Who Is Ronaldo?

Unknown: Juve, why don’t you want him?

Juve: He’s surplus to requirements

Unknown: PSG, why don’t you want him?

PSG: we already have the G.O.A.T

Unknown: Real, what about you?

Real: We are looking to the future, not the past

Unknown: Man city, you?

Man city: We like to waste money but not like that.

Unknown: united?

United: Bring him on, it’s a fair deal.

There is no way we spent over 10 years arguing or debating Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi, just for Ronaldo to beg Man city to sign him.

Do you even know how hard is to explain to someone that a player is a better footballer than Messi and stay serious?

I don’t usually write football but this whole event has got me thinking.

I am a Messi fan despite I am no fan of football. Messi is just amazingly glorious. And ronaldo? I think he’s no match for Messi.

Firmino is a better footballer than Ronaldo. Don’t get me wrong. Ronaldo has obviously had a better career and he is one of the greatest of all footballers. But I think he simply lacks the inbuilt talent as a footballer. Everything he is today can be attributed to his teams and training. I think firmino is better because he can handle a much better heat as a footballer than Ronaldo. I mean, if he was so good, why did city reject him?

In 2012, Perez described ronaldo as an imbecile. No, that is really funny. He also described him as a spoiled guy with full ego. Same thing I believe.

It’s hilarious that we are talking about a lot of money in image rights.

The romance isn’t dead
It probably isn’t going to work out. It’s a huge amount of wages on a player we don’t need in an area of the pitch that isn’t in dire need of fixing. Signing Ronaldo could also be a stumbling block United have placed in their own way when it comes to financing a move for an actual midfielder.

But I don’t care. This is better. Football is about romance, blind denial and not listening to logic and reasonable arguments. If you’re a United fan and aren’t excited or an opposition fan who doesn’t “get it” you’re doing football wrong.

Mixed feelings
I have mixed feelings about the, now announced, Ronaldo deal.

United are pretty well stocked with quality up front, do they really need him, does this divert funds that could’ve been invested in a quality midfielder, etc.

And yeah, how is PSG going to be in the next two years? I literally don’t know.

If you are a football fan, you can let us know what you think about this trend. Is Ronaldo truly the GOAT?

21 thoughts on “Who Is Ronaldo?”

  1. Interesting post Anna! I’ve always preferred Messi because of his talent and humbleness but must grudgingly admit that Ronaldo has been the better player on both the International as well as European stage in comparison!

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  2. I also love Messi. He plays football like he was ordained for it There’s a difference between doing your job and having the talent to do your job. Nice post Anna.👊😉

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  4. I actually love Ronaldo and it’s not just the football. If Messi is actually less of an ego guy and is better off than Ronaldo, he’s supposed to have more Instagram followers than Ronaldo does. Ronaldo is legit the most followed Instagrammer🙂. So, forget about the football, it’s about the fans, whether you like it or not😎. I don’t actually watch football so, my point is based on life outside their football in general😁

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    1. You’ve got it all wrong here.
      Ronaldo is actually more of the ego guy than Messi and his Instagram followers has nothing to do with his skills and abilities on the pitch.

      Messi is simply endowed with skills. Skills that are evidently lacking in Ronaldo’s career.

      I’ve made my point❤❤


  5. After reading this Ronaldo thing one could actually think the writer knows Roaldo personally. You call him an egoistic person yet he never drew any tattoos because he donates blood every month. He does alot of charity work. Now if we’re going to talk about football then he’s a damn excellent footballer that has put in alot of work to get to where he is. Put Ronaldo esque work ethics anywhere and you’ll be a massive success.

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