Gravity….An Illusion Or A Force?

Life Is Filled With Illusions Pretending To Be True. Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding the truth. Gravity is neither a force nor a consequence of any space time curvature. It’s simply an orderly spatial illusion to non spatial observers. The gravitational force is the oldest force known to man, yet the least understood. Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. There is gravity in wisdom but no particular wisdom in gravity. Take it of leave it.

Gravity Explains The Motion Of The Planets, But It Cannot Explain Who Set The Planets In Motion. If only gravity was working, the path would be symmetrical. It is the wind resistance that produces the tragic curve. How can gravity be real when reality is an illusion? The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and we think this is normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.

It Is All Unreal. In the movie, they take them up in space. They’re floating around and doing zero gravity stuff. I don’t know…its just too much fun to wonder what life would be without gravity. A life without illusions. Because I truly hate these theories complicating life. And to think of it, it’s the weakest of all other forces yet holding the world in place. How delusional!

Our Greatest Problem Is Newton. Everyone saw the apple fall but only Newton questioned why. Did he believe that by magic he could fly? No…How could he get around gravity? Impossible. So he decided to believe that he could project his consciousness into a very very vivid illusion of flying? Yeah. He did that and of course, it worked and the human race believed him. Idiots. Physics would be a lot easier if it was a tree that fell on Newtons head instead of an apple.

Nature Is Pleased With Simplicity. And nature is no dummy but we are great dummies. We can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness behind it. Many great things are false but we decide to comprehend them in their falsity. The most beautiful system of the sun, planets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being not a force. The more time and devotion we spend in recognizing false things and accepting illusions, the less we recognize the true ones. Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things. A man may imagine things that are false but he can only understand things that are true, for it is false, the apprehension of them is not understanding so for all I care,

Gravity Is An Illusion.

Hello people,

You must be puzzled. Why this post? Why gravity? But I’ll tell you. I have been casually over thinking lately. And questioning a lot of beliefs and ideas. Gravity is one of them.

I have been over burdened with exams and to be honest, I have been really stressed beyond doubt. I am sitting for my Physics West African Examination tomorrow. Then why question an accepted theory in physics? Wouldn’t that be hypocrisy?

Well, I assume it is but no one truly learns without questions. It’s not the answer to a question that makes a man but the question a man can ask. So, what is truly gravity?

To the students reading this post, you may be an undergraduate, graduate, high schooler and even a professional, I really hope to read your answers to my question. What is really gravity?

You are free to explain your belief funny in the comments and trust me, no one would criticise you for your understanding and knowledge.

Thank you for reading.

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33 thoughts on “Gravity….An Illusion Or A Force?”

  1. “How can gravity be real when reality is an illusion”- Ah, you’re summoning quantum physicists here, aren’t you? 😉 I share a similar belief- reality is an illusion. We may or may not even be real. Given the precision of the universe and all that dwells here in perfect symmetry and harmony, we know for sure that there is more than a weak fundamental force behind in action. That is the idea of God.

    All the very best for your exams! 💕
    I like that you question things while studying. It’s a must! One shouldn’t simply accept whatever they read. Especially so in physics. 😁

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    1. It’s not the answers that makes a man wise but the questions he/she ask.
      Questioning ideas and beliefs has always been a thing that keeps me enlightened.
      I hope you can adopt that👏😌


  2. A masterpiece blog post, I would say.

    You have created great potential by writing this post. And I want to know how you are going to increase its life, worth, engagement and value.😃

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  3. SMiLes Dear Annabel Humans tend to Get All Trapped
    And Tribal Worshipping Symbols We Create As Idols

    More Than

    Essence We

    Feel and Sense

    of Reality Within Now

    Yes Above So Below
    Within Inside Outside

    And All Around the

    Secrets of

    Are Not Secret At
    All For We AS Humans

    Are Obviously Fractals of the
    All in All As A Dead Leaf Holds the
    Branches of A New Tree As The Leaf

    Falls to Soils And Becomes New Life
    Through Winter As Source Nutrition For

    A New Sapling Tree Green Arising in Spring

    For Summer FLoWeRS to Bloom And Make

    Seeds For New Trees So Who Are We True

    in Some Psalms of Old And Dusty Holy and
    Sacred Text Some Sages of the Ages Do Author

    That We Are All Gods Sons And or Daughters of

    Such of the All In All And Yes Science Agrees We aRe
    All Made of Star Stuff Crucible Fire of Star Death Super Nova

