How To Deal With Depression

Theme Of The Month: Dark Humor Positivity

Eat Healthy. There’s one magic thing that happens when I’m sad and my brother shoves a doughnut in my mouth. Its called happiness. All happiness for me depends on a good food. I don’t know what it is for you. First, eat a nice cooked breakfast and you can change the world. People who love to eat are always the best people. They don’t even have to talk back to you with their mouths full. Truth be told, I may look like I’m having deep thoughts about my life sometimes, but there’s 99% chance I’m thinking about what I’ll eat later. Somebody dies and we eat food during the burial for our grief, funny how that works.

Get Enough Sleep. I wonder how people get depressed when you can always sleep and dream sweet dreams. Sleep solves everything. I know depression makes it hard to sleep or close your eyes. But try counting sheep’s sometimes. It works for me. Always. Good things never come from sleep deprivation. Sometimes, we weigh yourselves down by not sleeping much. You may think it’s depression, it’s your brain yelling at you to close your eyes and hit that coconut head of yours on a pillow. Why are you depressed in the first place? Remind me.

Take On Responsibilities. When you are depressed, you may want to pull back from responsibilities. And that’s where the problem lies. If you had a car to clean, five dozen plates to wash, projects to do, kids to babysit and money to work hard for, how dare you get depressed? Behind every depressed individual is a idle and boring life. You think you have a reason to be depressed? My neighbor bought a hula-hoop and it’s fits her, I mean, it’s her size. You still have a reason? No you don’t. What I find annoying is when high school kids get depressed because they weren’t asked out for a dance or movie by their crush. Hello, you’ve got homework to do and your crush has a room to clean. You’re not depressed, you’re just a lazy pig.

Challenge Negative Thoughts. Fighting depression is like fighting your mental health. You may have to hit your head countless times on your shoe rack, but trust me, it’s worth it. At least you got to silence that little dude trying to get you to jump off the cliff. And it doesn’t matter if your head aches for a year. Life is valuable. Instead of always thinking about the worst, try to be mentally hilarious. There you go, now laugh at my jokes because I know they are funny. What do you call a sleeping bull? Bulldozer, ey? If you didn’t laugh to that, you need help. Not just any other type of help. Mental and spiritual help. I know a doctor that can do them both. Call it a promo from me.

Do Something New. When I say this, it doesn’t have to do with learning chess or monopoly. That would be inviting depression at its high peek. Struggling to win a game like chess is adding anger to depression. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen. What’s more refreshing that trying out different recipes? And again we are back to food. You could also take a language class. Learn a new language and you can easily talk to yourself in a more interesting way. Since we all want to be depressed and mad. Its ok to talk to the yourself. Its ok to even ask yourself questions. But when you ask yourself to repeat what you just said, you have a problem. And it’s far from depression. Go out, do something new even if it has to be stealing cakes from bakers. Don’t forget to snatch up candles too. Then invite everyone including your imaginary friends.

Avoid Alcohol And Drugs. Drug abuse is common with people who are depressed. You don’t need drugs to be high in life. You can climb a staircase, stool or even an elevator. You’ll be high above the ground. Don’t let your life go up in smokes. Who needs alcohol to get high when you’ve got me? Picture me on a nice dress sniffing flowers and smiling to you in a garden. Now, that’s worth being high for. Not those substances that decolorize your humanity.

Visit A Therapist. Funny how my last advice ended with this? Its because this people are really good with dealing with issues like this. You know, when I’m having a hard time. I talk to a therapist. Myself. Apparently, I am a very good therapist. So if you’ve got a problem, or you feel like giving up, you can always visit a therapist or talk to me. I can always help. What are friends for? I’ll leave you with some words. Don’t ever think everyone hates you.

Not Everyone Has Met You.

