A Long Time

Today puts together over 2 weeks I stopped writing. Care to know why?


I made posts out of ideas that only interests me. Trust me, despite you read your blog posts over and over again(I know I am not the only one who does that), it’s important to note that you’re not the only reader or the intended reader. Ideas always came to me at random times, most times in church, shower or even in the middle of a project. But one thing I have learned from my period of personal growth as a writer is that; just because an idea pleases you, it doesn’t mean it’s generally good for the public and your viewers. The reason I began to blog was to solve my viewers problems and to satisfy their hungry eyes. I feel sorry I haven’t done much of that.


I lost my style of writing which everyone enjoyed reading. Let’s be honest, most of you don’t read my entire post anymore. Why? Because I have failed to keep you interested. And I have also failed to compel you to read by writing in a style that’s effortless to read. I have realized that the more approachable my writing becomes, the more I would get to satisfy my viewers. Real people talk like they are alive, readers love to read what’s alive.


Although, I am allowed to let my personality shine, I sort of abused the privilege. Its one thing to be yourself in the topic you’re covering, it’s another to bring up too many personal experience that but the topic you are discussing. Its annoying when one keeps reading all the personal stuff I write without actually finding a clear point in what I have written. Its tough being a blogger, it’s tougher if you can’t understand your readers needs.

You Will Face Many Defeats In Life. But Never Let Yourself Be Defeated.

Maya Angelou

Did you notice we migrated to a new WordPress plan? Yes we did.



My birthday was November 1 and it’s also the all Saints day.


In all, I am glad to have fully understood the faults and errors I made for over months now. And I am happy to have worked on them.

My contents will be directed towards a goal now. One to teach and educate my readers. Something that would always leave them with a package. I hope you haven’t given up on me yet.

You can tell me all about your blog in the comment section, let’s interact. I would love to know what challenges you have encountered as a blogger and what measures you took to overcome them. I promise to learn a lot😅.

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31 thoughts on “A Long Time

  1. Happy Belated All Saint’s Day
    Birthday Annabel And Good Luck

    Meeting the Needs of the Target Audience

    You Choose to Please Hehe Not For me

    Did that Way too Long

    Almost Killed

    me no
    For me only
    Free Never the

    Less Most Folks Don’t
    Make A Living Without
    Making Life About Making Money

    There Has to Be a Better Way
    There is Yet Sadly Most Folks
    Are Not Fortunate Enough to Find it…

    What Would A World Without Making
    Money Look Like Never Any Slaves Again…

    Yet It’s True Real Freedom Will Only

    Be Found By Seeking Finding

    Who We aRe Deep Within

    And Doing That

    Self with

    No Restraints
    Best to Give and
    Share Freely Caring

    Emptying Pockets Living
    Off of Kindness of Others in Life

    Yet That Jesus Suggestion is a
    Tall Order For Most Folks To Make Real Indeed…

    So Many Green Obstacles in Life That Are Dead
    Indeed Huge Camels and Smaller Eyes of Needles

    Than ever before…

    God Speed to You

    Of Course only

    Measured By
    Unconditional Love For All…
    Hmm.. At Least By the Story of the J Dude too..:)


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  2. Belated happy birthday, my friend! That’s such a lovely pic. I guess everybody has a phase in their writing journey when their brevity is lost, mind a bit vague. But I did read your posts fully and I thought you were great as ever. But you’d know better. I’ve only been following you in the recent months.
    All thr very best with your SAT!
    Just out of curiosity, online business at such a young age?! What do you do, if I may ask? 🤔 (Yeah, I’m being shamelessly nosey 🤪).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sam🥺💓
      You’re right about everyone having their phase in their writing journey….mine was brief but interesting.

      My online business just commenced and I don’t really know what to expect but I hope it turns out like I plan🙏🙏

      Curiosity is healthy for the mind😅😅
      This things happen in Nigeria so don’t be surprised


  3. Happy belated birthday! 🎈
    And yes I relate to the personal and providing value circle of confusion. Have been struggling to write off late cause of work and studies would love some tips on bouncing back and balancing🤩

    Liked by 1 person

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