Am I A Feminist?

Feminism is a radical notion that women are people. Who ever said that women were fishes? The whole concept of feminism is crazy. Each time a woman stands up for herself, without claiming it, she is standing up for all the women. You mustn’t wear matching t-shirts and attach pink bow ties to your neck because you are a feminist. You’re a feminist, now what?

Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. Now quit the arm wrestling and go grab a book. Isn’t it ironic how a full blown feminist pretends she can’t open a bottle to her boyfriend? Bring on all the pretenders. Characterize people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words.

A real woman is whatever the hell she wants to be. Pilot? Fine. Soldier? Great. Transgender? Even better. Behind every great woman is a great man, take it or leave it. I’m no pretender. I see black and I say it’s Black. I don’t call it white because others do. That’s the big difference between a good disciplined woman and a lazy bully. I never said feminist lie. But do they?

A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as they believe in the power of others. I blame gender inequality for this misbehavior by some women. If not for stupid things like gender discrimination, why would anyone stand on a podium and say a woman can also get a woman pregnant? You can as well reshape the universe, can’t you? There are moments I really wish to give some people an arse whopping. But I am no violent person.

When women are oppressed, it’s a tragedy. When men are oppressed, it’s a tradition. The guy that was raped by women? serves him right. The man that raped a woman? Off with his head. Feminism is beautiful restructured form of gender inequality. And to God be the glory, men are the target now. If you desire gender equality, fight for it. For everyone and all. No one is free until all is free.

We should be doing this instead.

A feminist is an individual who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men. Then what’s with all this cock and bull story? You don’t like men? Well, sorry I do. You like women? Who doesn’t? Then why make yours a big deal. Hey, if you really want to help women, sign up for any anti-trafficking agency and save lives. Don’t stay all day knitting cardigans and screaming feminism in everyone’s ears. Quick fact…Without men, you wouldn’t be reading this post.

Feminism covers all aspects. Now, would you kindly pull off those shorts and wear skirts? If you must start something, you should finish it. Don’t leave it halfway. That also goes for ice creams, salads and pizza. If you’re a feminist and at the end of this post, you are still putting on a short, be sure to know you’re a fake one. I’m not against your principals but I am surely ruffled by the pretence.

I am not free while any woman is unfree. That should be the motto of every feminist, not trying to prove to the world that women have more muscles then men. I for one don’t fancy muscles so I can’t accept the whole idea. And please, men and women make babies, not women and women. God had a special reason for placing woman and men in the world. And not just women or men. I am against the notion of gender inequality, I am a strong defender of the human rights of women. But while I am at it, do not ask if I am a feminist……. Because my answer will be…

“No, I am not a feminist….I am an equalinist”

Note: This post was clearly published based on my belief and ideas. If you have complaints, criticism and objections to this post, feel free to leave in the comments or publish a post on this topic. Be sure to tag me. Thank you as usual.

80 thoughts on “Am I A Feminist?”

  1. Thanks for sharing!!… don’t do labels here, believe a person should be who they wish to be and feel inside… as Popeye the sailor said; “I yam what I yam and that is all that I yam” or as my daughter has been known to day “it is what it is”…. “Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone’s version of reality is not your reality.” (Shannon L. Alder ).. 🙂

    Until we meet again..

    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    (Irish Saying)

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  2. *Women*

    Woman is the Mother of Mankind
    Woman is the Moral Fiber of Civilization
    Woman is Man’s First Teacher
    Woman is smarter than man
    Women if you meet a Man smarter than a woman
    Woman you meet 1 man out of 100 men with 99 hanging in the balance

    By: Van Prince (A gem from my soon to be published book, titled, *The Gender Gap*!

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      1. Hello Anna,
        I am not going to type much because the previous response I wrote got wiped out.

        Feminism means a lot of different things to different people. To some people, it means advocating for equality and social justice in a society that is predominantly patriarchal. To some others, it means the assertion of the notion that females are superior. They are very different ways to view feminism.

