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Why Do People Cheat?

Why Do People Cheat? No, seriously, why do people cheat? If you knew you couldn’t keep your manhood to yourself, why the heck did you say “I do”, it wasn’t surely to eat good food only. He who would purposely cheat on his wife would cheat on his God.What a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they are not all the same. A woman who cheats is far more disgusting than a man who cheats. Commitment and faithfulness is an expensive gift, do not expect it from cheap people. If you can’t save the relationship, at least save your pride. A true romantic man is one who romances one woman forever. Don’t promise me the moon or the stars. Just promise you’ll stay under them with me forever. A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. A relationship without trust and commitment is like pushing a door that says PULL…It just won’t work…If you could go back to the day you met a cheating partner, turn around and walk away. Ladies, if your man keeps seeing that lady you asked him never to talk to, use his toothbrush to clean the toilet seat. Win-Win.

You Snore. Here I am wide awake at 2am contemplating sewing your lips up or stuffing a dozen pillows down your throat. How on earth would I get my beauty sleep while you’re snoring like an elephant or better still, a pregnant hippo. Laugh and I would laugh with you but Snore and you’ll sleep alone. Girls fall in love with what they hear and so far, you’ve given me enough reasons to never sleep in the same room with you. There has to be some snoring test everyone has to do before marriage, I wouldn’t want to suffocate my husband in bed. And the most annoying fact is that those who snore, fall asleep first. Sleeping with a man who snores is like sleeping with a chainsaw, 50 bucks if you get any sleep. And if you can deal with snoring as a woman, please indicate in your wedding vows “I vow to love you. Snoring included.”. I never knew snoring had different beats until I met you. And you still have the guts to question why I decided to spend the night in Jacob’s bed. How confident!

The First Step To Success Is To Embrace Failure. A risky thing happens when you’re not prepared for an exam. YOU CHEAT. A funny thing happens when you can’t cheat in an exam. YOU FAIL. Take a look at yourself Madam, yes, take a good look at your life. You’re crying now but two weeks ago, you were in search of your ride or die. Have you found your donkey? Have you ridden him yet? Believe me, the only thing dying here is your career. Physics would have been much easier if a tree had fallen on Newton’s head instead of the apple. The funniest thing that can happen is to discover that you copied someone’s else name in an exam…my dear friend, try to understand that education is not your calling. School for 12 years, college for 4 years. then you work until you die. Great. Life surely cheats us!!

Cheating Your Boss Prolongs Your Life Span. I mean, they alone embezzle all the office funds with all other bastards above them. So that little window you get to save your self some extra change, be sure to shake the office and sweep the account clean. You work 8 hours everyday only to receive chicken change as a salary, who are you? The beast of burden? Don’t let someone who does no work in the office boss you around. And that’s why I would love to be self employed in future. This way, cheating my clients would be a lot easier. No competition!

I Respect Tithe Thieves. Imagine stealing from the offertory box. Don’t you have the fear of God? I am scared of who isn’t scared of stealing from the church. But wait a minute, every tithe collector in most churches own the biggest cars, isn’t that suspicious? Stealing from God is the easiest way to cheat oneself. And that is why I endeavor to pay my offerings neglecting the seducing smell of those mouth watering samosa’s. But for God’s sake…those elders in church should make the temptation less difficult to overcome. Get rid of the Samosa’s or the woman baking them. And to think of it, they’re complaining of a rapid decrease in tithes since May. They should do the maths; and who let that pastry woman in to the church in the first place? Now I can’t even give my tithe in peace.

I Enjoy Cheating Netflix. I do not like to cheat but when it comes to Netflix, that’s a huge exception. Who the hell expects me to subscribe for an app that would still require me to watch the movies with mobile data. And that is why my friends, when I got the hack codes, I made it a point of duty to stop this corruption. Now, everyone in school is using the hacked Netflix and I’m already half way done with sharing the codes with the entire Federal Capital Territory Of Nigeria. I am already proud of myself.

You Can’t Cheat A Soldier. Cheating a soldier only happens when your brain decides to cheat on you. You’ll never recover from the impact. Why do people not see the folly in decisions they make? That man you’re about to cheat has successfully completed about a thousand push-ups under the rain, sun and earthquake alongside being starved for days. To be frank, he has seen hell and back. And you want to cheat him? Just a high five on your face would send you to see your favorite grand parents in a minute. Wait a minute, he’s not done with you yet. Now, will you do those frog jumps well?!!

