A woman in a man’s world

Just for clarity, I am not a feminist. That’s was probably your first thought whilst reading the title, another feminist, a self-proclaimed life coach/adviser or should I say, an angry woman who doesn’t know her place. Well, you could think whatever you like, I just don’t like labels for myself. And just to be on the same page, women have it hard too; the fallacy that we just have everything dumped on our laps is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. I am not trying to invalidate the experiences of men because I also have some very interesting takes on men suffering from the effects of the patriarchy, but for this topic I will only be discussing about what women face because I am one.

Have you ever felt like the only thing you’re good for is to be sold off? Have you ever felt like your existence doesn’t matter because you were only born to complete someone else’s life? Have you ever felt like you had to hold down your aspirations and desires because you might bring shame to the family? Have you ever felt like the main responsibilities you were taught to have as a person was to cook, clean and bear children? Have you ever feared for you safety at night because you might get raped? I don’t know about you, but I have felt these and way worse.

Women are often told to pray for a good husband, who would be rich but humble, confident but not proud and a little bit harsh but understanding. Someone willing to let you follow your passion, and I just think, isn’t that an injustice to men in the first place, to have all those requirements to be considered a real man and husband and secondly to the woman because she’s an adult, she can decide whatever she want with her life and it also makes her look feeble minded and too vulnerable, not that vulnerability is a bad thing.

In African homes mainly, it’s some sort of achievement when your children get married, especially your daughters. Mothers have a high sense of pride when they know that their daughters have their own families, but sometimes for the females it’s the worst feeling ever, that at the end of the day, that was your only value. I understand that as human beings, we are hard wired to want companionship, but must it be imposed in us? Must we be the ones to be good and meek, a little bit shy and almost every time innocent, free from all the dark stains of life and ready to be served?

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Because we are naturally disadvantaged, from the age of 45 and beyond we may not be able to give birth to children any longer, so for every woman, it is advised that you get married when you’re younger. Getting married at a younger age isn’t only where the problem stops though, problems like birth complications, being able to cook, being a good wife material and all the bullshit that comes from being a wife, probably even enduring domestic abuse.

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In all honestly, I know we have a very long way to go concerning topics relating to gender, I also know about all the debates going on about how men are the providers and women are the housewives I guess, with supporting evidence like the muscle mass, bone structure and testosterone, but must we suffer for nature?

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34 thoughts on “A woman in a man’s world

  1. True true😪😪
    A woman’s world is a completely hectic one…so much responsibilities and we can barely think for ourselves.

    I always love to read your posts. Adds so much style to this website🤩❤

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  2. Am smiling as I read this, because I can vividly remember us having this argument or rather taking about this topic back then in school….
    And I love the fact that you sharing your ideas with the world……💕💕💕
    Certainly not a feminist

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  3. Hi, so, your first sentence, ‘Just to clarify, I am not a feminist’, was a real put-off, since feminists aren’t people who want women’s right above men’s- we just want equal rights for everyone.

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    1. I was really hoping to not give off that idea… Feminist do wonderful things, but I felt like I didn’t want to be labeled, not for fear but because those issues frustrated her, must she or he be given a name to give those views? That was sincerely the idea in my heard… But I apologize that it sounded offensive..


      1. Defensive on an article about womens issues? Wouldn’t that be hypocritical of me… Thanks for your Input though, we learn every day

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    1. Wow… I had no idea that the issue was bigger than I thought it was, I mean being labeled a feminist.. Honestly, for me I thought I could just write about issues which disturbed me alot. But it seems I need to research more on the problems feminist face to be well versed with the concept.. Someone had already commented on the issue and said it felt like I was being defensive.. But if you felt offended I am truly sorry..

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      1. Oh no I wasn’t offended at all. No need to apologise🧡. I have just met people that say they believe in gender equality especially for women but then go to say they are not Feminist. So it confuses me, I’m just learning to accept that some people don’t like being labelled as a one.

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    2. And in all honesty, I might have been defensive.. Here, in Nigeria, my school particularly, I have had very bad encounters with people who say they’re feminists.. So I might have internally wanted to differentiate myself…

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      1. And I understand that. I know a couple of people that feel this same way about being labelled as feminist.

        I have also met people that do and say things as feminist and I’m like ‘Noo, that’s not feminism dear’. I am still learning as well ,there’s soo much more to it.

        Also, there are different types of feminism so maybe you are actually different. Researching will give you more clarity.

        Great Post, nonetheless 👏 🧡

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  5. I am working on a manuscript on women’s inequalty ttiled, *The Gender Gap* & your post herein is a literary godseed. You are extraordinary with your writing new ideas!

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  6. Woman is the Mother of Mankind
    Woman is the Moral Fiber of Civilization
    Woman is man’s First Teacher
    Woman is smarter than man
    if you encounter a Man smarter than a woman
    Woman you meet 1 man out of 100 with 99 hanging in the balance

    By: Van Prince

    I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can
    be a woman in it.- Marilyn Monroe

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