Hello to you my dear readers and writers. I am Annabel Anita, publisher and manager of Anna’s Styles.

I’m happy and sad(really in between the two) to announce that my website which was formerly known and also still known as Anna’s Styles has been hosted by Bluehost.

Ok, that simply means I shifted my hosting plan to blue host rather than WordPress. So I indirectly do have two blogs.

If most of you have noticed, I have been quite nonexistent on this blog and I just do a few things like reblogging some old posts and new posts from my new website.

Part of the things that suck about having a new website is not being able to import all my old posts. So it’s like really beginning again.

Anyway, I would also like to accompany these few changes with some announcements which may be beneficial to you or not.

Poetry And Short Story Submissions

We will be launching our poetry and short story submissions on my website. If you wish to submit any poem, short story or articles to be published on my website, it’s time to do it now.

We are not discriminatory and will publish every article submitted to us on our page.

If you wish to submit, please send your work to or

Alongside your work, submit your full name, website name and link to your website so we can link back to your site for readers to visit your site.

We will not however publish any article or poem which violates some of our content guidelines. Articles containing racism, sexist, hate words or speech, plagiarized poems and so on. Please note that we will not publish such articles.

If you would also like to submit your photography contents for upload, send an email with your photos. Please note that credits will be given to you for your photos.

If you would also like to collaborate with me on a post, you can leave a message in the comment and I will get back to you or you can send me an email too.

Thank you all for reading this far. Don’t forget to check out my website and subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Looking forward to your submissions.


One thought on “Announcements

  1. SMiLes Dear Annabel i’ve Been
    Inspired by What You Have Offered
    Here on Your Website And In Return
    i Will Hang Around Liking Your Posts
    Where it is Possible to Open Up Your

    Old Blog Without All the
    Pop-Up Gimmicks to make
    Money on Your New Blog

    Please Indicate Here

    If and When You
    Are Able to remove
    Them As i Will Return
    to Interact However

    Hehe, not going to a place
    Where i Get A Bunch of Pop-ups
    With A Full Screen every Time
    Demanding i Install Flash Player to make it work…

    Perhaps it is Just an Issue with Apple Products Yet

    the Less
    it No Longer
    Works to Interact…

    In Effect It’s Not
    Workable For me…

    Best Wishes For Your Future Now..:)


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