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Last Days At Fedacad High School.

Hi Everyone,

Its approximately 11 weeks left for me to leave high school..such a relief!!  I hate education. The whole concept of sitting for hours and stressing your brain for nothing useful is exhausting and ridiculous. And in a country like mine, its really of no use to be an educated citizen because there is 99.9% chance that you’ll still be unemployed even if you study employment in school.

So, I’ve got lots of exams but I’m doing wonderful with them already. The practicals I have taken were terrific and I’m confident with my brain this time. That barely happens though.

Why the ridiculous tittle?

I love to protect my memories. In such a way that It would always be possible to recollect them anytime. I know school sucks but the memories you make in school with friends are incredible. Each time I reflect on some specific activities with my friends, I always burst out laughing. So I decided to share my last memories in school with you. That’s my perfect reason for the tittle.

What would you learn in each post?

My playlist for that day.

My activities each day.

Goals accomplished each day.

Friends and special activities with them.

And so much more… You can suggest any other interesting thing I can write about.

I promise it would be interesting, it’s gonna be like reading a diary of a crazy teen despite I’m already halfway mad though. Till we meet again, smile because you are stronger than you were yesterday!!

52 thoughts on “Last Days At Fedacad High School.”

  1. Ah, you’re finally about to reach that stage🙂
    Trust me when I just left high school 2 months ago, that it’s gonna hit pretty hard once you finally come home after the last day. For me I just felt empty, so really do make sure you enjoy yourself for these 11 weeks, and make as many memories as you can👍🏼

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    1. I’m really scared of going through the same😩😩
      I would really miss out a lot…i can’t imagine not seeing any of my friends forever, it’s terrible 😓
      I hope I make as much good memories as I can before leaving🥺🥺
      Anyway, happy graduation🤝🥳

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  2. I do remember feeling and thinking this way 😊 Life is always what you make of it. The great thing about education is this: it can help you keep an open mind, if you let it. Without an open mind we rot and whither away and society will not progress or improve.

    I wasn’t a great fan of high school, but I met my life long friends there. I was a terrible undergraduate (but again met more lifelong friends), then spent two years unemployed during bad economic times. I eventually got a job, finally put my education to good use with my fourth job, and several jobs further on, I became a post graduate where I excelled (totally unexpected), and then ended up as a CEO where it matters most – helping people and communities. These days I have my own business as a consultant and trainer.

    I remember being as thoughtful as you at your age. Did I have a plan at the start of my post high school journey? No. But, I did eventually – and it paid off. I can’t help but feel there are great things in the years ahead for you. Embrace the next 11 weeks 😊😉

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    1. Wow!!
      Your experience in school was exciting and mine too.
      I really dislike education because of the system here, it’s so sickening. I am really studying hard to further my education in Canada or California and that takes up more commitment and concentration😢.

      I have a lot of plans for myself, I think I thought about them before high school but I’m really confused now. I’m beginning to develop a huge passion for psychology but my preplanned ambition was pharmacy.
      These 11 weeks is a lot for me, so many decisions to make and I have my parents awaiting my grand result. I hope I can make them extremely proud. I’m happy you could share your experience with me. Maybe someday, I would share mine with you or someone else.
      Good morning 💞💞

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      1. I wish you well regarding your plans for Canada or California. That is an awesome goal to have!
        When we were in our last three years of school here, we had to choose four fields of endeavour – in otherwords pick which universities or other tertiary institutions to get into. So my plan was archaeology followed by history, then being a chef and I can’t remember what my fourth choice was. But I kept changing my mind too. Anyway, I managed to get my first pick. However, that is not what I ended up doing as a profession. It took me nearly 20 years to figure that out 😂 The secret is – always do something that will help you develop and keep an open mind 😊


      1. Thank you so much🙏🙏
        We’re indeed facing critical challenges of insecurity especially students. We’re being kidnapped from schools and the whole country is totally spooked.

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  3. SMiLes Dear Annabel Where i am From
    The American Indians Never Say Bye
    Only See Ya Later

    my FRiEnD Hehe

    Oh Goodness School

    Still Remembers Like

    Yesterday So Many

    Decades Before

    And i Will tell

    You This for

    Sure i miss Neither
    Work or School As Being
    Free is totally my Cup of Water
    As Tea Will Wind me Up too Much
    With Caffeine And Shoot Me Way Past
    The Stars And With Coffee i Might Not Even Return …

    Other Than That Congratulations For Graduating Soon…

    And True My Schooling Had Little to Do With the Work i Did in Life..


    It Has

    More to
    Do About

    Just Playing Now..:)

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      1. Ah Yes Education Prepares
        me Greater to Play Work
        Eventually Provides An


        Same And
        Hehe Unlike
        Childhood the

        Play is Continually
        More Complex As
        There is Always A


        Past 9 Dimensional
        Chess to Play only



        Success of
        Play Dear Annabel

        ALWaYS With SMiLes
        Dancing A Tightrope


        mY FRiEnD🌈🎼🎶☺️


      1. 😄
        We have total 5 subject in one course that are accounts, business studies and economics as I told you earlier and other 2 subjects are English and Hindi( our mother tongue )
        Hey by the way what is your age?

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      2. Wow. Such an enjoyable study😢👏
        Over here, we have a total of eleven subjects for each course. I cant bear it😅😅
        I’m so sorry, I like to keep my age confidential but I’m a young teen….thats all I can tell🙏🙏


  4. I’m a Nigerian as well, Anita. And I pretty well can relate with your view on unemployment after school. I still feel nostalgic about high school, even after having graduated five months back. Those times spent with high school friend are just too precious.🤗😊
    Wish you the best with your final exams.
    Will be expecting more posts from you.
    Have a nice day.💞

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    1. Woah!
      I love to communicate with Nigerians a lot and where have you been hiding?😅😅

      Happy Graduation and I wouldn’t miss out any of your posts if I have the time to read them. 🤗💞💞💞

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  5. Trust me, you’re lucky you get to have a last day. I am in grade 12 and went to school for the last time in March this year, not knowing that it was the last time I’d go. Lockdown was announced again and we had no farewell, nothing! Many of my friends didn’t even come that day and even if they had, we wouldn’t have known that we’d never meet again. I miss school terribly and feel pathetic that we could not actually experience the “last year” to its fullest. Aren’t you 16? How are you out of high school already? Also, is it online or offline for you? Works differently in different countries right now. I’d love it if you write a post about how the education system works in your country. At your age, we’re in the 11th grade in my country (2nd last year). I wish you all the very best!

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    1. Gosh….I still find it very hard to believe that the pandemic is so serious over there.
      Here, we are experiencing the last days with fun despite the insurgency and violence in Nigeria.
      I’m really sorry about the way high school ended for you, I would really cry if I actually experienced that too.
      Yeah, I’m 16 and that is the right age for graduation in my country. If you’re older, you may be regarded as a dullard for graduating so late. 16 is a bit late though, some graduate at 15 or 14. My country doesn’t support online education, it wouldn’t earn you a certificate, so much for the giant of Africa.

      I would someday make a post about the education system in Nigeria but until then, take good care of yourself💞💞🤗

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  6. Do not hate education. Find the people who have used education to make significant changes in society.

    It’s hard to maintain studies. But that’s the way you see it. If ever a single lesson worked for you, keep learning. 😊

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