        Your polemic addresses a particular type of feminism under particular circumstances. It is horribly unfair for you then to make your affront to feminism as a whole.

        You you appear to hold the fact that feminism is a radical movements with some sort of negative connotation feminism has every reason to be radical movements and I’ll tell you why

        Of course every single one of us knows the horrible things that have happened throughout the course of History the people before us we’re less informed and had less knowledge about the world than we do.
        In a period even as recently as the 1950s people we’re still being bonds at sticks for having different skin colours and people are still being sold into slavery. They truly tragic theme is that people who lived in that period of time as you did that these things were normal, not unusual, and even acceptable.

        Consider a hypothetical where you live in this world, and you are the oppressed. Do you think you’ll be able to break free and change that situation by whispering to yourself that you are a strong person? No! You would have to stand up in the streets and make your voice heard, and you would appreciate every person that joined their hands to help you, no matter how little.
        And guess what? People living in that time period would call you a radical! Why? Because you are going against societal normals.
        Nobody goes against society easily.

        We need to be wary of what ever ideologies we are passing down from prior generations because most of this comes from ill informed , superstitious people who knew very little about how the world works. I would be very difficult for us to discern which one of them, if any, are actually harmful because we would think of them as normal.

        Now back to women.
        The fundamental problems of gender inequality and women’s rights lies really deep in fundamental foundations of human society. Even our religions texts promote them in some way.
        The system has evolved over hundreds of years to relegate women to the role of secondary beings. As Awoken mtter of fact,
        genetically speaking, the female gender is the default gender for the human species. You can see how much of this narrative that women are inferior species has been pushed over the years.
        Unfortunately, women have been born into societies that justify these things, but tragically, these women would think it is normal as they are not aware of what a life outside of their society would look like.

        This sort of systemic oppression cannot be stopped by women merely standing up for themselves. People need to be educated of the subtle things that society still allows which are barbaric and harmful.

        This is crux of what feminism is about.
        By applying this definition, I am quite sure that you and I would be considered Feminists.
        However, lauching a polemic on the tag ‘Feminism’ because a bunch of people are picking up some of their ideas from the mud is not going to get us to our goal.
        It is rather distracting.

        While we waste time doing this, somewhere in the world, women are in agony because a society that they think is infallible is constantly pitched against them.
        They are swimming against a tide while refusing to leave the ocean.
        All we want to do is to let them know that they are free to be free.

        Short letter to Ada
        From a random guy

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      2. “Always remember by never-ever forgetting
        that no person
        can please every person
        but follow your intuition, instinct, and gut feelings
        when perfecting your ideas and all else will fall into place akin to putting a puzzle together!” _-Van Prince

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      3. First, I would say thank you for this well detailed comment.

        To begin with, I totally support you about generalization and as unfair as it is, I had specific reasons for drafting a post like this.

        Now, you write about the unfair treatment women have received over the years. That’s right. But men have received same treatments even though in a minor way. I’m not trying to justify the cruel act on women but retribution isn’t the way out of this. Because one bad deed has been done, you don’t go around justifying yourself by taking laws into your deranged mind.
        Many women are insane and I will prove that.

        A specialt report from the US Bureau of Justice on self-reported sexual victimisation stated that 10.8% of boys and 4.7% of girls in juvenile detention facilities reported having been subjected, and that 92% of sexual misconduct affecting males was exclusively perpetrated by female staffers. 

        Only recently have some other forms of sexual violence against men been considered.

        Again, “Only recently have some other forms of sexual violence against men been considered.”

        I am no saint but to be honest, most feminists are really extreme with their belief. And that messes up the whole concept. Why create an organization that wrecks more havoc? It’s insane.
        Feminist are not helping the world, they are forcefully imposing a notion which is unacceptable. Therefore, there is no justification for their attitude.

        A lot of feminist rhetoric today does cross the line from attacks on sexism into attacks on men, with a strong focus on personal behavior: the way they talk, the way they approach relationships, even the way they sit on public transit. Male faults are stated as sweeping condemnations; objecting to such generalizations is taken as a sign of complicity. Meanwhile, similar indictments of women would be considered grossly misogynistic.

