Sweet dreams and harsh realities

Have you ever felt your heart racing very quickly and your head spinning so hard from all the ideas and scenarios you paint in your mind that you thought you could just burst from excitement? Well you might be sick and just delirious though so you might need to get yourself checked, but that is what it feels like to dream dreams, the thrill of wishing for things out of our reach.

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I’m quite certain that most of us, on various occasions have wasted long hours in the shower, wondering how our lives would be if we were a particular kind of way or lived a particular kind lifestyle, but then we wrap ourselves in a towel, open the bathroom door, shiver from the harsh cold of reality and sigh at what a disappointing life we live.

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Childhood spares us from such harshness, but adulthood slaps us in the face with those truths, that you only make out of life what you can and not you wish you could. I often wonder what it’s like for people who feel they’ve achieved all they ever dreamed of, what the true feeling of contentment truly feels like, because every day I wake up and I’m reminded of where I am, how I got here and everything I could have done better. All that doesn’t really matter now does it?

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But I guess that’s what life is all about, wanting and wanting and just wanting more. After my brother had read some of my works and noticed how pessimistic I was about things and how I was content with how stagnant my life was, he said to me “ifunanya demand from life what you want and work hard towards achieving it. Your happiness is very important but it’s harder to attain when your basic needs aren’t even met, so we all have to keep hustling. It’ll never be easy but in due time we shall reap the fruits of our labour, so wahala for who no sow”.

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Honestly, I think dreams are wonderful; they relive you from the rude awakening which is life, they make us aspire for more and push us to be better than we were, and then sometimes we get addicted and forget that we have a life already that we must work hard to keep. But no matter how awful and cruel life gets, I think we should always dream big dreams, fight for them and work hard for them, so that in the end we live knowing we did all we could.

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8 thoughts on “Sweet dreams and harsh realities

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