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Last Days At Fedacad High School. Episode 3.

Hi Everyone……!!!!!

My oh my, haven’t I missed you all a little too much?

I can’t even recall the last time I wrote any post. I have so been tied down with the heavy shackles of examinations. Phew! Thank goodness I have a little break.

A lot has happened since the last time I updated. A whole lot. I don’t know where to start so maybe I’ll take it day after day from last week. So where were we?

If you’re just joining this series, you might want to read Episode 2 and Episode 1.

Tuesday. 20/7/20211

I guess this day was pretty horrible. How could anyone make us attend lessons during a festive celebration? My mind tells me thats awfully wrong and I believe that. Well, that day was SALLAH. Its a festive celebration common among the Muslims in Nigeria and I guess….other countries. This specific SALLAH was entirely horrible especially for the Muslim students who stayed back in school. No food, No ram, No rest and more importantly No peace of mind. They had to leave school to perform their prayers but that wasn’t enough while the rest of us carried on with the life draining, uninteresting, boring lessons. Imagine loosing all the Christmas vibes because you’re stuck in a creepy dungeon with spiders crawling all over your body, horrible right? That’s how I felt despite I’m a Christian. But I decided to spice their day up by asking them to pose for a picture. Wanna see?

I know I put a smile on their face that morning. I really had to.

Wednesday. 21/7/2021

OK, I can’t remember what happened after that day. I just remember laughing at some random things that happened during our activities in school. How I hate not writing things down. This brain of mine is really hard to get along with. Hush!!!

Thursday. 22/7/2021.

Thursday was “GenGen…” What I mean by GenGen was the series of dramatic events that accompanied such a pleasant day. It began with our usual routine but that day was SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFERENT. It was a CLASS-FREE DAY. I was so happy and didn’t think of getting off from bed till our matrons woke us up. What??!!! We were eventually supposed to show up in our classes whether we have lessons or not. No no no, this teachers in my school are gifted in Witchcraft and wickedness. Why couldn’t they stop thinking about us? Do you know what happened? We were chased out without having our bath, some couldn’t even brush. That was the worst day of my entire life! I did manage to brush and wash off the sleepiness in my eyes but….I was totally uncomfortable. A student did something very interesting. She was rude to a matron. How wouldn’t you let me brush before leaving the hostel? Serves those matrons right. But the bad side was that she earned herself a slap that broke her glasses. Freaking Fiery Slap!!! But after that, I still took some gorgeous pictures.

Fast Forward To Yesterday. 28/7/2021.

I had papers to write. Almighty Lord Governor Chemistry. All hail thee. In my next life, aside from coming out as a guy, I would voluntarily dump myself in Arts. I saw flashes of hell yesterday. By the time I was done, I had eaten my pen half way. Nigeria and trying to kill us with questions!! Then after the paper, what did I do? I slept!!! I needed sleep. My brain was about to erupt like a volcano. On a scale of 1-100, I think I did 95 for chemistry. I just hope those devil beans marking my papers would have mercy on me.

Today. 29/7/2021

I had to stay up so late yesterday to read for today. Guess what I had today? Physics and Civic Education. I am beginning to believe that Chemistry and Physics are brothers constantly fighting about who is a greater villain. Because why would Physics make me answer 10 questions with babies accompanying them. Then Civic, trying to desperately give rise to patriotic Nigerians. The hypocrisy behind that subject! Only if they realized how eager I am about leaving my country. Did I mention there’s an outbreak of Cholera in Nigeria? It’s a warning for me to watch what I put into my mouth.

So that has been it. I think I over exaggerated the “so much has happened since I wrote.” So little has actually happened. Just busy building up my life. I will continue and forever declare my hatred for Education. So far, I have only written 3 subjects out of 9. And then there’s WAEC AND S.A.T AND A.C.T AND TOEFL. Argggh!!! Have I mentioned that I Hate Education? And Yeah! Exams too.

I’ll try not to miss all of you but like It always turns out, its impossible. I already miss Joanne, Naheel, and RefreshingMingle. You guys are always ready to Refresh my day and my blog too. That doesn’t imply that everyone else doesn’t. Just can’t tag my entire followers but you guys have been the best. Thank you for always visiting my blog.

I was nominated for an award. Yes, I WAS NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD!!!! guess TWO but not entirely sure about the second one. The page seems to be missing but anyway, I can finally breathe in some fresh air of accomplishment. I have been waiting for this my entire time of blogging. Why come now when I can’t even draft a blog post properly. Anyway, I need you to remind me anytime about it. I wouldn’t like to miss this out.

And that’s pretty much it for today, I can feel the weight of my eye bags already.

Here’s a quick question: If you’re waiting for a waiter in a restaurant, do that make you a waiter?

I was listening to this crazy Album by Roger. My fav at the moment is Bounce.

Till I write again, remember that All the advice in this world will never help you until you help yourself.


27 thoughts on “Last Days At Fedacad High School. Episode 3.”

  1. Welcome back Anna.😊 And please do bear with our dear country…I believe better days are ahead. Congrats on the award. You’re so much deserving of it.🤗
    And your last words…”Remember all the advice in this world will never help you until you help yourself.” How so true and thought-provoking. It all start with one self.
    All the best with your remaining exams.
    Stay safe and blessed!🥰

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Missed you so much, girlyyy!!! Was waiting to read your post again. Civics is similar in all countries, apparently 😅 Which part of the world would you go to once you leave Nigeria? Also, take good care about cholera. This is a bad time to get sick.
    To answer the question, yes I guess that does make you a waiter 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I missed you too 🥺🥺
      So much but I couldn’t just find the suitable time to visit my blog.

      If I should leave Nigeria, I would love to travel to Canada…its a pretty nice country.

      Thank you so much Sam❤

      And yeah, I nominated you for an award😁❤💖

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You guys really enjoy their, I want to enjoy my school days again😝😝 but not those exams and teachers
    By the way Awesome post Anna as always 😑😑
    Thank you so much for mentioning me.☺☺
    Much love to you girl 🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Missed reading you a lott Anna!!! Even I was missing out from writing and reading amazing stuffs as I was also too busy with the school stuffs😑!
    I said earlier and would say again .. i loove reading your contents .. it hooks me till the end! And such lovely and happy pics and videos 🤩!

    The advice was very apt at the last though !! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I miss receiving your comments and reading your blog too🥺🤗😩

      I have been too busy that I often forget to breath😢😢..

      I’m glad you still check up on me, I am sorry I am too busy to do that for you🥺🥺

      Thank you dear friend💙🤗

      And yeah, I nominated you for an award👍💖😁

      Liked by 1 person

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