        This gender antagonism does nothing to advance the unfinished business of equality. That’s simply my point.

        Quit the label and device new ways to help women than struggle for power.
        As several campaigns are carried out for feminist, they are still women who know nothing about it and are suffering gravely.

        Let’s say, try to help them first. Help women first and we will reconsider the label.

        Thank you💖


  3. People are trying to be many more things than they need to. Feminism means “equal”,
    “same rights” & walking shoulder to shoulder.
    What I consider wrong in some feminists(pseudo) is that they put baseless and non-sense points. For ex- Pseudo feminist said that I want extra rights because I can give birth to humans, which men could never.
    I was like seriously? Men was&will never born with the ability to give birth.

    BBC – blog 31448193 – A feminist aborts a male child in her pregnancy. When asked, she said that I can’t give birth to a monster(male). Doesn’t make any sense.

    I completely agree with “equalinist”
    It provides a glimpse of both genders being treated as equal in any situation whatsoever.

    Now, My most personal personal & controversial opinion: Scientifically, Women are physically weaker than men. That weaker concept is in our books for ages. Most of the stories in every religion define women as homemakers. People follow them and seek that path which is mistakenly wrong.
    That’s why women are the ones with fewer rights. Hope it’ll be sorted in the upcoming years.

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    1. Your comment is far better than my post itself.

      Generally speaking, the whole idea of feminism is amazing and it’s really great to know that the rights of women are respected. It’s more soothing for women in countries with little respect for the basic rights of this women. An instance is pakistan, women were recently given the right to drive a car…
      How cruel and discriminatory…

      But the good concept of feminism is often times ruined by extremists. Individual who seek mediums to mentally and physically harass men either because of past occurrences or natural hatred.

      I am not a feminist and I don’t dislike their concept. I love what they do and the effort they put in place to help the world with equality but I honestly do dislike extreme feminists.

      It’s funny that some of them don’t even get married. I don’t think that’s feminism, that’s just been pointless and depressed. Those sort of people should be in therapy because they are seriously in some sort of psychological suppression or emotional pain.

      To conclude, I really don’t believe in tags. If this women who are trying to stand up for other women could direct their energy on more crucial issues, it would really do the world better..

      I am glad you visited my blog and left such an excellent comment. Thank you so much❤❤

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  4. I am a feminist. The problem is that some people don’t really understand the concept of feminism. They think feminism is about the superiority of women, but no, it’s about the equality I both sexes.
    Women have been oppressed for so long and now they are given a choice, they are given a chance to speak up. And what do we say? We say equality, for both sexes!!
    Anyone who makes women/men superior is not feminist, they’re just confused.
    I liked this post, it’s very honest and straight to the point.

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    1. Describing the real goal or concept behind feminism is terribly hard because a lot of extremist have ruined it.

      I made this post due to what I believe should be practiced or what I feel should be the real goal of feminist.

      It’s good to know that there is still good in the world….especially one fighting for women.

      I am not a feminist like the post stated but I am a lady determined to put things right….in my little or big way.

      So that it….my friend
      Thank you for reading and leaving a beautiful detailed explanation on what I or many may have missed out.

      Good evening 💖


  5. As simple as that with no much more explanation needed. You rock people get shock 🙄 😒 well penned 👍❤

    And please, men and women make babies, not women and women. God had a special reason for placing woman and men in the world.

