I Know Fools

I Know Fools who don’t believe in love. They say love doesn’t exist. But lust is alive and well. They believe love doesn’t come to those who wait but those who flirt. They don’t believe in love at first sight but lust at first sight. Even if you don’t believe in God, you have to believe in love. If you don’t believe in love, you are the greatest fool. For out of love were you born. You say you don’t love because you don’t believe it exists. But you’re only scared of being vulnerable to someone. You’re scared you may not be enough for those you want. You’re only desperate to hide your weakness. You’re weak but love makes you stronger. You’re am empty vessel with no hope of restoration. I know certain fools who are empty vessels. Shame on you if you let such people deceive you. For love is rare but fake words and promises are everywhere. Real love is something you feel, you see and you show. But fake love is just words and nothing more. But you, you give me fake love because you think I am stupid. One of the cruelest things a person can do is to awaken someone’s love without the intention of truly loving them. You don’t need to waste your time on someone who only wants you around when it fits their needs. And when someone hurts you, hunt them and break every bone in their body. And get yourself two scoops of ice cream afterwards. Remember, two scoops. You deserve it for being with an @sshole.

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I Know Fools who don’t believe in God. Well, you have to believe in God because there are some questions that even google can’t answer. Faith is like wifi. It’s invisible but it can connect you to what you need. You may not like guns or believe in God but when someone breaks into your home, the first thing you do is call someone who has a gun and pray they get there in time. Who are you praying to? God is good even when life is not. Believe in him. Atheism is like a fish denying the existence of water. For Christianity, in the beginning, there was an ultimate being, who created everything. For atheists, in the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded. Shame of you if you believe you are in existence through the big bang. For there is no bigger fool than you. Atheism is simply the belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and nothing magically exploded for no reason creating everything and a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. Makes perfect sense!

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I Know Fools who don’t believe in hard work. They rather murder the innocent and shed blood to achieve their aim in life. I don’t believe in magic, I believe in hard work. People kill for money or for power. But the most ruthless murderers are those who kill for their ideas. If you can find the money to kill people, you can find the money to help yourself. You are a killer. You kill people for money. So you are my enemy. I will kill you for free. Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there. Everyone has a talent but the problem is that some people can’t find theirs. Everyone is gifted but some people never open their package. They want to yank away another’s package. Grate their hands with a carrot grater if you encounter any of them. Everyone has something unique about them. Some may be the way they exceptionally tell the truth no matter how it hurts others. By the way, thank me later. Some may just be their mouth odour. You’re too lazy to even brush your tongue? Jesus Christ!

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I Know Fools who are drug addicts. Drug addicts are just so funny and foolish. Just spinning around, lost in their own little world. Doing so much, accomplishing so little. How sad. Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven. Alcoholism and drug addiction are killers of mental and physical health. Alcoholics and drug addicts are killing themselves slowly. Foolish of you to assume that alcohol and weed makes you cooler and dope. You’re dope with an empty skull? You’re smoking away every chance you have to be a human being. It’s not drugs that makes you an addict, it’s your need to escape your reality. The reality you created. You could not live with your own failure and where did that bring you back to? Drugs. Cocaine is God’s own way of telling you that you’ll never make it in life. There’s no happy ending to cocaine; you either die, go to jail or you run out. Either way, you are already wasted. And I can’t accept you even if you’re on sale for a buck. The worst part about anything that is self destructive is that it is always so intimate to the youth. Especially to those who have a staggering future. Believe it or not but you will never witness a youth with great potentials and well preserved life goals waste his life on drugs. It’s always those unfortunate fools who are nothing but fools.

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I Know Fools who abuse individuals. Women don’t get raped because they are gentle, drunk or not properly dressed. They get raped because there is a fool somewhere who is a rapist and a beast. There is no reason to be a rapist. Why would you stop acting like a human and start behaving like an animal? I wonder if rapists would advice their daughters on how to avoid rapists like them. I will never understand why it is shameful to be raped than to be a rapist. Pornography is the instruction, rape is the practice and battered women and children are the result. Zip it or we hang you. Let’s talk about people who are having sex with children. They are pedophiles and we should call them what they are. If you think slavery is a thing of the past, then you have clearly not being paying attention. If we truly want to have peace, then we must end human trafficking. Girls are beautiful, precious, sweet and courageous and also not for sale.

