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New Year Resolutions

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My First New Year Resolution is to stop procrastinating so much. I’ll post the rest tomorrow or the day after. What exactly are new year resolutions? Because the way I see it, you all are just making a to do list for the first week of January. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but are you seriously making that list again? May all your troubles last as long as your new year resolutions. Period. Ok, I take that back. New year resolutions are casual promises that we are under no legal obligations to fulfill.

Now To The Second Thing On My List. I was going to surprise my mom and try to quit all my bad habits, but then it occurred to me that no one likes a quitter. In fact, I don’t have any bad habits, I am good at all of them. Did I write a new year resolution list? Yes. Did I promise to stop ignoring people? Yes. Would I fulfill it? No. Would I die? No. Would I remain a good comrade? Yes. I don’t need a new year resolution when I’m perfect. Perfect at being the most imperfect being on earth. I don’t care if you don’t understand. It’s part of my new year list; leave everyone that doesn’t understand me behind.

This Year I Resolve To Relax More. I’ve decided that instead of getting a new me this year. I will just get a new everybody. Since you all from last year are duck heads. New year, new me. Nah. New year, new contacts. You all from 2021 were clearly too poor for my liking. The only resolution I haven’t broken is the one about not working hard. Don’t expect any new year resolution from me. I plan on staying the same, awkward, sarcastic, foul-mouthed delight that you all have come to know.

New year, old regrets. I can’t believe it’s being a year that I didn’t become a better person. I am actually feeling okay about not accomplishing anything last year. Now, its time to make old mistakes in new ways. One of my new year resolutions is to love myself above everyone else. Done. I just did that. I wanted to start this new year with a laugh. But I guess I want to start it now with a credit alert. Now, run me some cash. And enough of those happy new year bullshit messages. Some of us are not happy yunno. And some of you won’t have a prosperous year ahead. Just twelve months of political drama and posting memes on social media.

My New Year Blessings. May this year bring you more problems, more tears, and more pains. Don’t get me wrong, I just want you to be stronger. To be honest, I simply just want to finish my resolution from 2013. What was it again? To be heartless and fearless. I’m tired of being everyone’s favorite girl. I can’t believe we are all going to pretend to be better people this new year again. I am tired of all this new year, new me bollocks. Last year, I was fabulous and this year, I will be more fabulous. If you can’t handle that, you should have better stayed behind with 2021.

It doesn’t matter whether your resolutions are funny New Years resolutions or serious ones, but it does matter that your word and resolve is so useless that you can’t keep a promise to yourself. But you do expect your boyfriend to keep his promises to be a better partner. No one cares if you resolve to “diet more”“die less”“eat better”“smell worse”, or just “give up on everything”. What we do care about is that you don’t beg us for money this new year. Because I am personally going into this new year with anger issues. This New Year, make resolutions that you are going to keep. “I will break my other New Years resolutions within the first week” is at least one that is accurate, as is “I will diet for two weeks and go back to eating pretty much anything I want after that”.

New Year, New Love Life. Let us celebrate this New Year in honor of the time we successfully wasted in relationships last year. And to those of us who couldn’t trust our lovers last year, it’s another year to trust them even less. Another year to push everyone away and focus on ourselves because no one would truly make plans for you except you. I pity those of you who think I would be going into this new year single especially those of you who think I will be dating this new year. I promise to confuse you all this year regarding my relationship status. Because why not? This year, I would work hard to love less because last year was full of lies from fake people. But for the one who truly makes me happy, Thanks for being my partner in crime all through the year. Here’s to a Happy New Year together. Isï okpo.

A Happy New Year. I don’t need a new year resolution to be a better person. I will always be better than I was every minute. I won’t give up till I am better than the best. This new year, may we all try to hold onto what’s truly important. May we learn to focus on ourselves till the focus is on us. May we try to be better at what we do. To the girls, it’s a new year to be more stupid just to get attention. Don’t be stupid. To the boys, it’s another year to stick your stick in every hole you see. Don’t be foolish. And generally, it’s another year for everyone of us to be silly till we learn to acknowledge what’s truly important. And for the question you do have in your heart. Yes, I do have a new year resolution.