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    1. You may not believe it but this post was triggered with a simple meme😅

      I like the way it came out but I regret some details of the post…i hope to come up with something better soon😁

      Thank you very much💖


  6. SMiLes Dear Annabel
    The Problems With



    When ‘They’

    Named God ‘Him’

    sHe is At Least More
    Relevant And Inclusive Hehe

    Yet It’s True Humans See Do
    Narrowly And Never Stop Trees

    From Branching Out and Living

    Unless They Cut Them Down And
    They Do That too


    Is the

    We BREaTHEism

    And Womanism
    Is What Gardens
    Love Most And If
    Unattached to Breast
    in Small Childhood Houston

    THiS Ain’T Rocket Science

    We Have Problems As That
    Is WHere God (Love) STaRTS

    In Mammalian Ways of Nurturing
    Breast At Least for Us i am Not
    A Product of Plastic my FRiEnD
    Saving Grace for ME AT Least

    i Surely Have

    A Genetic


    To Be

    Much Colder Than
    This Without What
    Gardens Love Most
    From Birth A Mother’s Breast…

    Other Than That Women Are Bred
    And Branded As Cattle Sold off
    For Organized Date Night

    First Rape

    in Billions Still

    With More Attention
    Given to Which Parts
    Are ‘Used’ Than What Gives Life…

    Yes Dear A Culture Will Be Painted
    For How Free A Woman Will Be No

    Different Than THeir God’s They Paint True or False too…

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    1. I find your ideology on God as “him” very interesting. Yes,discrimination isn’t a thing of the past and neither a thing of the future. It has to end today and today.

      It’s been a long while and I feel awfully bad for not checking up.
      Hoping to conclude exams and rest

      Good evening💖

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      1. SMiLes Dear Annabel So Many Clothes
        Yes Tools Culture Has For Us to Try on

        To Be


        For Who

        To Be


        For Who

        As Birds
        Sing Spring
        in Winter Migrating to Be Free

        True i Used to Be A Caged Bird

        Too i Understand the Struggles CuLTuRE
        BRinGS UPoN US All Now For me i Realize

        Now That i am Free It Was All A Cake That Others

        Decorated for

        me to


        Now i Bake
        And Decorate
        my Own Cake my FRiEnD
        Yet i Surely Still Relate to
        What’s It’s Like to Seek

        The Frosting


        Just Out of
        Everlasting Grasp..:)


  7. True, every being and every thing is on earth for a reason. Feminism is not about establishing superiority or fighting for equality. It should be more to do with removing ‘labels’, being recognised and respected for what you are. Not being dictated or directed but being allowed to be just you.
    Very well penned Anna.
    Stay blessed always

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    1. “Labels”…

      I believe many terrible existing problems were coined from labels..

      Yes, you’re strongly right. Feminism shouldn’t be a avenue to exercise superiority but to suggest and stand for equal exercise of our fundamental human right.

      Thank you for reading and sharing this beautiful comment💖


  8. I am a feminist and proud to be one. I was left a bit confused after reading your post. You see, feminism isn’t about hating men or stating that women are superior. Nor does it say that men have no place in the world. Many people don’t understand the very meaning of feminism. Feminism is based on the equality of both sexes and the advocacy for woman’s rights on that basis. So one would think that anyone who is an equalinist is also a feminist by definition.

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    1. then why is it given a female name?🤔 why can’t we call men that do it masculinists? why do females have to make more noise about it? it makes it look and sound so biased🙂


      1. I’m sorry but I’m not the one who coined the term. Females have to make so noise about it because females are the ones who have been oppressed for so long. Even now, there are glaring differences in pay scales and the ratio of females in work force is comparatively smaller. Appearances can be deceiving. Just because it sounds female doesn’t mean that people should jump to conclusions without bothering to find the actual meaning.

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    2. Feminism is a radical notion that women are humans…

      I believe in that but my point is;
      Why initiate a label that does more harm than good.

      I like you to look at it from my own angle…

      Maybe the representation was horrible but I advocate for “no label.”

