my friends in this blogosphere 🥺🥺
      My blogging experience has been a really smooth ride and I’m happy to be a blogger…💖
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me🤗💖

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I could say he is my role model😏😉
      I simply fell in love with his blog immediately I began to read his post and when I discovered he was a Nigerian too…I fell more in love🤗🤗💖

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Excellent post packed with great advice. I think the most important thing I’ve discovered over the past year is reading the posts created by other bloggers. There is a great community of knowledgeable people in the blogging world. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 4 people

  9. This is a very useful and informative post. You managed to fit in a lot of information into this post and I’m glad that I came across it today. Content is king indeed and if it’s not interesting enough, readers might not return. Great post, Anna

    Liked by 3 people

      1. You should publish an e-book on this. You’re definitely knowledgeable when it comes to this. I’m sure it’ll come as a blessing to many bloggers.
        I know, right! Maybe because many are shifting to youtube, podcasting, audio books and what not. Blogging will never be dead for us, bloggers!

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    1. On your WordPress app, just besides the blog post section, you’ll find your blog pages right there. I don’t really know how to explain it theoretically but you can google it up. Hope I could help🙂🙂


  10. Great post, Anna. You nailed it!😊
    I’m so glad that I came across this. I enjoyed the read, and it was enough motivation for me to keep going.
    Whatever you do, keep writing.
    Thank you for sharing.🤗

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  11. Needed this! I’ve been stuck wondering if I should not be blogging. Maybe it’s not my thing. I’ve been q calling myself out in my head. I hope it’d change. Need this kind of positivity.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. We all get to ask ourselves this questions. Believe me, I was facing the same issues a couple of months back. But do you know what I did? I began to interact and collaborate greatly with other bloggers.
      I’m happy to read your comment💖🤗
      Will pay your blog a visit soon🤞🏼👏🏼

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yess I’ve been trying to interact with bloggers lately. Collaboration is still a far away thing for me😅. There’s a long way to go. As for now, I don’t even consider my writing style as blogging. It seems more of a rant to me. But the change is just around the corner❤

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      2. I highly appreciate your feedback😃 though it’ll take time to shape this skill into more of a presentable form. Lots of reading as well. Again, thank you for taking out time for reading my writing🤗❤

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  12. Surely yes, quality is the utmost priority while writing a blogs. Blogging isn’t just a walk in the park, it is much more than what you think it is.
    Thank-you for pointing all this out,
    Specially for newbies here who are just starting out.

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  13. Love the “I love you 3000” caricature also thanks for the unpredictability tip it gave my mind a quick jog on what I had thought when I wanted to start a blog in the first place.❤🍉

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