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I Know Fools who are unrepentant. The issue isn’t about whether someone is good or bad but whether he is repentant or unrepentant. There is no use whatsoever trying to help people who do not help themselves. You can not push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb himself. I know fools who will remain resolute and unwilling to change after reading this. Well, congratulations, you have just unlocked a whole new level of foolishness. Some people are not just missing a screw, the whole toolbox is gone. People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who actually do. Your bad habits will ruin you, your good ones will save you. The best way to stop a habit is to never begin it. But if you have, it’s not too late to stop. If you defend your bad habits, you have no intentions of quitting them. For example, I always defend my bad habit of ignoring people. I’m just letting you all know that I have no intention to quit that. There’s no excuse for being an alcoholic or drug addict. If you desire to escape reality, build a better reality. No one ever died from working hard or living a responsible life. Rather, great people died from living a careless life. I’m not saying you are a great. You might just be an exception. Better still, don’t be a nuisance to the society.

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If you don’t believe in God, it’s not too late to see a therapist. You need one. If you are going to be a better person, you must find the treatment to your problem. Because you are truly sick if you do not believe in the existence of God. But rather believe in gays, lesbians and Santa Claus. I really hope your therapist would touch your head really hard with a plank.

Whatever you do in life, never hurt others. Don’t be the reason someone is giving up on the world. If you can’t be resourceful to the world, then you have no reason to be here. There is no life without love. There is no love without life. There is nothing bad about being alone. There is no evil inl being useless. There is perfectly nothing wrong in being a monster. But there is everything wrong with making other people suffer for your ignorance.

Don’t Be A Fool…

  • How To Make Fewer Comparisons
    What Steps Did I Take To Make Fewer Comparisons? I Recognized That Everyone Is Flawed And Imperfect: I believe that the major cause of my inferiority complex was my inability to recognize that everyone is flawed and perfection is impossible. I wanted to change a lot of things about my life because I felt that these features and characteristics made me weird. But in reality, they made me unique. Everyone is flawed. I Helped Others. There is nothing better and more satisfying than reaching out and helping people. I believe that what matters at the end of everything is not what you have or your accomplishments, it’s about who you have helped and what you have given back to this world.
  • Why I Applied To Minerva University( The School With The Lowest Acceptance Rate In The World). Do I Think I Would Get In?
    What Makes Minerva Different From Other Universities?  I believe Minerva is the best university in the world. To begin with, Minerva adopts a global experience. Is Minerva Accredited?  Yes. Minerva is accredited by the Western Senior College And University Commission Association Of Schools And Colleges (WASC). How Did I Discover Minerva University? The first time I heard about Minerva was in 11th grade. I had just been accepted to EducationUSA Abuja. A Minervian was a member of the group and she was sharing her story, of how she was accepted to Minerva despite her low SAT score and Waec result. What Inspired Me To Apply To Minerva? Then she said, “You should apply to Minerva, I think it’s a school for people like you..” For people like me? I laughed. And I asked her “Me? Minerva? With My Carton Brain?” Minerva is everything I have ever wanted. A chance to liberate me, a place to grow and develop my talents. One thing was clear to me after reading through their website for over 2 hours that night. MINERVA IS INTERESTED IN MY STORY. And that’s why I applied to this institution. I submitted my application yesterday. Yes! Congratulations to me. I finished my application early this month but I had to wait for my counselor to upload my documents. Overall, I think Minerva’s application process is interesting and unique. It provides an opportunity for you to define yourself and what matters to you. It helps you to critically think about different issues that are absent in most admission processes. The application process allows you to open up yourself to the admissions committee and I believe this is Minerva’s greatest strength.  Do I Think I Would Get In? I don’t know! As I have mentioned a thousand times, Minerva is unique from other schools. The only person you have to compete with for a spot at Minerva is yourself. Once you have exceeded their bar, you will get in with financial aid. What Is My Advise To Those Applying To Minerva? Before you apply to Minerva, ask yourself these questions: Why do I want to attend Minerva? Am I ready to be rigorously challenged? Am I an extrovert(I will make another post regarding this)? Do I love to travel? Good luck to everyone applying to Minerva and other colleges. I know this period can be so stressful and exhausting, but be patient and work hard. God will do it for you! 
  • How To Seek And Build Knowledge From Good Sources
    1. Be Curious: Having a curious mind or being curious is the first step in gaining knowledge. A curious mind is filled with insightful questions and actively seeks answers. Take a look at your personality or reflect and see if you are naturally curious about the things around you, your community or anything you happen to come across. The questions you ask determine the kind of answers you receive and they lead you to the path of learning. When a curious mind hits a wall, they seek knowledge and when they find that knowledge, they melt down that wall. Therefore, curiosity is the road to lifelong learning. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.
  • It’s My Birthday Today!
    It’s my birthday today! 365 days have passed since the last time I celebrated my last birthday. It still feels like yesterday and I cannot describe how fast time flies.  Within the last 365 days, I have cried, laughed, danced, rejoiced, mourned, and learned crucial life lessons. But most importantly, I have become a better person and I have taken a step towards my life goals. This is an appreciation post for the life I have lived for the past 1 year. 
  • The Nothingness Of Nothing
    The nothingness of nothing We come into this world with nothing Our purpose, to make something out of nothing The end, we leave with nothing.