Cheating An African Mother. I’m an African and the most impossible, risky thing to do after cheating a soldier is to cheat your mother. How did I know? I always learn my things in a very hard way. I remember this one time my mother asked me to never add sugar to my tea once she has already added. This particular morning, the tea tasted like a blend of bitter leaf and some other herbs so I decided to add some sugar. Low and behold, this woman appeared some minutes later and on discovering I was enjoying the tea( or rather herbs) she had prepared, she questioned the contents. I was quick to deny and maintained my lie until I heard her words “This sugar was exactly 1,235,670 crystals this morning. I am going to have to count it again to confirm because I only took out 2 crystals for your tea. It should be 1,235,668 if you didn’t take out of it.” On hearing her words, my tea crystallized. To cut the long story short, I haven’t taken tea again since 2007. I have twelve more years before I am unbanned. God knows how tea tastes like because I can’t recollect the taste.

Like Everything, Cheating Requires Talent. And like most basic things, we need it to survive in this world. Yes, people believe cheating is wrong but on the good side, I’m watching free Netflix. So you can’t convince me on that one. Do you know staying up to chat with the love of your life or reading late at night means cheating nature? You basically don’t know this because you’re too busy smiling than using your brain. Just calm down, this heartbreak would get to everybody one at a time. And if you believe you can’t or shouldn’t cheat anyone, then

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94 thoughts on “Why Do People Cheat?

  1. 😅😅😅😅😅😅 Ah, I enjoyed this. You should have known better than cheating your African mother. She would know, and she wouldn’t forget it in the next 20 years.😅😅

    On the side, do you happen to have those Netflix cheat codes?😁😉

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      1. Yeah, 12 years would be over in a breeze 😅
        I know, nothing comes for free with you.😅 Which is why I’m about to go offline and run away.🏃😁


  2. OMG this is such an amazing blog, I literally enjoy reading.
    Your mother really counts the sugar crystal 😅
    So you don’t drink tea, 🤔 then are you a coffee drinker?
    BTW sending virtual hug to you too 🤗🤗

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      1. Yes my dear..! I’m so lucky to know you..! You are such a kind hearted person..! I have read many of your post..! It’s really marvelous..! I loved you blog..! Your blog became one of my favourite blog..! You are a fantastic blogger..!🤗🤗💖💖

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It gives me immense joy to read your comment🥺🥺
        I really need it now especially after crying over a movie🥺🥺
        I know it’s ridiculous but it’s one movie everyone needs to watch🙏

        Thank you for cheering me up and I promise to visit your blog too.💙

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  3. HAha Amazingly So Deep

    Still Only Reaching 18

    Annabel So Honest

    To A Fault



    to Admit

    DarK Meets LiGHT

    OMG i Steal So Many Free
    Things From the World i Cheat
    Walmart Blind With Free Fountain
    Water (at Least When it was available
    before the Pandemic, Hehe) While Dancing

    Just Earning SMiLes From the Audience Buying
    At Hand Not A Dam Thing i Purchase i use the Free
    Air-Conditioning Walmart And All the Other Stores Provide

    to Cool


    of My
    Dancing Feet
    in Balance And It’s

    A Great Thing my Wife
    isn’t Jealous as The Rewards
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    Some Days As Well in Grinding Gifts
    of Dance So Unexpected at My Dinosaur
    Age Before Covid-19 Shut the Dance Hall Down

    Of Course She Remains the Fairest of them all
    at 51 Standing Before A Mirror That Dare Not Diss
    Her Beauty Still i suppose Otherwise A Stray Hip
    Now and then Coming ‘That Close to me’ might


    Her too

    Like it

    surely might

    Do With Most
    Women Not as


    Fairy Tale Real as My Wife Haha…

    True i Never Asked a Single Woman to
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    Yes Standing On A Beach That Day Then One With Emerald Green Gulf Waves Swaying Sea Oats

    Sugar White Sands Became my Feet And Spiraling Sun Sea Gull Wings are Still My Arms in FLiGHT

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    More than

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    And Even though i Dance Free
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    Yes i Cheat Hard Getting Stuff Free And Yes i Give Free Allowing Everyone to Cheat off me too… hAha..;)

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    1. It’s a new month today and I have to finally get myself to read your poem…I know I promised to read but the urge is too great now to ignore😌😌
      You give back to the world and that’s what matters👏👏
      You don’t cheat anyone, you’re only living life as God has written for you🙏🙏
      As a new month gift, I would pray for you today🤗🤗❤😇
      A deep prayer for more smiles and more happiness and a strong feet to dance more
      You’re an inspiration to many and you deserve to cheat a little 🤣😅

      Happy New Month🥳🥳🤗❤

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      1. SMiLes Dear Annabel
        Receiving my Third Crown
        in A Year today Yet Hehe only

        A Temporary Crown for A Bi-

        Cuspid Tooth Chipped Eating

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        HAha Returning

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        Brand New Lunar Blue Shutters
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        Get Drilled By the Dentist my Next
        Door Neighbor Was Drilling into the
        Mortar And Concrete Yet You See She

