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Colorized Discrimination


AT A TIME LIKE THIS, the safety of one man lies in the authentic words of another. But when these words begin to destroy rather than save, and kill the soul as opposed to healing it, our safety could only become a mere illusion.  In a world where the simple is made complex and the complex  becomes simplified, a factor as mere as a person’s skin colour is bound to pose either as his greatest regrets, or a reason to testify. Our ability,  therefore, to embrace the simple and discard the complex, is in fact, our only saving grace. “WHAT IS THE SIMPLE?”. We must understand that colour is not a distinguishing factor, but a unique quality. Embracing our humanity, irrespective of our varying skin colours, is the simple. Finding a home in the heart of another, irrespective of his race, is the simple. Giving reverence to every life, and standing up for whatever is right, is the simple. Understanding all these, is in fact, the greatest step towards the establishment of social justice. The prevailance of justice holds on to the opinion of the authorities, and clings rather firmly to the unique voice of the masses. The simplification of the complex is our ability to place our gaze on that which is the surface, shutting off our minds on the beauty within. The fight towards social and racial justice begins with the mere decision to connect our hearts and souls to the world, gracefully permitting the failure of one become our failure, and the success of a person become ours too. Looking deeper into social injustice, we find deeply planted in the roots of the world, the sour seed of gender inequality, where the the gender of a person becomes a risk factor and or a death mark. The eradication of this vice, has rather sadly, been saddled on the shoulders of those who care to fight for the rights of their gender, whether male or female. Our ability to connect as one unit, realising that we are all humans, and understanding that the pain of one man, in more ways than we can imagine, is our pain too, is the first step towards our journey of a thousand miles. No matter how long it takes, no matter the hurdles we encounter, that one step would in fact lead us to where we should be. Where we NEED to be, that is, a world where social justice becomes the order of the day, and racial justice becomes the air we breathe.


In Memory Of George Floyd….As Justice Has Been Served…

Written by Ahunna Theresa.

26 thoughts on “Colorized Discrimination”

  1. When Phrases Like Social Justice Become
    Pejoratives There’s Obviously Jealousy

    That Humanity is Marching Toward

    Equality of Value of Each

    Human Soul

    Of Label And

    Rights To Self
    Invent Authentically
    As Human As Well

    Annabel… The World Is Changing

    There Are more Closed Minded And
    Conservative Folks By Very Biological
    Humanity and more Open Minded And
    Liberal Folks By Human Nature True too…

    It’s Harder For Closed Minded Folks To Accept
    New Ideas And New Variations of Humankind True

    For Them Social Justice May Mean Keeping All the
    Same Not Allowing Different of Humanity to Travel Free

    With Them in this World We Give Share Care Best Tolerating

    And Accepting Differences of Each Other Best Yet Again Sadly

    It is More Often Their More Closed Minded Nature to Discriminate

    Against What They View As Change In Life

    Social Justice As



    A Synonym

    In Fear of Change
    And Differences in
    Humanity True Now too…

    Anyway We Create Laws to Make
    A More Perfect Union in the United States

    For Human Left to Their Own Natural Devices

    In Big Heterogenous Populations Will Naturally

    Come to Strife For The Haves And The Have Nots

    Of Open Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart, of Souls Deeper
    And Shallower my FRiEnD How Free Spiriting Folks Wing Up!…


    Social Justice

    Of Love For

    All Human
    Variances Still To Come…
    Humans Are Far Beyond Balance
    With the Rest of Nature The Karma

    of That Negative Change is the Karma
    Of What We Are Naturally Doing to Ourselves

    As So Much Wrath is Ours to Sow and Reap in
    Karma of What We Do or Do Not Do Now For Balance…

    Basically Population Stresses Lead to Whatever Change that Comes For Balance
    Other than That Hope You Are Enjoying School Productively in Success Dear FRiEnD With SMiLes…

    i Am One of ‘Those

    People’ Who See

    Other Humans

    As Wind of Spirit…

    i See the Within Part First
    Rest oF it Just Icing on the Human Cake

    Coming in All Colors And Different Flavors of Course..:)

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    1. Your idea of Icing on cake as a perfect description or illustration is amazing. It’s exactly like icing on cake, it comes in different colours but it’s all the same baked flour stuff.
      Good morning 💞🤗

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      1. SMiLes Like Carl Sagan
        Said “We are Made of
        Star Stuff” Annabel

        All The Atoms And
        Sub particles Of

        Our Existence

        Arise From

        Multiple Super
        Nova Explosions

        An Atom In Our
        Right Arm May
        Come From A Different



        Our Left Arm
        If Just 1 out of A
        Billion Parts of Matter
        Less than Antimatter

        At the
        Of This UNiVeRSE

        None of


        As We Know It
        Is Ain’t Creation
        Grand Stars Creating

        Poetry Now Sending it
        At The Speed oF LiGHT

        A 61 Year-Old White
        Dude in Florida


        The Soul of
        A Graduating
        Nigerian Super
        Intelligent Young


        At The
        Speed oF LiGHT

        On Saturday Morning

        It’s All A Tasty Cake
        Miracle Just Spreading
        Icing Around A Globe


        Day in

        The Life

        We Children of
        The Stars NoW
        You Are Inside my

        Hehe Enjoy
        A Touch of



        Sail On…

        Never Alone🌟🌈😊

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  2. Such a devastating issue this is….. like how people can be so insensitive to others just because their skin color is different!!!??.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️God the world is so messed up

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    1. The world has more people with closed minds than those with open minds. People think with such a skewed perspective and it’s so unfair and disturbing.
      Well, justice would often be served to the wrong doers…thats my greatest joy.
      Good morning 💞🤗

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  3. This is such a disturbing truth! How can the color decide ability and status! Those humans are so sick godd! If all start to look same then where’s the point of individuality I don’t get it!

    You addressed it beautifully! Great post🖤

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    1. Trying to comprehend his coldness and cruelty makes me sick too🤢😖😖
      They legit can’t put together a good sculpture, why then judge people because of their skin color.

      I’m proudly black. Forever!

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  4. Every discrimination is a part of socialism discovered by some powerful(pathetic) people to run the society according to them.

    Messed up thing is that people too fall prey to this whole bad thing.

    Hope racism & discrimination gets vanishes from the world’s dictionary one day.
    Thanks for bringing this up.

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  5. This is such an honest and brutally true post… I can’t believe that in the world of technology, we (society) are still oppressing people because of something that can’t be changed, Colour! I will never understand the basis of this discrimination.. thank you for this post!

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  6. Extremely well said Anna!
    I’m optimistic that the positive voices will always drown out the bad, but it’s absolutely right to cut down on the bad and negative as well. I believe justice always finds a way to rear its head

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  7. The world is already such a horrendous place…why do we need to make it worse by being hard on each other?? That too on the basis of something like skin colour!! Just appalling…very powerful words there Anna…I can only hope we will be able to move past this someday and look out for one another 😔😔

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