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A Gift For The New Year

Hello my dear readers,

I can’t believe it’s 365 days already. This year has been amazing and I am happy to see the last day of it.

Special Things That Happened To Me This Year.

  • I graduated from high school with a great result.
  • I became a publisher for Apple
  • I upgraded my WordPress plan
  • I became closer to my dad
  • I worked with so many authors
  • And I am still alive

To celebrate the new year, I will be announcing my partnership with Andile H Latha, an award winning South African author.

We will be gifting $50, 3 laptops, Tee shirts and lots of amazing prices to lucky winners . But yes, there is a price for that.

Click Here

The link above will direct you to his book on Amazon titled The Mark Of Cupid’s Arrow which you can order for just as low as $2.99. Once you have read his book, you can make a book review post on his book. Please do tag me so I can see your post. The best reviews will be selected for the amazing prices. Just so you know, everyone will be a winner. You can chose to start today or wait any longer.

This book of poetry(for all poetry lovers) is published in English and has just 62 pages. This is a book of poetry snatched from the anguish of life. The poems are of loss, love, and learning. The collection in this book follows the life of a young man in love for the first time. It paints his pain, his hope, and his desire to do better and be better. The reader will enter a world of upheaval, but also of salvation and promise.

Use this link to read this book on Amazon. If you do not have a website or blog but you still wish to participate, you can order this book and send an amazing review via my email. Remember to include all your contact details.

Book worms I would love to tag

Whispering Stories

The Dramatic People



Thrills, Spills And A Dash Of Romance

The Quiet Reader

And everyone else on WordPress.

Happy New Year To Everyone



22 thoughts on “A Gift For The New Year

    1. Ah I wish I could do this but at the moment I’m busy with a lot of studies so I might do it later if that’s possible. Thank you for tagging me, Anna. Also there’s a slight mistake in spelling my name. The ‘g’ in my name Devangi is missing. Thank you and wish you a bright New Year 🙂

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