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Last Days At Fedacad High School. Episode 1.

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Hi Everyone,

How’re you all doing? I feel like I’m finally learning the act of writing like a teenager. It’s weird and totally absurd. And now, I feel like erasing this entire post. Is it just me or I sound a lil bit….Boring?

Well, today was a lot fun and crazy. Everyone in school is on a holiday for some festive ethnic celebration except “we”, the Beast’s of burden. I would kill to see my mom this week but they wouldn’t let me do that. I mean, I’ve got no papers in two weeks, why the hell am I not chilling out at home like every other student? The answer to this is very simple, I DONT KNOW!

Today unexpectedly began on a very good note. Breakfast was hilarious. The boys wouldn’t let the dining hall be orderly. I bet some ate with unwashed hands. Our teachers made us wear our compound wears and I really dislike putting on that dress. There was power failure and we had to stay hours without electricity in school. I literally needed to cry out my anger.

I decided to make use of the power failure to dance out with my friends. Did I ever mention I’m a great dancer? I think I kinda made a video and yeah…thats me, life and direct goofing around. I warn you ahead, I ain’t pretty.

I regret posting this already.

Finally, today ended with an assembly where we….nah.. They discussed critical issues concerning us. We got to learn about their hideous plans to make us attend lessons during the break…I can think of 500 ways to murder those professors. I had to attend MATHS lesson immediately after the meeting with our professor fluttering around our exam papers despite the terrible scores. I will never forgive him. But, I didn’t fail anyways, just thought I should let you all know about this tiny detail.

After our lessons, we decided to have some fun by doing something very crazy and risky. Yeah, we climbed an over head tank. I mean, they climbed an over head tank. I would never challenge God by doing something like that. I have a lot of plans for my mother, how could I end my life so quickly? I don’t know how to explain what exactly they did to you all so that you can understand. Wait….thats right. I have a video.

So, can you see that? That’s really frightening. Anyway, they got into huge trouble for doing that but I successfully escaped coz I did nothing. And now, I’m writing all this with a heavy skull. I’m beginning to get sick already. I hate school. So, I guess that’s it for today, what do you think? Did I miss something? I don’t think I did anyway coz you wouldn’t know if I did though. And until I write again, remember no one is you and that’s your power.

Quick question: what is your favorite moment with your friends?

57 thoughts on “Last Days At Fedacad High School. Episode 1.”

  1. This was fun to read Anna🤩so were the videos😎🤣!

    And I so loved the last line “remember no one is you and that’s your power.” Very rightly said!

    And answer to your question, in India at parts the covid issue is still not over so my school’s still online.. I miss my frnds badlyy and that’s making those every moment of mine with them very special

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  2. CLASSES DURING BREAKS?! I’ll hate them on your behalf!! 😫 Those kids are up to some TOTAL mischief and it’s no surprise they got into trouble 😆 Since I love climbing, I’d have probably joined them and we’d have got caught together 😜 It’s your last few days in school after all. You deserve fun! All the very best for your future plans.
    PS: I knew I shouldn’t have taken your “warning” seriously. GIRL, YOU’RE GORGEOUS!!

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    1. PS: Loved the last line so much!
      Best memories with friends? Sharing lunch and snacks! Walking around in the corridors at random hours. I miss school. No matter how much you think you hate it now, you will too.

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      1. I can’t get the thoughts off my mind. Missing all these wonderful creatures around me💞🤗
        And I will miss sharing my food with my friends too🤗💞

        Thank you for reading💞🤗

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    2. Like… girl!!!
      I need all the hate I can get at this period 😅😅

      Though climbing was fun, there was nothing fun about getting caught 😅😅
      You needed to catch a glimpse of me laughing at them 😅😅

      And…..thank you for the compliment💞💞🤗
      Hoping to someday see you too🤗💞💫

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  3. Seems like I’ll be relieving my last days of high school through you.😂 You are really good at engaging your readers. And the videos🤗… God, can I please go back to high school?😢 Yours is a boarding system, right?
    Will be expecting your next post!

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    1. It’s one thing to write, its another to keep you interested😅😅
      I’m delighted to read your words💗

      Yeah…its a boarding school all the way in Niger State😩
      Thanks for reading 💖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I guessed right.
        I went to a boarding school too…a full boarding at that.😊

        Thanks for sharing though. Keep putting a smile on everyone’s face.🤗

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    1. My phobia for height wouldn’t let me climb half the stairs on the tank 😅😅
      It was risky but all fun. A part of me still wishes I climbed that😢😅

      But in conclusion; Anna is a good girl👏👏👏😅🤗


      1. I have lots and tons on my plate, back and forth with a publisher, kicking a fake news woman here to the curve and etc., but our conversations here back-and-forth renewed my zest to be more creative, innovative, and productive and you are wise and understanding beyond your youth, and thank you!!!

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  4. Well, climbing such a tower is character building! School will be finished before you know it 😉

    Our favourite moments with friends is always to wile away the afternoon with lunch that sometimes progresses onto dinner.

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    1. Lunch progressing to into dinner. Aha🤪😅😅
      I like to discuss about food😅😅
      Good food is even tastier while eating with good friends🤗🤭
      Thank you for sharing your experience with me💖

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