PAIN~~~ One of my greatest fears is feeling pain, any kind of pain….be it physical or emotional. Behind every happy moment… Or happy face…is pain, perfectly masked with fake smiles. Feeling pain is one thing…holding on to it is another. Holding on to a particular kind of pain from the past…hurts more than death itself. […]


11 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Hard truth about pain!
    Some pains of past are more than death.
    Pain makes scar. Some scars are permanent.
    I have undergone tremendous pain. Now also get ripples of pain.
    Only to tolerate. No way to escape. Only pain management is in progress.
    My pains are all emotional.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.
    Regards 😊🙏

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    1. Hello Arun,
      Alot happens to us to test us
      I also have felt this great pain you talk about. And when my friend wrote me this poem the morning I was crying to her, I felt that peace and happiness that someone understood me.
      I am working on myself and I know you are too. God help us to over come all that has happened. You are welcome to share your happy and sad memories with me. I will always listen❤❤

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  2. Thank you so much Anita for your support through your comments.
    I am very happy with your words, as you have written that I can share my sad moments. About five years back I was ditched very badly. It was a very painful period for me. I couldn’t share my problem to all
    I shared it whom I trusted to get some sympathy. But I didn’t.
    You can say that there was none to wipe out my tears.
    However, God blessed me with intellect.
    I have written a post my journey through books. Books saved me. I then made my mind over to the path of Enlightenment.
    I have found that path through sacred Texts.
    Please be there.
    Thank you so much. I will be in touch.
    Regards 🙏😊

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    1. I feel so bad to read what happened to you. I really did feel like I was going through a lot but you felt worse. I am so sorry no one was there for you when you truly needed someone.

      I am also happy that you have shared your story and now that you have, you have become an inspiration to me.

      I am also working on my book of poetry which I hope to independently publish on Amazon. It was really a nice to hear your story and maybe one day, I can be bold enough to share mine.

      The poem was written by my friend and I hope I have said that earlier🤭🤭

      If you would like to schedule an interview or any interesting post with me on your blog(i would really be happy to collaborate with you on a post), you can email me via annasstylescollaboration@gmail.com

      Thank you for the wonderful comment.

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      1. Anita
        Thank you so much for the support and inspiration you have extended through your reply.
        As I wrote earlier in my reply, I have got the path for acquiring higher knowledge to stop fluctuations in the mind. I have understood that whatever happens in this life has some special purpose. One can doom his or her life, other can survive for the betterment of life. As such i started extensive studies of ancient philosophy and modern science (quantum physics and quantum biology along with cosmology)
        Thereby, I found that I must have to ignore pains that someone gave me and continuously bullying me. I got strength to tolerate. I am practicing to increase tolerance to the maximum possible limit.
        It is working.
        If you have time, you may visit my blog
        ” My journey through books”
        Other sacred Texts are also there.
        Basically they are science of mind.
        Thank you so much for your support.
        I am thankful.
        Gratitude to you.
        Regards. Best wishes 😊🙏
        I am Arun from India

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      2. Thank you Arun for this wonderful reply. I am really learning a lot from you and will definitely check out your website at my free time.

        I have a couple of things to handle and as such, I barely have time to visit the WordPress community as usual.

        Hoping to hear from you soon 💙

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