To remain wicked.

  • How To Make Fewer Comparisons
    What Steps Did I Take To Make Fewer Comparisons? I Recognized That Everyone Is Flawed And Imperfect: I believe that the major cause of my inferiority complex was my inability to recognize that everyone is flawed and perfection is impossible. I wanted to change a lot of things about my life because I felt that these features and characteristics made me weird. But in reality, they made me unique. Everyone is flawed. I Helped Others. There is nothing better and more satisfying than reaching out and helping people. I believe that what matters at the end of everything is not what you have or your accomplishments, it’s about who you have helped and what you have given back to this world.
  • Why I Applied To Minerva University( The School With The Lowest Acceptance Rate In The World). Do I Think I Would Get In?
    What Makes Minerva Different From Other Universities?  I believe Minerva is the best university in the world. To begin with, Minerva adopts a global experience. Is Minerva Accredited?  Yes. Minerva is accredited by the Western Senior College And University Commission Association Of Schools And Colleges (WASC). How Did I Discover Minerva University? The first time I heard about Minerva was in 11th grade. I had just been accepted to EducationUSA Abuja. A Minervian was a member of the group and she was sharing her story, of how she was accepted to Minerva despite her low SAT score and Waec result. What Inspired Me To Apply To Minerva? Then she said, “You should apply to Minerva, I think it’s a school for people like you..” For people like me? I laughed. And I asked her “Me? Minerva? With My Carton Brain?” Minerva is everything I have ever wanted. A chance to liberate me, a place to grow and develop my talents. One thing was clear to me after reading through their website for over 2 hours that night. MINERVA IS INTERESTED IN MY STORY. And that’s why I applied to this institution. I submitted my application yesterday. Yes! Congratulations to me. I finished my application early this month but I had to wait for my counselor to upload my documents. Overall, I think Minerva’s application process is interesting and unique. It provides an opportunity for you to define yourself and what matters to you. It helps you to critically think about different issues that are absent in most admission processes. The application process allows you to open up yourself to the admissions committee and I believe this is Minerva’s greatest strength.  Do I Think I Would Get In? I don’t know! As I have mentioned a thousand times, Minerva is unique from other schools. The only person you have to compete with for a spot at Minerva is yourself. Once you have exceeded their bar, you will get in with financial aid. What Is My Advise To Those Applying To Minerva? Before you apply to Minerva, ask yourself these questions: Why do I want to attend Minerva? Am I ready to be rigorously challenged? Am I an extrovert(I will make another post regarding this)? Do I love to travel? Good luck to everyone applying to Minerva and other colleges. I know this period can be so stressful and exhausting, but be patient and work hard. God will do it for you! 
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    1. Be Curious: Having a curious mind or being curious is the first step in gaining knowledge. A curious mind is filled with insightful questions and actively seeks answers. Take a look at your personality or reflect and see if you are naturally curious about the things around you, your community or anything you happen to come across. The questions you ask determine the kind of answers you receive and they lead you to the path of learning. When a curious mind hits a wall, they seek knowledge and when they find that knowledge, they melt down that wall. Therefore, curiosity is the road to lifelong learning. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.
  • It’s My Birthday Today!
    It’s my birthday today! 365 days have passed since the last time I celebrated my last birthday. It still feels like yesterday and I cannot describe how fast time flies.  Within the last 365 days, I have cried, laughed, danced, rejoiced, mourned, and learned crucial life lessons. But most importantly, I have become a better person and I have taken a step towards my life goals. This is an appreciation post for the life I have lived for the past 1 year. 
  • The Nothingness Of Nothing
    The nothingness of nothing We come into this world with nothing Our purpose, to make something out of nothing The end, we leave with nothing.

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