Crazy Relationships

I’ve never been in a relationship(dating) but one thing I know is that some relationships are like a walk in the park. Jurassic park. Why else would you be clutching your chest and begging for one last chance? Good relationships are almost as extinct as the dinosaurs. I don’t know what you’re thinking but if you aren’t ready for a relationship, don’t tap like on her on Instagram photo, it would keep her motivated to try to be prettier and more sassy. Which by the way means you have to spend more money to please her like she’s a damn goddess of beauty.

Relationship Is Like Cooking, Dont Waste Your Time On Bad Recipes. It’s one thing to master the art of cooking, it’s another to like and understand what you’re cooking. Some men are like egg custard in a bowl. No matter how hard you try to shape them, they would always go astray. If lying was a job, some individuals would be billionaires by now. Yes, Felix, I am talking to you. Ever looked at your ex and wondered, “Was I drunk the entire time?” Nope, you weren’t drunk. You just needed something to pull you out of your infatuation. Like a high five, on the face with a shovel. Be honest, brutally honest, this what’s going to maintain your relationship. Not make up or bitcoin.

A bad relationship will make you feel more alone than when you are single. Stay away from people who think you’re arguing with them anytime you want to express yourself. And if you can’t, you need spiritual help. You ain’t normal at all. But also, a relationship with no arguments is a relationship with a lot of secrets. So you see, it’s a try your luck affair. You may spin the wheel and an understanding man will bless your day or you may eventually end up with Shrek. People get really comfortable in relationships, and they forget they can be replaced in a minute. And there you have it, you’re not too good for him. You’re just an expert in unsuccessful relationships.

The Key to a successful relationship is the key. Did you expect to read something else? I have a terrible/good relationship with people because I don’t force it. You should be with someone who respects you and not someone who takes you for granted. When you constantly try to show your value to someone, you have lost your self worth. It’s $5 by the way. I used to think that the worst thing is to end up alone. But not until I looked into some of my friends relationships. Now I can be single as long as I want. You can call it a dating free life. Some people only claim to love you because you’re available. In real life, you learn more about someone at the end of a relationship, not at the beginning.

Why is a relationship hard to maintain? Our generation simply refuses to love. We’re all sailing on a cruise boat. No one is actually trying to love because it would end in premium tears. You see, relationships without pure intentions would eventually turn out to sink faster than the titanic. Some people can’t just take a hint. Once you notice more than one red flag in your relationship, it’s your cue to run away and take your parents to a surprise vacation. I repeat, your parents, not those money sucking machines sauntering around in heels. The way I see it, if you want to maintain a good relationship, you have to keep the bestie’s out of it. Today’s relationships: you can touch each other but not each other’s phones. Cheat and I cheat back couples. Nonsense.

A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay on it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere.

Before we can have a perfect relationship with anyone, we need to have a perfect personal relationship with ourself. Don’t look for someone to complete you, you’re already whole. Look for someone to compliment you all your life. Every relationship is different. Everyone loves differently. Every relationship is messed up. What makes it perfect is if you still want to be there when things get bad. And this little problem is why I cant be in a relationship too long. One little red flag and I’m on my next flight to my daddy’s house. You can’t stress my existence. I wasn’t born to did for love. But if you can withstand the pressure of a relationship, go for it. Besides, we need stronger women in the society.

Bad things fall apart so good things fall together. So if you’re constantly coming out of a failed relationship, it means you’re too good enough for him. Besides, God is planning a perfect love story for you. Be the type of partner you want your daughter or son to be with. As a guy, if you don’t look Calvin Klein models, don’t expect the girls to look like Victoria secret models. Why do you make promises you cant keep? It’s pointless, reckless and unforgiving. If you can’t marry her, don’t love her. Your partner isn’t a game. You can’t pause them or quit on them. You can’t unplug the system and erase all the memories. Even I felt sad after writing the last part. I don’t know who needs to read this. But Dear boys, it’s one girl at a time, it’s a relationship.

Not a group meeting.

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30 thoughts on “Crazy Relationships

  1. You’re very correct. Most people don’t take their relationships seriously ,they feel like it’s ok to just walk out of someone’s life and leave them hurt. However, every relationship has their issues and looking from the outside,we can’t really tell what’s really happening but some people really need to read this.
    Nice one ,Anna.

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    1. The reason behind most failed relationships is unreasonable expectations and desires-communivation too; it’s like oxygen in every relationship.

      About walking out of someone’s life or leaving your partner, I strongly believe the red flags and warning would have been clear enough for certain relationships. But if that’s absent, there is always therapy and self love if heartbroken.

      Thank you for the wonderful comment 🤝👏❤


  2. You somewhere said that in real life one learns more about someone at the end of a relationship and not at the beginning… But, there are those relationships that don’t end and I want to believe us who have been hurt a lot in relationships are praying and preparing ourselves to that kind.

    We will get to know more about someone in the middle of the journey and when we love everything we are getting and giving we will stick to that journey till death does us apart.

    Thanks for sharing. I pray God gives you a kind of love so different from those that fail. May He open your eyes to couples living a love life that people think is fantasy yet it’s real. Everyone deserves better. Enjoy your single life for now and when you get noticed and pinned down, may you continuously glow.

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    1. I believe in exceptions; and your comments clearly defines your faith in that also.
      You are right when you say that there is an exception for some relationships👏

      To be honest, I like your perspective but sometimes, it isn’t as it always seems. I’m not heartbroken or lonely because I have made a post about bad relationships. I clearly didn’t state that information in my post.
      I decided to talk about the constant Problems several young adults and partners encounter in their relationships with some solutions to them.

      I believe in love and I will always do. To your prayer, I say Amen. And I pray also that God strengthens your relationship with people you love and care about.

      Thank you for visiting Anna’s Styles. A blog that gives you a little bit of everything. Do read our previous posts. Have a great day👏❤

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    1. I believe the faster you indulge in a relationship, the more you have to lose.
      From relationship, there should be peace and love and harmony. But if yours always brings you sorrow, you might want to leave

      Thank you Esther❤


  4. Such a good post. I have had relationships where I have been very controlled and abused. I’m single now and I do look bad like “What was I thinking”!!

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    1. Hello dear,

      When I read your comment, I was deeply touched by your confidence and courage to talk about your story to encourage others. If you don’t mind, can we communicate via email? Maybe schedule an interview with you? What do you think?

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  5. Great article Anna ! I can resonate with so many points you shared and particularly like the comment on great relationship start with ourselves.

    Indeed relationships are so fundamental in our human life…Whether it is with families and friends; or business associates and colleagues; or romantic relationships; or even with strangers we come across in our daily lives, every thought we have and every act we perform is connected to relationships.

    Good relationships are so important to our happiness ! Thank you very much for sharing your insights 🙏.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Human relationship is as fundamental as you say. Everyday is a beginning and an opportunity for self growth but that can only be possible when we surround ourselves to the right people and build healthy relationships.

      My aim is to highlight important things about life and help those struggling with them to overcome them.

      Thank you for reading💙🌹

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