      Good morning💖💖

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  9. A unique take on feminism, I like that you attacked pseudo feminists more. Feminism is definitely one of the most misinterpreted terms out there, as in its essence, it is more about equal rights for men and women than just women empowerment. People just look at one side of it- upliftment of women. While I understand that it is more so because of the sound of the word itself, (Feminism has ˋˋfem´´ in it, so people think the story ends there) I do not understand why people advocate feminism based on THEIR understanding of it, which in most cases is one-sided. Men don’t need empowerment as much as women do. The rape victims we see on the news everyday are women, the ones paid less for the same amount of work are women, the ones who have to limit their dreams to raise a family are women, etc.. While I‘m a feminist, I will never advocate for pseudo feminism or toxic feminism. They‘ve resulted in double standards and hypocrisy.
    Sorry for the loooong comment 😅🙈

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    1. I wonder whether general male violence, philandering, sexism and controlling behavior toward girls/women may be related to the same constraining societal idealization of the ‘real man’ (albeit perhaps more subtly than in the past)?: He is stiff-upper-lip physically and emotionally strong, financially successful, confidently fights and wins, assertively solves problems, and exemplifies sexual prowess.

      I recall that, shortly after Donald Trump was sworn-in as president, a 2016 survey of American women conducted not long after his abundant misogyny was exposed to the world revealed that a majority of respondents nonetheless found him appealing, presumably due to his alpha-male great financial success and confidence.

      Relevantly revelatory may be the Toronto Now article headlined “Keep Cats Out of Your Dating Profile, Ridiculous Study Suggests” and sub-headlined “Men were deemed less masculine and less attractive when they held up cats in their dating pics, according to researchers.” Wussies need not apply, I guess.


    2. A unique comment on this blog topic….i like the way you described the difference between feminism and extremism👏👏

      Yeah, women have been on the hard end for a long time and its finally time, people get to speak for them…

      My opinion remains that it can be done in a better way👌👌

      Thank you for visiting and commenting💖💖

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  10. What a great post, energetic.i belive men and women both are equal in all the ways, there should be no discrepancy, But there is. Hope your post helps to rethink them who treat women in different ways.

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  11. Every human has a right to live a happy and peaceful life.😊

    I would like to talk about your writing. Your post improved in comparison with the previous one. You must have read Gottfried’s post before writing this post or been influenced by his writing.

    He writes simply. I have tried to use his format but never published the post. By that time, I realised that I need more words. And my topic selection also differs.

    I like your presentation. You never lack energy. And your words speak LOUD. And I wish you write more such posts which helps you to identify yourself, strengthen you.

    This post lacks facts and detail. And the purpose is also not clear. Starting conversations is good but you failed to give them a direction. I’m not using these points to criticise you, I just want to highlight that so much can be done with/within this post.

    I support you. 🤗❤
    I provide you full energy to write more energetic posts. 💪

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    1. As a blogger, we ought to read and write frequently

      I read more than I write and when I recognize a well written article, I tend to engulf the details of such a writing.

      Been influenced by Gottfried? You’re absolutely right. I acknowledge strong talent when I see one 😅😅

      About the post, there is a direction and it may not be pellucid enough. The post needs improvement and I am happy for your honest feedback…

      Thank you lokesh….its always a pleasure💖💖

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  12. I perceive the Almighty as not being in humanoid-singular form nor with gender.
    As far as Christian monotheism goes, I feel that way too many ‘Christians’ have created God’s nature in their own angry, vengeful and even hateful image. Often being the most vocal, they can be terrible examples of Christ’s true nature/message, especially to the young and impressionable.

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  13. Agree with extreme of any concept does more harm than good..feminism had to come in existence because women started to be viewed as a different entity.. actually why man or woman.. just human is enough..I feel. It’s always for human rights we have to strive.. having a male or female sex is common of any species on earth. Any woman needs to live as a human.

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    1. Just human is enough, no labels.
      The existence of a group preaching equality while practicing opposite is entirely outrageous.

      And you’re right, every woman needs to live as a human❤


    1. This is an inappropriate belief and concept.

      I would have deleted your comment but I really wanted to give you a fair reply…

      So what exactly makes women better than men?

      Before you leave comments on blogs and websites, you need to honestly brainstorm of what you would be spilling.

      Who do we blame for gender inequality?

      People who believe in what you have written and your idea.
      I am not using this comment against you but the next time you leave one like this, I may be compelled to delete it.

      Finally, women are not better than men. Men are not better than women. It’s called GENDER EQUALITY. Everyone is equal and beneficial to the society.

      Good day👌


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