    Explosions Are Both Star Flowers and Seeds As We Come Resurrecting

    Still From Gaseous Star Dust And Atoms From Perhaps More Than One Star
    And Galaxy too MaKinG Up All of Who We aRe And The Rest of Existence True

    Our Minds UNiVeRSES Unto Our Existence Neurons As Stars Light Us Up With
    Waves of Connection in a Synergy So Much Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

    Alone And True Science Will Surely Not Rule Out Intelligent Design Greater than
    Our Minds Creating A Holographic Simulation of a UniVerse Where Indeed Gravity

    is Illusion Yet

    Still There is
    No Illusion of
    Balance For Whatever
    Gravity is When We Find
    Ourselves FRiEnDS With Gravity

    In Balance As A Free Dance That Leads
    Us to this Path As A Free Song of Poetry
    That Expresses This Balance Within

    Opening Up New Frontiers As

    Every Inhale of Peace

    And Exhale of

    Love is A New UNiVeRSE

    We Create in Connecting to

    Other UNiVeRSES of Human Minds

    For If We Are Mind As Above So Below
    Within Inside Outside and All Around it

    May Be Clear that What We aRe is Fractal

    Of All that is Mind For What Some Folks Symbol

    In Three Letters As G O D Thing is When We Sing

    G O D GOD Gets Trapped On the Roof of Our Mouth

    With Tongue to Sing Perhaps A Greater Symbol Now to

    Create Not Trapped on the Roof of Our Mouth to Express

    A Highest Force of God Within is When We Inhale Peace

    And Exhale Love As the Force of Love is What Connects Our

    Minds Our HeARTS Our SPIRiTS Most of All the Glue of All We

    May Best


    As LonG As

    We Express This Love

    For All that is And Leave

    No Part of God Out of God

    Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

    No Place For Fear Total Balance

    of Grace in Strength of Will to Move

    Connect And Co-Create Living Happily

    Ever More Now Eternally In This Force oF LoVE For All…

    Hehe See How Easy it is to Write a New Testament Everyday

    It’s True For Every Inhale

    of Peace and

    Every Exhale

    Of Love Without

    Fear As We Move

    Connect and Co-Create

    Are New Worlds of God to

    See and Be And Feel and Sense For Real
    Or At Least As Real As Love Gets As Force For All..:)

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  4. Gravity plays a tender role in order to break the glass. Science only knows that there is force which attracts entities downward. Calling gravity an illusion is almost okay until someone jumps from 20th floor.
    Saying “don’t take stress” is too common nowadays. I’ll say, relieve the stress on punching bag & eat some apple pie.
    Have a good time ahead.

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  5. Don’t sell Isaac Newton short. Newtonian physics worked well enough to get spaceships to the moon and back. And don’t sell Einstein short either. The theory of
    Relativity is just the completion of Newton, and it explains nearly everything we see in the physical world today. It’s hard stuff, but it’s worth the effort

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My intentions are not to sell Newton or any of the great scientists short..

      I’d like you to understand that my point of view may differ from yours. Its a free world, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      I am just stating that I don’t believe in gravity…you may believe, you may not…

      Its all in our head

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  6. Something I heard and read: It could be gravity is a “pressing” down on celestial bodies, which formed them, making sense given the spherical and spinning. I’m sure there’s much more involved, but that explains a lot. Energy, dark energy, coursing through space, forming matter then causing them to spin, as all galaxies and atoms.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Science tries to explain a lot of things🙂
      But what you really believe lies in your head

      Maybe there is gravity but I need definitely more proof than a bunch of theories

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me👏🤗

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  7. Absolutely. For myself, what I’ve done is follow my instincts and common sense. I know. Anyone can say that. But like flat-earthers, I can see their errors. I look up and the sky, and see round planets. I look at the horizon, and the ocean is straight, but a curve. And then some…. So, when I look at all the planets, solar systems, glaxies, and both see and read everything, including atoms, are orbiting and spherical, in my understanding, though elementary to guys like Einstein, we do understand aspects. So, I realized as a kid, when my 5th grade science teacher attempted to say gravity was like a swinging pail of water, I knew she hadn’t a clue. But I realized in that, what was telling me that. What tells me someone is wrong is also telling me what’s right, though I might not be able to frame the words or explain an awareness I’m not completely aware of yet. That’s why, I always tell people to think for themselves, but honestly. Meaning, be patient. Some things I pondered on as a kid took decades to realize. Some, I may never.


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