What Do I Dream Of?

A World

Where no soul shall mourn,

And no tears shall be shed, except for true joy,

Where love shall kiss the earth,

And kindness shall sweep the people,

Where all is free and happy,

And no greed shall drain the love,

Where no envy shall suffocate our efforts,

And jealousy is buried,

Where beauty shall wear it’s crown,

And peace, it’s beads,

Where our thoughts stray from bad to good,

And evil is our worst enemy,

Where devotion sparkles in our eyes,

And hard work warms our skin,

Where darkness flees like a deer,

And light shines in our hearts,

Where our maker looks down on us with happiness,

And we look up to him with holiness,

Where the just are loved,

And the unjust condemned,

Where the peace makers are blessed,

And the vile are cursed,

Where the land flows with milk, honey and satisfaction,

And the air is filled with the sweet smell of contentment.

I dream of a world,

Where You Are Happy.


50 thoughts on “What Do I Dream Of?

  1. Lovely Poem Indeed Dear Annabel
    Always Leaving Room For Love to

    Grow Always Lending
    Potential For

    to Lend

    Grace to Will

    For Those Who Are
    Evil, Vile, And Unjust
    Are Often Most Lost oF All
    In Illness of Soul to Be Healed

    How Shall Love Forget to Give
    How Strong With Will Shall Grace
    in Balance Lend Wings For Love to Fly

    Even HiGHeR

    Dear FRiEnD

    WHeRE Angel

    Wings Carry Even

    Mud And Tarred Birds

    From Swamps So Thick and Dark
    And Numb With Dead Ghost Living Soul Pain

    Until the Last

    Hand is


    From Hell
    Angel Wings
    Shall Fall mY FRiEnD

    Yet Only to Lend A Soul Up…
    That Beatitude Part of the NT
    Bible is A Mighty Tall Mountain
    of Love To Climb Yet True THere

    Is No Mountain

    Top of Love

    Only Colors

    Valley Lower

    Creating Higher
    AS Heaven’s Breath
    Never Goes Stale ALiVE At Least..:)

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    1. Maybe if the world wasn’t selfish, we could all enjoy a maximum satisfaction without hurting anyone.
      The true problem with the world is the inability to learn to be happy and supportive people.

      It bites to know that some individual remain jealous of others even though they are blessed with wealth and material benefits.

      Thank you for commenting❤


  2. You have a beautiful dream, Anna. I wish it come true — increase your reach to serve the people.

    I too dream of a world where people have solved their problems by themselves and helping each other.

    Whatever you dream, prepare a clear plan for its execution. After all, people understand us by our actions (taken on the basis) of our dreams.

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    1. If only all dreams come true. I would dream every second for the beauty of this world.

      I know Lokesh…you have beautiful dreams and I also hope they come true.

      Someday, our dreams will be executed and eventually, our lives will be a lot peaceful🤭🤭

      Thank you for the beautiful comment on my blog and I hope to read your blog post soon…

      Have a beautiful weekend❤

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      1. Amongst a few other reasons, there are so many things beyond our control. Perfection implies order and the universe is too chaotic for us to achieve it.

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