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The Cost Of Love

To Understand Love, You Must Know It’s Cost. Literally and figuratively, love costs alot. But true love doesn’t cost a thing. All a woman needs is food, wifi and a roof above her head. Any woman trying to get you to give her more than that should be returned to the streets. I don’t get upset when my man ignores me for football. I just have to remind him that I have his credit card pin. There you go. And he will be making me dinner in no time. Love doesn’t cost a thing. It’s trying to make your partner happy that costs so much. Therefore, dear men, you have a choice to make. Bone straight or Nike sneakers? Ayyyy.

Women are meant to be loved, and not understood. But how hard is it to understand women? We like wigs, compliments, cuddles, naps, Disney movies, yoga pants and shopping. That’s it. It won’t cost much to understand a woman. But what happens after understanding a woman is what matters. Now leave her by the road side and run. Run for your dear life. Every woman is nice and understandable at the first week of February. After the third week, hell would descend on you. Because why not? You didn’t read the manuals dear. Don’t fall in love, fall off a bridge. It hurts less.

Letting Go. To be in love is to let go of everything and accompanying that one person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with. And that’s why I pledge to never fall in love. Love is like an hour glass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties. The only relationship that I have is with my wifi. We have a connection. Some of us can’t let go of anything for our partners and it doesn’t have to do with selfishness or fake love. It’s about trying to avoid dying of hunger. You only let go when he can feed you and still keep some extra change for your wardrobe. Any other thing is shalaye. I cannot come and kill myself and die for you.

Relationships are costlier than love. If you get what I mean, you’re a genius. If money grew in trees, some of you won’t mind dating monkeys. In reality, some of you are already dating monkeys. If I had a boyfriend like yours, waking up in the midnight to stare at his face would be an extreme sport for me. Funny that some women wear diamond rings and still cheat on their partner. It’s not money or love that keeps a woman. Nothing keeps a woman. Everything is on God.

Money is good but love is wealth. Love doesn’t care how much money you have. It actually cares about how much money you give. The only thing women love more than money is power. The power to control money. Money don’t spoil relationships, it reveals the seriousness in relationships. So many men think women want just money, cars and gifts. Well, you’re right. I additionally want a land in lekki, a private jet, shawarma and cold Pepsi. Life is not about money. It’s about relationships; Our relationship with money. Don’t loose guard comrades.

People change after getting money. Some men only treat you right because they are financially weak. Once they have the money, you will realize how horrible they are. Never love someone for their money. Love them for their heart. That’s my advice to you. It doesn’t mean I actually follow it. Nothing hurts more than dating a financially poor partner. If you don’t have money, don’t go into a relationship. And if you must, notify us on time. Start the conversation like “Hey girl, I am poor but I want you to be my better half.” You can then wait for a yes or no. Poor boys are always funny. They make you laugh and forget their miserable condition. They have nothing to offer but memes and jokes. Get out abeg.

Behind every untrusting girl, is a guy who lied, cheated, and broke his promises to her. But stay strong and make them wonder why you are smiling. Love costs a lot; your heart which pumps blood, your mind which controls your life activities and your wallet. Anyone who tells you true love doesn’t involve money is only ready to double your life problems. But when you place money above love, you’re only a gold digger with a very large shovel. And dear boys, you can’t be broke and ugly..

Pick A Struggle.

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5 thoughts on “The Cost Of Love

  1. “The Cost of Love”:

    About 28 Cents, The Price
    of ‘Ramen Soup,’ When You
    Ask Your Wife What She Ate
    For Supper When She Insists
    You Have the Left-Overs From the

    Fancy Restaurant Earlier

    in the Day Hehe

    Dear Annabel
    There Are So
    Many Other Perks
    When The Wife’s Language
    of Love is Acts of Service Yet Mine

    Is Touch Much More Than Hers hehe

    Yet those Left-Overs Sure Are Good and
    Really i Don’t Mind Ramen Soup Either Ate
    A Lot of it Working my Way Through School


    IT’S really a Miracle i Ever Got married
    Considering i Started Off Making $3.69 An Hour
    After Earning 3 Degrees Close to the Top of the Class

    i Just never really cared about making money and really
    it was easier to Just to keep on Living at Home till almost 30-
    Years-Old too as Sure i lived With Girl FRiEnDS and my Sister
    Off and on too and Sure Had My own Place For a Few months

    too Nothing too Regular Just Barely Hanging in the Game of Life
    Free Enough to Survive at Least Yet Without Much Money Living at Home

    And a Car With No Heater or Air-Conditioner i Kept Driving 16 Years hehe
    With a Second Engine Driving A Quarter of A Million Miles Total to Complete
    A 5-Year Commute to the Next City At University, At One Point Working 3 Part
    Time Jobs With a Full Work-Load At School, It Was really Amazing i Had Any

    Girl-Friends at
    All Yet i Did Have
    An Interesting Mix
    of Girl FRiEnDS too Yet
    Today i Will Not Digress into
    All the Interesting and Strange
    Adventures Associated With That

    Life is Such A Challenge And Love Is Perhaps
    The Greatest Challenge Yet It’s True When the Making
    Money is No Longer Part of Life And Your Wife Insists on


    Soup So You
    Can Have All
    Her Delicious Left-Overs
    Even When She Could Afford
    to Buy Another Dinner At the
    Fancy Restaurant in Other Words
    Naturally All Low Maintenance And Part
    of the Reason i Was Able to Retire no Longer
    Working For Pay By Age 47 For 14 Whole Years Now

    is it Any Wonder

    i Am Probably the
    Happiest Dude on

    Earth, Well No, Not Exactly
    Dear Annabel it’s All About
    Perspective of Where We’ve Been
    Before And How We’ve Evolved through
    All the Thorns of Purgatory and HeLL ON EartH

    If We Are Lucky Enough to Still Be FLoWeRS Instead

    of THoRNS

    We Tend to
    Rise As Roses
    Still Blooming Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling Love Free

    Now the Cost of Love IS TOTALLY FREE
    Now the Cost of Love IS TOTALLY FREE

    I Don’t Aim for Any Goals Really i Just
    Love For Free

    LoVinG iT All
    DarK Thru
    LiGHT For Free…

    Real Golden Age LoVE iNDeeD..:)


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