        Used to Be A Jet Mechanic And all of those
        Hands on things come so easy to her meanwhile

        i am just Good For A Dance And Song With SMiLes…

        You Are Very Kind to Deliver Prayers for A New Month for
        me Same to You As Well Dear Very Studious And Poetic Writing

        FRiEnD Finishing up another 54,245 Word Blog Poem Celebrating
        All those 15,000 Miles oF Public Dancing now 15,066 in 94 Months All that
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        And Spell
        Check what
        i Do now that
        doesn’t come before

        With More SMiLes True

        We aRe All Living Trees

        True We aRe All Mustard

        Seeds Becoming Newer Trees
        Than Every Before my FRiEnD For Real…

        Keep Growing Dear Never Let Anyone Trim Your Top..:)


  4. I feel like I have just received some advice from a drill sergeant, which we all need sometimes 😂🤣😂 Some very good insights and commentary. I have paid for my WordPress recently. I also don’t mind paying a subscription to Netflix, but I understand where you are coming from. As for my mum, despite being strict on some things, she has always been very supportive and open minded. The only thing I can recall where I really upset her was at the age of 10 cutting up her foam wig stand 😜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😅😅A drill sergeant? …How very reassuring😅😅
      It’s good to hear you have paid for your WordPress plan, it kinda sucks to not have the money to do that😭😭
      How could you think of cutting her foam wig stand?🤣
      Like seriously, off all things?🤣🤣

      Your comment made me laugh uncontrollably😇😇
      You’re a good one🤗❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. With the wig stand, I can recall I needed the foam to make something, but not entirely sure what that was now. It may have been a replacement part for a large foam aeroplane that I had 😂 I was rather inventive at that age. I’m glad you had a good laugh 🤣


  5. “Use his toothbrush to clean the toilet.” You sound like you’d actually do it. I’d never even question you in that lol.
    The African mother part killed me 🤣
    “When you’re texting the love of your life at night, you’re cheating nature.”
    This post was so hilarious! (As always) 😆😆 I admire your wisdom so much.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Trust me when I say my words may be my thoughts but I may or may not be able to do them🤣🤣
      There is a MAY there though😅…so the tooth brush thing can still be a possibility😆😆

      If you need a good trip to remember, visit my mother😎😎…she would teach you lessons you wouldn’t learn in a lifetime(no wonder I’m this wise😅😅🤣)

      Thank you for reading and Happy blessed month💙💙

      Liked by 2 people

  6. “Don’t promise me the moon or the stars. Just promise you’ll stay under them with me forever” what a beautiful line ….❤❤❤
    And African mothers and Asian mothers are so similar, like they have a count of your each breath, what sugar is in front of that…. 😅😅😅
    Heared you are cheating on Netflix??!! 🙄🙄😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. African mothers are far worse than you can imagine🤣😅
      I have experience😅😅

      Netflix deserves what they’re getting😅😅…they cheat, I cheat them back👏👏
      Happy new month Vaniheart❤💙

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Joyful read Anita, your profound little talent is priceless. Cheating Netflix to enjoy the entertainment 🙄 and Mom counting Sugar is a sweet cheat of you LOL. Beautiful write up.


  8. Ahaha, I don’t remember many of your posts being as witty as this one, but I’m all for it! Was definitely an enjoyable read.

    I pretty much agree with all your points on cheating. Though, I do think it doesn’t really matter which gender cheats on which. Both are terrible, and I don’t see a reason why one is worse than the other, but you could try convince me otherwise 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, lets give convincing a good try 😅😅

      Women are specially created to love their families with so much passion. Men too. But it’s greater for a woman. So when a woman cheats, it’s a clear impression she regards her family valueless..
      In my opinion, that’s the way I see it🙄
      But you’re free to oppose👏👏
      We learn every day👏👏
      And I apologize for the late response🙏💙

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No no, don’t apologise for anything at all. We all have our own lives to take care of🤷🏻‍♂️

        Ahh, I see what you mean now. I’m aware girls can usually be raised with a huge emphasis on family and community, now I understand where you’re coming from.

        It’s true we learn new things every day. I’m glad we do tbh haha. I loved this style of post btw, I’m a huge sucker for wit and jokes, and this one was packed with loads


  9. I agree with all your points on cheating anna. But I will have to say that mom counting the sugar was the most funny one and I just kept on laughing while I read that. keep on posting your entertaining blogs anna

    Liked by 2 people

  10. When Mom is in another room and a student is attending his/her online classes, he/she quietly opens wordpress and chats with other bloggers
    this is a cheating as well, just tried to give an example

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