  • Why I Applied To Minerva University( The School With The Lowest Acceptance Rate In The World). Do I Think I Would Get In?
    What Makes Minerva Different From Other Universities?  I believe Minerva is the best university in the world. To begin with, Minerva adopts a global experience. Is Minerva Accredited?  Yes. Minerva is accredited by the Western Senior College And University Commission Association Of Schools And Colleges (WASC). How Did I Discover Minerva University? The first time I heard about Minerva was in 11th grade. I had just been accepted to EducationUSA Abuja. A Minervian was a member of the group and she was sharing her story, of how she was accepted to Minerva despite her low SAT score and Waec result. What Inspired Me To Apply To Minerva? Then she said, “You should apply to Minerva, I think it’s a school for people like you..” For people like me? I laughed. And I asked her “Me? Minerva? With My Carton Brain?” Minerva is everything I have ever wanted. A chance to liberate me, a place to grow and develop my talents. One thing was clear to me after reading through their website for over 2 hours that night. MINERVA IS INTERESTED IN MY STORY. And that’s why I applied to this institution. I submitted my application yesterday. Yes! Congratulations to me. I finished my application early this month but I had to wait for my counselor to upload my documents. Overall, I think Minerva’s application process is interesting and unique. It provides an opportunity for you to define yourself and what matters to you. It helps you to critically think about different issues that are absent in most admission processes. The application process allows you to open up yourself to the admissions committee and I believe this is Minerva’s greatest strength.  Do I Think I Would Get In? I don’t know! As I have mentioned a thousand times, Minerva is unique from other schools. The only person you have to compete with for a spot at Minerva is yourself. Once you have exceeded their bar, you will get in with financial aid. What Is My Advise To Those Applying To Minerva? Before you apply to Minerva, ask yourself these questions: Why do I want to attend Minerva? Am I ready to be rigorously challenged? Am I an extrovert(I will make another post regarding this)? Do I love to travel? Good luck to everyone applying to Minerva and other colleges. I know this period can be so stressful and exhausting, but be patient and work hard. God will do it for you! 
  • How To Seek And Build Knowledge From Good Sources
    1. Be Curious: Having a curious mind or being curious is the first step in gaining knowledge. A curious mind is filled with insightful questions and actively seeks answers. Take a look at your personality or reflect and see if you are naturally curious about the things around you, your community or anything you happen to come across. The questions you ask determine the kind of answers you receive and they lead you to the path of learning. When a curious mind hits a wall, they seek knowledge and when they find that knowledge, they melt down that wall. Therefore, curiosity is the road to lifelong learning. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.
  • It’s My Birthday Today!
    It’s my birthday today! 365 days have passed since the last time I celebrated my last birthday. It still feels like yesterday and I cannot describe how fast time flies.  Within the last 365 days, I have cried, laughed, danced, rejoiced, mourned, and learned crucial life lessons. But most importantly, I have become a better person and I have taken a step towards my life goals. This is an appreciation post for the life I have lived for the past 1 year. 
  • How To Make Fewer Comparisons
    What Steps Did I Take To Make Fewer Comparisons? I Recognized That Everyone Is Flawed And Imperfect: I believe that the major cause of my inferiority complex was my inability to recognize that everyone is flawed and perfection is impossible. I wanted to change a lot of things about my life because I felt that these features and characteristics made me weird. But in reality, they made me unique. Everyone is flawed. I Helped Others. There is nothing better and more satisfying than reaching out and helping people. I believe that what matters at the end of everything is not what you have or your accomplishments, it’s about who you have helped and what you have given back to this world.
  • The Nothingness Of Nothing
    The nothingness of nothing We come into this world with nothing Our purpose, to make something out of nothing The end, we leave with nothing.

40 thoughts on “How To Deal With Depression

  1. Although everyone has a reason behind their depressed state,I believe you have the power to choose what hurts you and what doesn’t. The stress of growing up in Nigeria gives you no time to even think about anything let alone depression

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  2. “Picture me on a nice dress sniffing flowers and smiling to you in a garden.”

    HAha That’s Hilarious Dear Annabel And Anything That Makes Us

    Put On A Silly Smile And Particularly Releasing

    A Giggle With No Restraint

    (When i Dance Around the
    Neighborhood Block with
    My Wife and Sister They
    Say my Laughs Are So
    Loud Now They Will

    {My Cosmic Sneezes too}

    Awaken the Dead
    From their Slumber)

    (i kid You Not Before
    A Hurricane Was
    Coming And it
    Was So Very
    Cloudy i Said
    Just Wait There will
    Be A Rainbow Next

    And Sure As Heaven
    On Earth A Rainbow
    Shown Through the
    Dark Grey Clouds
    Not more than 10
    Seconds Later of
    Course These Kind
    of Miracles Happen
    Almost Constantly
    Now to me Every Day

    As The Power of Belief
    Faith And Hope Will Even
    Make Rainbows of Love
    Come Before A Hurricane!)

