Questionable Character; A Revelation Of True Colors And Fake Life

Questionable picture of a puppet.

What comes to your mind when you viewed the image? Is this a puppet? A painting? A sculpture? Whatever it is, I just find it terribly disturbing. The variety of colors and it’s distorted body parts is a questionable attribute. Whatever he is made off must have been carefully covered up by all the colors splattered on it. But in reality, some individuals remind me of this image.


Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover up and decoration. But as time goes on, what is true will be revealed and what is fake faces away.

Ismail Haniyah

If someone shows you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them. I used to hate high school you know. It was a place that most people judged you for being who you are. Literally, you would suck if you didn’t try to be cool and popular. We were hormone-filled kids with no life experience, strong emotions, and a tendency to want to be accepted by our peers. Of course, after high school, you will find out that nothing truly matters except what you have achieved as an individual. But unfortunately, some of us have gotten rid of our unique individuality to be someone else. Sometimes, when we realize that, it’s always too late.


Make sure you are not color blind. Because everyone has a different color when you don’t matter to them anymore. They were times I used to believe that all that truly mattered was trying to fit in. I rebranded myself, completely changing my personality and character because I wanted to be painted in the same colors as everyone I admired. Why try to fit in when I was born to stand out? Not fitting in just means you’re in the wrong place. If you find yourself constantly changing your character for someone or some people, you’re in the wrong place. Even adults make this little mistakes.


The true character of a man is not defined by what he does in front of people or a crowd but instead, what he does when no one is around. But never confuse that for decency and self reservation. Everyone’s true character will eventually show. Some unintentionally, so pay attention. No one would judge you for being who you are if you don’t judge yourself.


Some people aren’t really all that they post to be. Some are going through difficult times but they choose to appear differently either to preserve their mental health or for deception. Some are really doing better than they appear. But it is never your business on how someone chooses to appear. What is truly your business is how you chose to appear! Is your character worth talking about? Do you always exhibit your true color? Do you have a dual personality? Are you ashamed of revealing your true self in public? Do you have a questionable character? Are you proud of your character? These are questions to help you reflect on your self privately. No one should push you around to be different.


Some people are real, some people are good. Some people are fake, some people are real good at being fake. I had a bitter personal experience fifteen months ago. It was a heartbreaking experience that occurred while I was at school. But I was so good at hiding it that I graduated without letting anyone acknowledge my pains. I was so good at faking my emotions and character. Where did that bring me to? Nowhere. There’s no big deal in presenting yourself just the way you are. Some people will judge you for who you are because they are not happy about who they are. There is never a reason to hide your true colors and feelings.


I don’t regret my past, I only regret the time I wasted on building a fake life. Growing up means realizing your mistakes and trying so hard to fix them. I may not be proud of my previous personality but I am proud of who I am now. I spent time mortifying those who were really who I was in high school. I saw a description of myself in them and how much they sucked to be them and I hated it. I may have avoided revealing my true self but it has eventually caught up with me. No one is perfect but you can be beautiful with your flaws. Do not hide your true colors because they truly define you. See it this way, if you were made to be green, and you decide to be blue. You can never truly be blue, instead blue-green. Never green, never blue. Or if you’re red and you decide to paint yourself yellow. You can only be Orange. It’s the same in reality; when you have a dual personality or fake character. You can truly never be what you are designated to be. So make a choice. Today. Right now. This minute.


Final Thoughts

Fake life gif

Watching individuals in my life, over the years makes me give credence to the idea that a person’s identity and personality is constructed and based on memory, experience, and personal passions. It’s hard to recognize such a possibly changeable thing as real or fake, it is what it is.


People are people. Everyone has masks that cycle through depending on the situation. They define the line between public and private, are the personal expression of pride, and a reflection on their personal grip on reality. That’s people, irrespective of the inconsistencies, lies (public or private), or shallowness of the presentation made.

Untrustworthy, unpredictable, or abusive are different, and much easier personalities to identify.


Living a fake life is pretending to be real, I believe. We all have our own weak as well as strong points. If you cannot change them, you must accept them. No one can ever be perfect, you know.

For most people, When they think they are different from others and so, try to hide their different parts, it is called “fake”. When they know that they can’t change their existence to be the same as others and so, keep their distances away from them, thinking negatively, it is called “fake”.

When they try to look richer than they have, it is called “fake”.When they behave like a wise man without having enough knowledge, it is called “fake”. I can’t say for sure, living a fake lifee is wrong because there are some times for some people to hide their reality in order to protect themselves. One cannot easily know whether someone is living a fake life or not.

But, you can know yourself in which way you are living. Anyway, living in reality is a good thing. The reason is that we don’t need to worry about anything and no burden will be on our shoulders if we are real. There is a reason we don’t see the world in black and white. Your true colors matter. Therefore, take off the mask when you’re speaking to me because

Fake things don’t last long

I will be happy to receive your feedbacks, comments and questions. Leave them below.


3 thoughts on “Questionable Character; A Revelation Of True Colors And Fake Life

  1. SMiLes Dear Annabel Humans
    Are Comprised of Shadows
    And Colors

    In Other Words
    Agression and
    Lust For Basic Survival
    Including the Fight or Flight
    Instinct And Colorful Emotions
    That Come From a Synergy of
    Feelings and Senses that May

    Make life a Real Genuine
    And Sincere Delight If

    We Really Practice
    An Art of Life

    to Bring Others
    Up And Ourselves

    THaT SaMe WaY iNto
    ThE LiGHT Out of OTHeR
    DarKeR Experiences True

    So What Happens When We Hide
    And Repress Our Shadows in Doing so

    The More Beautiful Colors are Snuffed Out As
    Above So Below TWiLiGHT Balancing DarK and


    As Mind And Body
    SoUL BeCoMes Balancing
    HeART SPiRiT to Give And
    Share Mutually And Consensually
    Caring And Healing This Way With Least

    Harm as Love is Art And Indeed Hate is Art too
    When Both Are True One Rises Higher for All

    And the Other


    For All

    Best Way
    Up in My Opinion
    Discarding No Part of
    Humanity Lifting One Body of
    Humanity Up


    So Below mY FRiEnD
    See HeaR’S The ‘Thing’
    i See the Essence of All ‘Things’ As

    God With that
    Kind of Respect
    Inhaling Peace Exhaling
    LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

    GenerAlly SPeaKinG

    The Way is Up mY FRiEnD
    Even Transforming DarK iNto
    LiGHT With Art oF smART and heART


    Mind and
    Body SoUL
    Even HiGHeR
    For All With Least
    HarM ETeRNaLLY Now..:)


  2. It is good to admire people, it is good to be inspired but it will never be right to project our limitations and self hate unto others.. We owe ourselves the opportunity to love and hate, to laugh and cry but also to shine and blossom into not who we think we should be, but who we already are.


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