3 thoughts on “I Know Fools

  1. “And when someone hurts you, hunt them and break
    every bone in their body. And get yourself two scoops
    of ice cream afterwards. Remember, two scoops. You
    deserve it for being with an @sshole.”
    Haha, Lord Knows, if You Break All The Bones of Someone
    Ya Love Dear Annabel How Ya Gonna Love The Enemy
    To Avoid Getting Changed From Sheep to Goat By
    Direction of Matthew And Jesus For Not Following
    The Beatitudes
    And Yes Getting
    Tortured Forever in Hell
    It’s True i’ve Heard Stories About
    Fools too And You Know it is True
    It is So Challenging to Be A Fool For Love
    And Get Crucified in Someway Everyday Now
    For All the Effort of Love You Take Now For Giving
    Sharing, Caring, Freely Healing; And Yep, Somedays
    A Slowest Softest Crucifixion Comes From Never Giving Up
    On Those We Love Unconditionally Even When They Treat
    Us Less than Gum on Their Shoes as Normally They Would
    At Least
    to Remove
    The Gum From Their Shoes…
    Here’s The Thing Though, i’ve Been to
    Hell Without the Ability to Feel Any Love
    At All Without The Drive to Love That Comes
    From the Fire of Love Burning Within Here’s the
    Thing i’ve Been to Hell Where Even Being Connected
    To My Wife in Anyway or My Mother Caused me Great
    Pain As i Couldn’t Feel The Love They Gave me in the
    Empty Room in Hell i lived in the Same Room They Lived
    in Then So No Matter What i Said Or Did For them The Feeling
    Of Love
    Was Dead
    And So Very
    Numb And
    Painful Within
    Really Horrifying
    As i Lost Even the
    Memory if i ever Smiled
    Before at All Screaming Like
    that Painting ‘Scream’ At The Ceiling
    God i Understand You Are Love Why
    Have You Forsaken me without even A Tear to Cry….
    So when i Give Love, When i Share, Care, Heal Freely
    The Best i can and will now i am often Surprised one day
    When those Who Seem Like They Didn’t Care At All About me
    Like Gum on Shoes Finally Come Back And Tell me How they
    me and
    Love me
    So Very Much
    For Always Being
    There And It’s True When
    i Finally Came Back to Earth
    of Love Reborn Again i Surely
    Had That Feeling of Adoring Those
    Who Stood by my Side When i Lived in HeLL oN EartH
    It’s Hard to Sing How Someone Arrives Where They Are Now
    So Full of Love to Give or Not At All Dead Alive So i Endure Naturally
    Forgiving And Taste the Soft Crucifixion That Still Tastes Like Love Best
    And Of Course There Are Days it Hurts if Not i Wouldn’t Be Human Again
    Sing A New Song
    To Love All the
    The Fires
    to the Other
    Side of Paradise
    Inhaling Peace Exhaling
    LoVE Again my FRiEnD…
    Funny How Life Works
    You May Have No Idea How
    Much of A Treasure Today Your
    Lesson of Love is Lesson Needed by me
    Just as Much…
    ~It’s Always
    A Challenge…
    THere is NO
    Escaping the Challenge…
    And That’s Great as DarK
    Makes LiGHT/LoVE Real..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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