    Is A Most Excellent

    Preventative Medicine

    For Depression Indeed

    Oh My God i am Practically

    An Expert on Depression and
    Anxiety in Fact my Old Air Force
    Psychiatrist Who Treated Combat
    Fatigue in Desert Wars Said i Was

    His Most Challenging Case of All i Kid

    You Not Back in the Dead Zone Days of
    Close to 2008 When i Suffered From 19 Medical
    Disorders Including the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
    Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia That No Drug Would Touch
    Wake to Sleep for 66 Months Shut-in my Bedroom All Related
    to Chronic To Acute Work-Related Stress for 11 Years Before that

    (All Life Threatening in Synergy With No Prognosis for Recovery)

    my Doctor Even Wanted

    To See if Insurance Would

    (of Course Insurance Didn’t)

    Cover a last Resort of Putting

    in An Electronic Device in my Chest
    to Stimulate my Vagal Nerve to Feel

    Any Feelings at all as Long Past my Memory
    For Even What A Smile Ever Felt like then Yes

    Land of the Zombies, Ghost Wandering the Earth
    Not Realizing He Was Living Dead That Was Me
    Then A Man With No Face or EYes of Inhaling Peace

    And Exhaling Love
    At All No Warm Fuzzy
    Purring Comfort From Petting

    A Cat In Fact As My Hand Reached

    To Pat His Head Softly His Ears Reared
    Back Like The Evil Dead Was About to Touch

    Him Then Beyond Sad that Was So Lost i only

    Hoped For Pain to Feel Anything At All And

    i Already Had that in a Place of Hell

    Where 1 Second is A Thousand

    Years of Hell in Other
    Words All is Time

    Yet in the Kingdom of Heaven

    Within Now THere is No Time at all

    Just Like They Talked About the End
    of Time in this Generation Always Now

    in the New Testament of Those Old Bible Scripts too…

    Yes, Hell Is Real, Yes Purgatory is Real, Yes Heaven is Real too…

    All The Metaphors May Not Make Feel or Sense Until We Actually Go


    Now And

    Come Back with
    Compassion and Forgiveness
    For All of Creation Reborn Rising
    From the Ashes of the Phoenix
    of Our Wings Rising from the FireS AGAiN my FRiEnD…

    i Suggest MaKinG All of LiFE A Positive Poetry Prompt All
    Events And Experiences DarK Thru LiGHT Singing And Of Course
    Dancing Naked in A Private Garden of Eden of Your Own Choosing

    of Course as that

    Applies to Verse
    37 of the Gospel of
    Thomas As attributed to

    Jesus That is really Just a Metaphor

    To Drop All the CuLTuraL Tools that
    Separate Ourselves From Our God Nature
    Free Within And That’s Hard to Do Yet when

    One Arrives it Becomes Much Easier to Even
    Forgive A Devil Like a Person Was Before and
    Help Another Devil Perhaps Rise Out of the Ashes too…

    There is Depression So Far Beyond Sadness and Grief

    That Even Demons Will Fear to Tread Where Just a Fantasy

    of Dousing Oneself With Flames And Catching Fire Forever

    Seems Even Like

    Heaven in

    Hell Then…

    It’s So Hard to Put into

    Words It’s Impossible

    to Fit in Empty Shell on A Beach

    Where the Living Sea Creature

    Of Our Soul is Only Shells Scattered

    On the Beach With No Inhale of Peace or Exhale of Love…

    ‘Joy to the World’ A Little Earth Wind And Fire Will Surely Lift Our Spirits Up!

    And Don’t Wait For Christmas Only one Day of the Year For We Humans Truly
    Have the Ability Now to Leave Our Christmas Trees Up Ever-Green Year Around
    And Wire Ourselves Within With Even More Colorful New Lights Than Ever Before!

    To Shine Out For The
    Entire World Free

    Love Becoming
    Kind And Queen

    Of all of Existence
    Caring So Much LoVE iN Deed…

    With Least Harm to All of Course too mY FRiEnD..:)


      1. SMiles Good Morning
        From Florida to You
        As Well in Lands

        Of Africa

        All Humans
        May Share Hope
        Love Faith And Belief

        Over Despair Distrust
        Fear of The DarK And
        Cynical oF LiGHT

        A Place
        oF LiGHT
        WHeRE TRuTH

        my FRiEnD🙌❤️😊

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  3. Oh my gosh, Anna. I’m in a really boring class and I just read this and laughed out loud!😅😅
    Are you trying to get me in trouble with my lecturer?🙄😅
    Thank you so much for talking about a really serious issue in such a light hearted manner.😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah girl, you did, for real!
        I’ll be sure to let him know once you can give me the assurance that he won’t tab me in front of the class.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. So very helpful. I definitely try to keep myself occupied when I feel depression creeping it. I’m going to share this with my friends.

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