Our Enemies

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Happy miss Mary left home for an interview but never returned. She was killed brutally and butchered like an animal. Her killer was a complete stranger who wouldn’t even know her name, then why did he kill her?

She didn’t owe him some money, did she? She didn’t fire him or cause him pain. They barely had any contact except at the point of her death but the enmity was already established. This sort of things compel me to question humanity and the impact of their actions every day .

Five years old me would call anyone who took away my snacks or dolls my enemy, seven years old me believed my dad was my enemy because he drove me to school always, 10 years old me would call the Mean Girls in my school my enemies and at sixteen, I can describe my enemy as anyone who would oppose my opinion and try to change me from who I am and I guess that would be your definition of an enemy too.

To you, anyone who would oppose your life decisions, cause you immense pain and wish you ill is an enemy but the truth is; our real enemy is anyone who is an enemy to your neighbor, family, friends, community and country. The world doesn’t revolve around just your ideas or belief and the first step in being an enemy to yourself and the world is believing it does. Your selfish attitude would do nothing but create enmity with you and your immediate environment. Let’s face the hard truth, a person doesn’t wake up with decisions to become a suicide bomber or terrorists. That person is an individual who believes the world should revolve around his ideas, disbelief or pain and selfishly decides he is all that matters thus creating a Chaotic environment fueled with hatred for anyone who he deems unworthy to be happy.

What do you think? Your neighbor who doesn’t utter a word to you is your enemy? Let’s talk about the real enemies to your daughters, sons and families. Rapists are increasing daily with the urge to suffocate sexual contentment. Each day, victims are speaking up and sharing their stories about these wicked people but each day I move around in the street, all I see is a society who seemed like they couldn’t hurt a fly. The point is that cruelty isn’t imprinted on anyone’s forehead and the sooner you quit hating on your neighbor or friend for a minor issue and understand this, the better and closer chance you have at guiding your life.

Aren’t mosquito’s demons? Yeah, I know you basically believe they are irrelevant. Well, in Africa, its one of the most dangerous vector of a disease and I bet you’ve come across the word “Malaria”. In your sweet mosquito free country, you think these tiny insects shouldn’t matter and you’re like “Hey, malaria is for Africans, they should deal with it.” Well, thousands of people die each year because of this “irrelevant” malaria. What happens when you have a job interview or conference in Africa, do you think these mosquito’s would fly away to the mountains coz you’re coming? What happens when your kids take a trip to Nigeria Or South Africa, do you think these insects would take a trip to California too? Believe me, what doesn’t affect you affects others greatly and the world is a small circle, it would eventually be your turn someday.

Everyday, humans are turning against themselves, hunting themselves and spilling blood is as easy as spilling lemonade. People marching around on dead bodies, smiling with crooked thoughts that they own humanity and should give life to only those who deserve it. What are our leaders doing about that? I’ll tell you…. They are dining with corruption.
Isn’t It ridiculous that the president of a country funds all terrorists in the country for his selfish desires? I don’t want to discuss this before I’m on the next ride to Aso rock to have my head cut off. Nigeria is a joke but I’m not laughing anymore. I write toady because I’m tired of everything.

Have you considered the greatest enemy of mankind? Time!!.
Time is always against us. You can feel it but you can’t explain it because time is life not an object or thing to think about. Time opposes our actions, decisions, plans and events. It causes chaos without actually being physical or present and most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.
Consider all the time you spend trying to come up with possible reasons to have an argument with your husband would be invested in your kids. Haven’t you done something better with your time? Time always messes with us. You say horrible things to someone and by the time you realize you need to apologize, its already to late. Why are we always late to do the right thing?

Our enemies aren’t who we believe they are. We spend so much time trying to notice the fault in someone without checking up on ourselves first. Its not illogical to believe that our enemies must be people we know. Mary never knew her murderer but she was killed. Maybe, if anyone had been nicer to him that morning, he would have changed his mind. Maybe, if Mary had been so early for her interview, she wouldn’t be his victim. Maybe, if our leaders were serious with leadership, he wouldn’t be a murderer.
Our real enemies are in fact the most irrelevant things around us. Things we don’t value or seem to notice and that’s why when they hit us, we can’t even realize they did until its too late. You mustn’t want to kill anyone before you’re tagged an enemy, your little actions or lifestyle could make you the biggest threat to humanity.
Pick your nose and eat it? You’re enemy to your hygiene. Dispose your garbage improperly and you’re an enemy to the environment. Ignore your kids and you’re an enemy to parenthood because sooner or later, your actions would hurt someone else.

Live life, smile and love everyone because you may not realize you are enemy until much harm is done.


45 thoughts on “Our Enemies

  1. 🤔 Nice and true. I agree that most of us are unconsciously an enemy to either ourselves or others or environment. Lord help us all to be and do better.
    Thanks for visiting my site. 🥰

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  2. glad you got it back up Ana. It’s lovely. We are our worse enemies. Time to slow down and notice and appreciate that and others.
    Good to see you.. we lost touch… almost to 100.. whoo whoo!!!
    stop in to visit💖

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    1. Aren’t we all pathetic and cruel to each other?🥺😐😐
      Sometimes, this days I’m filled with so much questions and grief that I begin to write😣😣
      I’m glad people still learn alot from my ramblings😂
      You’re right, we definitely lost touch🙃🙃.
      I’m zooming off now to visit your blog😂😂
      Its lovely to always read your comments🌹💗

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      1. to ourselves first and then to others. starting a birth is where we need to begin again,
        You have a lot to say and it’s good to see your growth. I know we did right 💖🤣🤗
        Were back. I’ll meet you there💖

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  3. Human mind is extremely unpredictable. Humans are not born as a philanthropist or a terrorist. It’s their experiences and beliefs that make them that way. And we might seem like we have a lot of time but it’s just an illusion. Great post, Anna.


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